Maya’s Lesbian Sex With Shanaya

She looked at her girlfriend sleeping right beside her. Her velvet soft skin shining in the morning sun. Her perky breast rising and falling with her breath as if inviting her to feast on them yet again. The night before has been exhilarating but she wanted more. She had never thought that she would be engaged in lesbian sex. But from the time they have met, sparks flew. She felt oddly attracted to Maya. It was evident that they were both attracted to each other. It started with an introduction and today they have been dating constantly for over six months. No matter how much she feasts on her, she always ends up wanting more.

She again looked at her girlfriend and her perky breasts and bend down for taking one bud in her mouth. She rolled her tongue around it for a while and Maya moaned. She smiled and took it in her mouth. Her back arched for more and she obliged. She pinched her other breast lightly and rolled the bud between her thumb and forefinger.

She heard a loud moan and her girlfriend’s fingers got entangled in her hair, holding her mouth tightly in place. Meanwhile, her hand glided down in between her legs finding her wet spot. While she sucked on her breasts, her fingers played with her clitoris. Maya moaned louder than before and when she couldn’t take it anymore, she flipped on Shanaya and took her into a passionate kiss. Slowly, her tongue trailed her erogenous neck area. She lapped up her skin and moved down to her breasts, sucking on her erect buds.

Then she moved down to her waiting clit and tickled it with her tongue. She inserted two fingers in her wet hole and slowly moved them in and out while she sucked her clits. Steadily she increased the speed of fingering and sucking on her clits. Shanaya moaned like an animal in heat. She could now imagine how powerful can be getting orgasm in lesbian sex.

Maya kept on adding to the speed until she felt her tighter. Shanaya felt the orgasm building in her painfully slowly. Maya would stop as soon as she felt her on the edge. She begged her to let her come and Maya obliged. She fingered her and sucked her until she felt her trembling and then she buckled hard.

They kissed while she was catching her breath. Then she slid across Maya, spread her legs and settled astride. Their clits were touching and rubbing each others. Shanaya started moving slowly, rubbing herself against her. Maya arched her back in pleasure. She suckled on her breasts while gently moving on her clits. She used her other hand to play with her other breast. 

She kept grinding and teasing her like she was being teased. She kept playing with her breasts and continued grinding her wet pussy. Maya kept groaning loudly. Arching her back for more rubbing, wanting to get what she was being denied. Shanaya kept moving on her and playing with her bud.

 Maya was begging her to let her come. Shanaya smiled and decided to tease her a little more. Maya couldn’t take it any longer and suddenly flipped her getting on the top. She adjusted herself on the top of her clit and started moving. She slowly gained the pace and soon she was moving frantically. They both groaned hard and came together enjoying the pleasure of lesbian sex. Maya slumped over her girlfriend. They both were panting heavily. Maya slipped beside the love of her life, they hugged each other and smiled. And eventually, they both went into deep content slumber enjoy their weekend together.