The Day I knew I was Bi – Part 9

On our way back to the room Hanner kissed Petra and thanked her for letting her come back with us, as the kiss was planted her hand went under her skirt and down Petra’s panties, come on, Hanner said in a breathless tone, shed these mine are long gone ask Jules. Petra looked at me and shed her panties then gave them to me and I put them in my pocket for later. We arrived at the room and showed Hanner where everything was and each had a drink of our choice which we carried to the bed, me laying up at the headboard end knowing what Petra would do next. The girls flopped on the bed and Petra wasted no time with chat, she grabbed Hanner’s head and pulled it to her planting kisses on the girls lips so fast and with searching tongue the girl was panting in no time, Hanner was shocked but loving the power Petra was using on her, the lips were on her neck now and hands searching out the way to relieve her of her top and explore the firm breast beneath with her lips tongue and fingers. The top with a little help from Hanner was quickly removed and her lovely breasts displayed with firm nipples soon to be encased by wet lips and squeezing fingers as Petra launched her self on Hanner.

Hanner had recovered a little and managed to work the top from Petra and even release the waist button on her skirt which had uncovered her bottom and her valley of delight, Hanner’s hand was exploring the valley as Petra still worked on her breasts and now hard nipples both were in a high stage of sexual lust for each others bodies as I moved in behind Hanner and slowly with light touch moved her skirt down exposing her bottom and all between its cheeks to me. She had a lovely shaped bottom and her pussy lips between her thighs were shaved and smooth with a slight wetness showing as my fingers went first to her pussy were they probed and found moist entrance to her inner lips and her clit that was showing out of its hardening hood as I played with her sex. The wetness son became more as Petra had her teeth teasing Hanner’s nipples and I removed some to the rim of her arse and lightly played with the tight entrance till my fingers were able to enter just a little. By this time Hanner was pushing her bottom back on to my fingers and her had was firmly planted within the walls of Petra’s pussy giving it a hard rubbing and thumbing her clit for all it was worth sending Petra’s moaning to a high pitch as she climaxed and made Hanner’s hand very wet but the girl just put it straight to mouth and sucked it clean. My fingers were going from pussy to arse hole now and Hanner was climbing high with her shudders and moans till she to climaxed and her juices dribbled from her pussy making it all wet and my cock twitch with need. Petra gaged the situation and moved off Hanner as I pushed the girl forward and she was totally ready for me to mount her doggy style, I knelt behind her and married my cock to the wet hole its pink lips and inner view making me so horny I confess I did go straight and hard into her cave of dreams using all my body weight to plunge as deep as possible inside her. The reception I got from within her was mind blowing, her pussy was tight and clamped on to me as my cock worked to get within her womb and its cut head found the entrance were it was welcomed and held as I thrust my cock within her. The mixture of my pre cum and her juices made for a thrilling ride, we both were trapped in and neither of us was going try and stop till the pleasure had died. Petra had sensed the mood of this and had pushed herself face up between my legs and pushed till her head was firmly wedged between the thighs of Hanner and she was able to use her tongue and lips on the girls clit, the instant she did Hanner screaked out and had a full orgasm over my cock and pushed so hard onto it my balls slapped Petra’s face making her wet with the fountain of Juices from Hanner’s pussy. The girl was far from finished and shouted to me not to stop and I ploughed on now wanting to fuck her as deep as I could caught in the sexual greed of the act as I was, Her arse was open with her movement on to me and dare I say winked at me to use it, I knew Petra would enjoy me taking her that way as she enjoyed it very much to and also like to clean up for girls who had enjoyed back passage delights. Without a real stop I took my cock from her pussy and with all I could muster applied it to her arse hole, to my total delight the head went straight in and the wetness of her pussy around my cock allowed just two thrusts to enter her fully, a little scream announcing its arrival. Petra had moved her mouth straight to the vacated pussy and was licking it for all she was worth plus my balls every so often, I was so enjoying our sexual sport I did not want to cum, this should go on for as long as possible the girl was pushing on me and enjoying being ridden hard in both holes like she was born to it, she climaxed again to Petra’s delight and it was a heavy delivery smearing her lower face in thick creamy juice she devoured as fast as she could. My time was coming now and my cock was twitching hard within the walls of her arse as I withdrew and came all over her arse hole and bottom, spouting a strong portion all over her. I put my cock back in her pussy and finished my sharing of the seed and Hanner came again but not as full on as before. My now not so hard cock found itself in the mouth of lovely Petra being stripped of any remaining juices from both holes then my balls for good measure.

I asked Hanner if she was ok and she turned and smiled saying I would regret giving her all that pleasure as she would want a lot more in the future from me, I smiled and said that I liked that idea. I moved off and went to the shower room and cleared the way for Petra who would now have her sex object to herself and from the gasps and groans I could hear, had gone straight to work on the lush Hanner’s body. On my return refreshed from a shower they were in each others arms both spent but kissing and touching each others breasts in loving movements of pleasure. Jules, Petra said, she has been told you are bi is that ok, yes I said why? Karl is not performing very often as he is bi to but when he has a guy he looses interest in Hanner for a while, not like me then I said, no not like you she said. I love sex but I also have to like the person I am not into just sex for the sake of it and you Hanner made sure I saw the goods and the need in the Club tonight. Yes she said, I don’t know why but I thought you were both sexy people who enjoyed the pleasures of the body and was pleased when you smiled at my naughty actions. I had no chance against the offer of such lovely goods like offered to me by Petra on our first meet to.

We slept with me in the middle and more play took place in the night making it a very happy Hanner who made us coffee in the morning and promised to visit us very soon when Karl was on his slow down spell. After she left Petra told me they had found a lot of enjoyment together and were going to meet often for more when they could, that made me happy and I wanted more of them both together very soon.

Part 10 to follow soon. Jules.