This Could Be a New Start: 2

A mom finds out something about her husband and herself in the process.


I watched as my 55 year old husband fucked our youngest daughter, my pussy was soaking wet. I began rubbing myself losing all awareness for my surroundings. Suddenly, I hear the loud moans of my little girl, as she orgasms hard on her father’s cock, followed quickly by the grunts of her father as he unloads inside her. I quickly moved away from the door and went to the bathroom to finish up. Feeling filthy from these thoughts, I decided a hot shower was needed. I started the shower, and as I stripped down, the door opened and there stood my husband, in only his boxers. I don’t know what happened, but those thoughts took over and I found myself on my knees sucking him into my mouth. I took him all the way to my throat thinking about the fact that I was tasting my little girl on every inch. He came after a few minutes, I tried to swallow all of it letting only a tint bit drip onto my A cup tits. We showered, taking turns washing each other. I had so much I wanted to say, but couldn’t find the words. We went to bed, and cuddled falling asleep in each other’s arms. He woke up and went to get doughnuts.l, taking Sydney with him. I wondered if they too were doing stuff. I took this time to go look at the computer again. I went to find his browser, finally after several minutes I found a hidden browser. I opened it and his favorites were filled with all kind of sites. The top one was a streaming site, and as I clicked it it opened to a profile he’d created. It had around 100 videos had uploaded. Some were streams of him and both my daughters.. I guess that answers that question. There were even videos with him, the girls and some of their friends. The latest video was last night. A video of him and Nikki. They were streaming while I watched them. It was then that I noticed that you could see me in the crack of the door. Just barely, but I was there. Again, I found myself getting wet, I stripped out of my pants and underwear and began touching myself. I hadn’t noticed that Nikki had woken up and made her way to the office. My eyes focused on the screen, I was completely zoned out. She walked in, stripping out of her night shirt, leaving her completely naked. “Good morning,Mommy” she said, snapping out of my trance. I spun around, prepared to explain myself but found myself speechless once again, seeing my daughter naked. She had a flat chest with tiny nipples. And a hairless mound obviously glistening. Unable to talk, I sat there as Nikki spread my legs and began lick my pussy. She began probing 2 fingers in and out of me while rubbing herself with her other hand. I was so turned n that within 4 minutes I was shaking, moaning as I came on her face. Suddenly she too began to cum, moaning into my pussy. After a minute to collect ourselves she looked up and said “that was amazing Mommy, we should do that again with Sydney.”
Finally, able to find my voice I asked her if she could tell me about everything.
“When did all this start?, Who all is involved?, Why didn’t she come to me?”
She told be it’d stated at the beginning of the year, and that it wad her Daddy, Sydney, and 7 or 8 of their friends. They would film videos and take requests from people. She said “Daddy told us if you found out that you would probably leave him and maybe even take the us away too.” Dhe climbed on to my lap, hugging me. “I’m sorry Mommy, please don’t leave us, don’t take us away.” I rubbed her back, running my hand down her ass, my fingers gently grazing her asshole. I put my fingers in my mouth and slipped one finger in her tight ass. She pushed back into it grinding her bald pussy into my leg. I gradually worked a second finger in as she push harder and harder onto them. Within minutes she began to orgasm again. Shaking she laid her head on my shoulder.
“Don’t worry baby, nobody is going anywhere, but don’t say anything to your father about this just yet.”

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