Little sister force at gunpoint

Harry was 10 at the time, his sister Jane was 12. Mom called out Harry. Harry goes to see what.she wanted. What Mom. Harry, me and your dad are leaving for work early so you and your sister have to.walk to school. Harry WHAT! Mom said just do it. Mom and dad leave. Harry look at the time. I still have time to get there. What can I do to.kill.the boardom. Harry said to himself. I know.her goes into his Mom and Dads bedroom
Harry plays around with of the dresser,on top of the dresser is a glass bowl. In the glass bowl is a funny old rust color key.. Harry looks the key over, I wonder what this goes to..then Harry spots the cabinet on the wall.behind the bedroom door. Harry thinks to himself I wonder. Harry walks over to the cabinet put the key in and turn the lock and open the.cabnet door. Harry look disappointed, nothing just a bunch of old papers. Then Harrys eyes open up big time,wait a minute he thinks to himself what this, Harry pulled out a box, Harry open the box OMFG he thinks to himself, I was with dad when he bought it. I just didn’t know where he hid it at. Harry pulls it out to look at it. Harrys dad’s Smith and Wesson 357 mag. Harry.thinks y himself I wonder he checks it, Harry thinks to.himdelf really Dad a fully loaded gun in the house and throw say.Im crazy.. Just then Harry heard his 12 year old sister Jane voice Harry where are you? Harry said in here. Jane come to her Mom and Dad bedroom sees Harry and says Harry you know Mom and Dad don’t allow us in there bedroom come on we are going to be late to school. Harry thinks to himself Mom and Dad gone for hours. Harry tells Jane we are not going to school! Jane, says what do you me were not going to go Harry aims the 357 at Jane. Jane said, Harry be careful with that thing it could y loaded. Harry said it is loaded now we are not going to school we are going y stay home today and have some fun.Harry you know. Mom and Dad don’t like Harry aims the 357 at Jane. Harry tell. Jane to take.of.her clothes! Jane crying out WHAT! Harry tell Jane again take of your clothes now I am.not playing Jane I will shoot you! Again Jane said NO!. I’m not tay nothing off, you perv, and IM GOING to tell Mom and Dad. Harry said you are not going to.tell Mom and Dad shit! Harry pulls the hammer back and pulls the trigger BOOM! The gun goes off hiring the wall behind Jane. OMFG you.tryed to kill me. Harry said,it again, Jane take of your clothes! Jane said. I guess Iam to before you end up killing me. Jane starts to cry as she starts to take of her clothes. She pulls up her tee shirt up and over. Harry is thinking looking at. The wall how am I ever going to be able to explain the bullet hole oh well I will worry about it later. Jane kicks off her shoes, Jane unbuttoned and unzips her jeans and slide them down and off. Harry look at his 12 year old little sister shes wearing a white training bra and white panties. As Jane keeps crying she said Harry I can’t believe you you make me take my clothes, Iam your sister, you perv. Harry looks Jane up and down.and tell. Jane to go get in Mom and dads bed. Jane said, money Mom and Dads bed. Harry you are going to be in so.much trouble when.they get home. Harry said, no I’m not they aren’t going to know anything as Harry wave the 357.jane sheepishly walks over to Mom and Dads bed. Harry tell Jane to get under the covers. Jane does as she is told and get under the covers. Harry tells Jane to take of her white training and white panties, Jane does as she is told.out of fear of being shot, she takes off her white.traning bra and throw it on the floor she takes off her white panties and throw them on the floor. Harry come over and yanks the sheets of Jane. Harry feels up and down Jane’s virgin pink slit. Harry noticed that Jane has a little peach fuzz. Jane said. I can’t believe my. brother is feeling me up. As Harry keep feeling up Jane’s.little pink virgin slit up and down Harry slides his finger into Jane little pink virgin pussy. Jay close her eyes as Harry fingers her little pink virgin pussy. Jane said, I can’t believe my brother is after about 15 min of Harry fingering. Jane’s little pink virgin pussy. Janes body starts to shake, Jane called out loud .No No PLEASE DON’T, and Jane orgasm hit her and she’
Blew it all over the bed!

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