Don’t Care

Adam was walking home through the park late at night after an evening out with his mates celebrating his sixteenth birthday, he had been annoyed by a heavy police putrescence in the town, the police had been having a big crack down on under age drinking which had stopped Adam and his mates from getting cheap cider fro the off licence, they had managed to get some but not not enough for Adams liking. Asif who was two years younger than what Adam was and his sister Pia who was six years younger than what Adam was were also walking through the park to their granddad’s shop, Asif saw Adam walking towards them and saw him undoing his joggers as he went into trees, as they got closer to where Adam had gone in among the trees Asif saw Adam stood having a pee his dick on show, Asif nudged Pia and pointed towards Adam, Pia’s eyes went wide when she saw Adam’s seven inch dick hanging down and said ” wow a white dick ” Adam finished his pee and walked out from the trees as he did Asif said to him ” she just saw your cock ” Adam looked at the smiling Pia and said ” I do not care it don’t bother me ” Asif said ” let her have another look ” and was surprised when Adam undid his joggers and lowered the front of them, Pia looked at Adam’s dick and smiled, Asif said ” let her see it on the hard ” Adam turned walked back in among the trees, Asif followed Adam taking Pia with him, as he went he felt his own dick getting stiffer, after a minute Asif and Pia were watching as Adam rubbed his dick and the pair were soon looking at Adam’s nine inch erection, then Asif’s surprise Adam said ” she can have a feel if she want to ” Asif watched as Pia reached out and held Adam’s dick and when she started to jerk it Adam just stood there and was soon breathing heavy, Asif stood watching thinking what a lucky girl Pia is, after five minutes Adam’s knees bent and he squirted his cum in four long spurts as he did Pia said ” cool I have done it to a white boy ” after a few minutes the trio left the cover of the trees and went off in separate directions, as he walked towards his granddads shop with Pia Asif thought I will have to get my cousin down her she will wank him off and I would love to wank him off as well, A few days later Asif was walking through the park on his way to his granddads shop on his own when he saw Adam going in among the trees, Asif got close to where Adam had gone into the tree’s but could not see him so slowly followed him in and saw him standing with his back to a tree his dick out and fully erect, Asif looked at it and said ” my sister is not here ” Adam looked at him and said to him ” well somebody has got to wank me and make me spunk off cos I am not doing it myself ” Asif looked at Adam who after a minute said ” what the fuck are you waiting for get hold of my cock and get wanking it and no stopping till you see my spunk fly ” Asif got closer took Adam’s dick in his hand, Adam moved away from the tree as he did he said ” stand behind me and do it ” it was then that Asif realised that Adam had his joggers right down round his ankles, Asif smiled at the sight of the smooth white bum them moved in behind Adam reached round his waste took his dick in his hand and started to jerk it, after a minute Adam turned got hold of Asif’s trousers and after opening them lowered them then turned his back on Asif again, as he did he said ” get on with it ” Asif reached round Adam’s body got hold of his dick again and resumed jerking him, as he jerked Adam Asif could feel his dick rubbing on Adam’s bum, Asif lowered his free hand and rubbed his dick up and down Adam’s bum crack feeling Adam push back as he did, Asif pushed forward and felt his dick slide into Adam’s bum, Asif started to push in and out slowly jerking Adam as he did then after five minutes of thrusting in and out of Adam’s bum he saw six spurts of cum fly out of Adam’s dick at the same time he squirted four spurts of his own cum up Adam’s bum, twenty minutes later Asif was walking through the park thinking I will be here again for more white boy’s bum might even bring my mate along.