Lost innocence and virginity in Hotel

My mom when I. Training made me stay in hotel where my 16yr old virginity got lost

My mom had a 21 day training program in a town fast of from our home. He was a divorced lady working in a private firm who send her for a management training for 21 days. Being a 15yr old girl i could not be left alone home so was taken along.
We stayed in a 3 star hotel. Mom would go to training at 8.00 and come back by 930 in the night. I started in room. Full time watching tv. Good i could order in room. If I felt bored i was allowed to go down to the games room. But I was enjoyilng watching TV.
3 days into the stay around 1130 i was taking bath when I heard for Bell ring. Then I remembered that i had ordered for some sandwiches and fries. I don’t think much but I came out of bath wrapping myself in bath towel i opened the door. The waiter was a 40 odd year old guy. He was looking at me and served the food. I sat in the chair in the towel while he served. I don’t realise that he was ogglinge at me.
While clearing and leaving after i finished i extended some money as tip. He said that he did not want as I had given bigger tip. Seeing my confusion he explained that my semi naked body was better to than any money. Also asked for my forgiveness for being so frank.
Understanding my innocence he said that I should keep the tip as my pocket money without telling mom. Also if I was in towel everytime he would never take tip. He also made an offer that if I was in my innerwear he would give a free icecream.
I got excited and agreed. During the afternoon lunch he came and i had food in my panty and bra. My small pointed breasts and nipples were easily able to be noticed but somehow I felt excited. He served and spoke lot of things. Telling how beautiful i am and how sweet i am. Completely pressing me and flirting with me. making me more and more fall for him. He slowly started talking about sex and I got even more excited. It was not like that I did not know about sex, many friends did talk even read few sex stories.

When he explained and asked if I knew about sex I said that only little knowledge. He told he would give a movie to watch if I would not mind. I agreed. Bring a pen drive and put in the TV . He left asking need to watch. It was around 3 hours off various movies. Most of them were of young girls bring roughly used. Few had girls masterbating. For next 3 3.5 hours i watched the movies. Looking at that I did masterbate. Feeling very satisfied.
By 5 the waiter came again with tea. I told him that I did masterbate and loved the movies. He asked me if I could see my pussy. I showed him. After getting permission from me he fingered me. I felt so satisfied. He then brought pizza and told that it was free of cost for allowing me to finger him. This continued for another 2 – 3 days. He would bring new new movies. I would watch it. He would finger me and give a free pizza or noodles. I would be naked when he came into the room. He even told me not to masterbate on my own. Whenever I felt to be relieved i was to call him. 3 to 4 times a day i would be fingered.

Almost a week into the stay, I asked him if could see his penis. I loved it and he talked me into sucking him off. Though i threw up all the cum he sprayed. Somehow I felt very happy and proud of myself when he praised my excellant sucking. He gave movies that afternoon on techniques of how to suck. I used those techniques and in next two sessions of sucking i was able to suck off every drop. He said he was extremely proud and never seen any one suck off this cleanly.all those made me very satisfied. He then offered me good amount of money (which later I realised was very small amount) if I sucked him everytime I came to his room. I agreed. He also asked if I wanted more money to make. And when I agreed he said that he would bring his friends to be stuck who will offer money too. Intially i refused but after his coaxing i agreed.

Immediately he brought one more waiter. This one was even older .around 50 year old. I sucked him off and that person paid 1000 to me. I was happy. Next one week daily around 5 to 7 persons would come. I would be naked and suck each one of them. Everyone would pay 500 to 1000 and leave. Some of them would even finger me. Some would suck my tits too. One time one of the young waiter even sucked my pussy. That day I was in a different level.

After around 3 to 4days the main water asked me if I wanted to have real sex . Actually I was waiting for it. I was wanting but was too shy to ask. So I agreed. He slowly pushed his cock in my pussy and slowly slowly started fucking. It was very painful. Waiter was patient and never pushed to hard. He would stop when pain was too much. And restart when I said to continue
Like that he fucked for around 45 minutes and finally came in my pussy. Though it was very painful but I felt some sort of sweet pain sensation. Next two days he did not fuck but just licked my pussy. But then I aske him to start fucking me. i started enjoying very much. From that day onwards he would not miss a chance to fuck me. i was also very much eager to have sex.
I even asked him to bring his other waiters for sex. Thus they came and fucked me mutliple times. I was enjoying it. Everytime they would give me 3000 to 5000. One day even the manager of the hotel came and fucked me also gave 10000. In last 15 day I had around 100000 in my hand now.
3 days were left for us to leave when I told the first waiter uncle that I wanted to try multiple people at one time. That day he first fucked my in my ass. It was painful but he gave some painkillers.
Next day he came in morning with 2 more guys. All three fucked me till 3 pm for many times in all the 3 holes. I was so satisfied. I just lay lke unconscious till my.mom came. Just two more days of the conference and hotel was left. I was being fucked by manager, and 4 more waiters when suddenly in the afternoon at around 330 when mom entered the room. She was shell shocked and started shouting. But when I went and. Explained everything to mom she could not believe. The manager and the first waiter remained there and tried to explain everything.

Finally when I showed around 125000 money she was even more shocked. Not understanding what to do, the manager told her that he would not charge a single.pemny for the entire stay also but would give the bill to her which she could claim which was another 90K. He even offered her another 100K if she stayed for 5 more days and allowed him to fuck her.
After thinking till night dinner she agreed by receiving the food fully naked. We extended the stay for another 5 days and for next 7 day both me and mom were fucked by many people. Manager even took mom to multiple other guests. Finally we parted and in 26 days of stay in the hotel we made approximately 280K which was equal to 6 months of moms sallery. But I realised much later that my teen pussy would have made atleast 10 times more.

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