Married lady : Cousin Lina

Hi readers,

Garry is a young guy who loves to enjoy sex with married as well as matured lady, so I got a chance to refresh our memories with cousin Lina, she is a 26 years old beautiful woman as her height of 5’6 inches and pair of nice breasts makes her attractive, her curvy waist and V shaped butts with thighs as well as hairless vagina is nice. She came to home alone in the evening as I was sitting in the courtyard alone but with a cup of coffee, I can see her with our home’s guard holding a bag and she came near me as we hugged each other, she was looking sexy in her black leggings with crop tops and guard moved inside home to put the luggage as she sits near me ” so my sister you need tea, coffee or something else

( Lina looked at me ) a cup of coffee then will take refreshment but where is my aunt

( I put my empty cup on table ) she will be back after 09:30 as she is busy in her massage parlour ” and then I called maid Ruksana ” cup of coffee for her ” and now my eyes are in her breasts as I was thinking to ask her a question and soon I can see her taking out her mobile from purse, soon Ruksana came with a glass of water and cup of coffee, I said ” prepare some delicious food like paneer butter masala, ok

( She said ) yes ” and as she walked away, Lina hold the cup and starts drinking coffee as I asked ” sister no good news from your end

( She smiled as felt bit shy ) Garry you are making me nervous, wait for year or so, want to enjoy more ” and then I started looking at her Rossy lips and round breasts, she said ” Garry I know you better but once happened that was disgusting

( I became sad ) sorry Lina, you are bit ashamed of that but I want to repeat it again

( She looked at me in anger ) stupid what are you saying

( I said ) if you want so then otherwise I will never…. ” And then Lina moved inside home as I can see her butts swinging, it’s 07:15 pm and now I walked inside home as in kitchen I can see Ruksana preparing meals and then I moved towards guest room to see Lina there. I was in dining hall as my eyes stuck through window, I can see Lina pulling down her leggings with her soft thighs to V shaped butts I am feeling hot, now she took out her tops and in an undergarments only she has shown me her valuable assets but soon she moved inside washroom and now I pushed the door as it was open, on bed I can see her clothes and took it to smell, I have seen her with a towel only so I was sure that she will come out without clothes and after a while, she opened the door of washroom as put her steps inside room, I got her nude body to see but as her eyes looked at me she was scared and turned back to be in washroom ” oh Garry please leave my room, why you are seducing me

( I said ), ok I am leaving room and going towards market, see you ” as I left her room and now in shorts and t-shirt only I walked towards market, soon reached a shopping complex where I bought a bottle of beer and cigarette also as moved to a deserted place to drink it, I was in anger due to Lina’s behaviour as I was smoking cigarette while drinking beer, after a while my mobile starts ringing and I can see Lina’s call ” hello sister say what you need

( She smiled ) you are in market

( I said ) yes drinking a bottle of beer, why

( She said ) I have asked maid to leave home and I will prepare chapati for us

( I said ) ok but you called me, any reason

( She said ), yes I am feeling lonely ” as I disconnected the call and then my drinking session was going on, soon bought other bottle of beer and starts drinking it, she called me again and I asked ” yes say what you need

( She said ) don’t be in anger Garry I was just making you fool, come soon ” after an hour I was in home.

I walked to my room and then took refreshment, now lying on bed I was thinking about Lina’s call, soon I can see Lina in my room as she is wearing a night gown and looking at her I sits on bed as she came near me and hold my hand to put it on her breast, but I took away my hand. Lina now smiled on me as she kissed my face ” I am sorry Garry have time for fun ” and she hold me in her arms as both starts kissing each other’s face as well as lips, she is sitting with her legs straight and now I took her on my lap as Lina is sitting on my thighs and now her Rossy lips are on my lips as she is kissing me hard, my hand is moving on her back and soon she pushed her tongue in my mouth to suck and I can feel her breasts on my chest, I was rubbing her back as she is in fire with her tongue in my mouth and soon Lina took out her tongue as she put her face on my shoulder ” Garry you are drunk

( I pushed her as she is on bed ) yes you have made me feel anger ” and now I hold her nighty’s lace as I opened it, so put her night gown on shoulder as I can see her boobs, now I leaned my face to swallow it and Lina hold her breast to push it in my mouth… I started sucking her breast which is much bigger than earlier on, she is screaming in pleasure ” aaah oh uh it’s nice suck it dear ” and my hand is on her thighs as I can feel a panty covering her vagina, soon left her breast and took other one’s to suck as I am rubbing her vagina on panty, Lina is my elder sister as she starts rubbing her thighs to legs on bed and my cock has become an iron rod inside shorts ” oh uh um aaah it’s itching Garry ” and I took out her breast from my mouth, now I removed her night gown as she is in panty only, her body is in shape as she is married with no kids, now I put my lips on her chest to kiss and hold her breast to press, slowly moving downwards as my lips are sealed on her tummy to waist, she is fully aroused ” aah oh uh it’s nice to be with you, sorry if I have hurt your feelings ” and now I put my lips on her thighs to kiss, she stretched her legs as my fingers are rubbing her vagina on panty and her sexy body have made me hot ” oh you Garry now lick my cunt soon ” and then I pulled down her panty to see her nude vagina, it’s labia are fleshy as I put my fingers in between her labia and slowly pushed my finger inside as I started kissing her vagina hard. Lina is in fire as she is pushing her waist towards me, now my tongue starts rolling on her vagina and I took out my finger to push my tongue as I am licking her cunt, Lina is enjoying with me, what happens next!