Little sister force at knifepoint

It was a Saturday morning when Harry and his 12 year old sister Jane were home alone. Mom and dad was at the hospital dad was in the hospital with heart problems.. like I said.Harry was still in his jammies, getting ready to eat a big bowl of Captain crunch crunch berry cereal, and watch Captain Kangaroo. When Jane came in for a bowl of cereal in her flowers jammies. Harry pick up a knife that look like the one used by Slasher killer Mike Myers on holloween. Harry grab Jane and put the knife to Hand throat. Jane looked afraid
. She asked what are you doing? Harry said. Mom and Dad are not here. You are going to do exactly what I tell you to do or I will cut you. Harry told Jan to unbuttoned her flowers PJ top all they way down and open it up
Jan said NO IM GOING TO TELL MOM AND DAD! Harry said, NO YOUR NOT and Harry cut the side of her cheek. Jan crying out OMFG THAT HURTS! Harry put the knife back at Jane neck and told Jan again unbuttoned you flowers PJ top all the way down and open it up. This time around Jan wasn’t waiting around to see what would happen next. As Harry draged Jan to her bedroom Jan unbuttoned her PJ shirt all the way down and open. Harry told Jan to take net PJ top of and throw it on the bed. Crying Jan did what she was told.even at 12 year old Jan had apple nipples. Harry starts to lick and suck on Jams nipples. Jan start crying and said, STOP IT Please WE CANT BE DOING THIS, IAM YOUR SISTER! OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE MY LITTLE BROTHER IS SUCKING MY NIPPLES HARD! OMG NO PLEASE DON’T! OMFG THAT FEEL SO GOOD!

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