Me and my two dogs

A real story of me throat fucking my two dogs

Im on mobile so sorry if the format is a bit strange and this is my first time ever writing about my sexual experience with my two dog.
I 14 male at the time had two dogs one named Thor who was a male pit bull and my other female dog named honey who was a small dog that I can’t remember the breed of there was a accident at our house forcing us to live in a hotel at the time but had to leave our dogs at the house and every day I would get dropped of infront of my house by my mom to catch the bus but I would always have 20-30 minutes to sit around and relax. So one day when my mother dropped me off I got horny and sat down on my couch to rub one out really quick before I had to go to school and my dog Thor came up to me and started sniffing my balls and cock which got me extremely hard he walked away but in my horny state of mind I picked him up put him on the couch ontop of me I sat up straight and placed him head first infront of my cock when he was lying down. I proceeded to grab him by the mouth and open his mouth up and put the tip of my cock on his wet hot tongue i then grabbed his head by the ears and shoved his head down onto the rest of my cock till he’s nose hit the base of my cock and for about 10 minutes I sat there forcing his head up and down on my penis I shoved his head down one final time before when I can explain as the best leg shaking orgasm of my life After I was done shooting my cum deep down his throat I let him go so I could clean myself up shortly after I had to leave for school but the second school was over and I got dropped off infront of my house I knew I had close to 2 hours to throat fuck him to my hearts content I blew 4 or 5 loads of cum down his hot throat before I had the leave and this went on for months every day shooting more cum down his throat then the last it was the best experience of my life sadly I don’t have video of him sucking on my cock but I do have video of my smaller female dog honey sucking on me which I will write that story about here soon but my snap is rick_j227343 if anyone wants to share stories of their own but that’s all for this story if this gets enough positive reviews I will write the story of my experience with my other dog