Back End

He’s on his hands and knees, blindfolded and unsure of what’s to come, ankles and arms restrained and strapped to each corner of the bed. He hears her approach and becomes hopeful.

“Mistress, please…”

A paddle slaps hard against the center of his butt cheeks, not sparing his balls from the impact.

“Who said you could talk?” she asks as she grabs a ball gag and wraps the leather end around his face. As she fastens the straps, she sees his hard dick dripping with pre-cum.

Once the strap has been fastened, she grabs him by the hair and pulls him back hard, causing him to arch his back and whimper, unsure what to do or what noise to make to appease his mistress. With her free hand, she slaps his face firmly and slowly, and with each word that comes out, a slap follows.

“Only. Speak. When. I. Ask,” she commands.

His face turns red, but she is not satisfied. He has been disobedient for too long, spoiled rotten, and damn near unteachable.

She steps away from the bed and picks the paddle back up. Today, she wants to see this man cry and beg.

“I’m going to beat that stubbornness out of you. Let me know when it’s gone, okay?”

Without warning, she takes the most oversized butt plug he has in his home. It is big and black, with three prominent ridges that form almost complete circles, even comparable to a can of Red Bull, one could say.

She is purposely trying to hurt him, but not make him bleed. She applies an ample amount of lube and begins stretching his anus with just the tip of the plug. He began to pant and wiggle his hole was loving this. This obviously feels too good to be called a punishment. Just how many times has this slut been enjoying himself with this toy? She slathers a generous amount of lube once more and shoves the whole plug into his anus. He’s squealing and drooling, his body jerking forward, unable to get very far away. There, that’s much better, she thought.

She chuckles. “I guess noises wouldn’t count as spoken word.” She glides the paddle down his back. His head is shaking from side to side. “Yes…just like that my difficult slave, just a little more, and maybe you’ll finally learn how to please me instead of upsetting me all the time.”

She lifts the paddle and moves her hand back to allow maximum swing as she brings the paddle down to his left cheek. Again she does this to the right cheek. Immediately his ass turns red; he’s still squealing. Still, plenty of fight left in him.





She doesn’t bother counting. His ass is turning purple, and tears are now dripping down his cheek. Best of all, he is no longer shaking that willful ass and no longer squealing for attention. He’s finally getting it, she thinks, but just to be sure…






At least fifty slaps on each cheek now. The shade of purple darkens as his ass begins to swell. His blindfold is still on, but she can guess his eyes are red from all that crying. She starts lightly stroking and rubbing his cheeks.

“So soft and plump.”

She squeezes, and he remains docile. She squeezes harder, and he stays still.

“Remember this, Slut; this is exactly how you should behave the next time you want to make demands. I won’t be as Kind.”

Still, the room is quiet, and he remains silent. It looks like he’s starting to understand his position.


He begins to nod vigorously and earnestly.

She turns her attention to the butt plug tapping and teasing that greedy hole. She grips the tip of the handle, making a twist-and-turn motion. She pulls until the first ridge comes out, then resumes twisting the knob. She pushes it hard back in, and he moans quietly, trying to be discreet, but his dick is giving it away that he is enjoying this.

She pulls out the first ridge. Then the second ridge. Then shoves it back in instantly. Goosebumps start to appear throughout his body. He’s dripping like a leaky faucet. His fluid adds to an already growing puddle. She yanks the plug out and slams it back in. Repeatedly. Mercilessly.

His hands form fists, his toes curl, and his balls tighten. She slaps his cheek hard with her free hand, causing a loud SMACK sound to echo throughout the room.

He cums hard, shivering before collapsing into his own mess.

Finally, she feels a little bit better. She unclasps his arms, ankles, and ball gag. Her phone begins to vibrate. As she picks up her phone and opens her message, he knows their time together is coming to an end. Not being able to fight this, he waits quietly for her instructions.

“You did good, my lover is waiting for me at home. Clean this place up before I show up next time. I want it spotless and pictures as proof. If it does not meet my expectations, I won’t stop by for a while, understood?

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good,” she says as she strokes his head, giving him the warm affection he’d sought throughout his punishment. Before he can close his eyes to take it all in, she walks out the door without turning back.

Leaving him to reflect and yearn for her love.