Trailer park fun 2

Chapter – 2

George could hardly wait to get home from school the next day. He kept his books in his lap to keep his hard on from showing. Mary asked him to come visit but he said he had chores to do. Would his mother do the same thing that she’d done the day before. He’d be there at the window watching just in case.

His prick was hard all through snack time thinking about it. When his mother did her stretch and yawn bit he hurried out to his perch in the tree outside her bedroom window.

Grandmother Schultz was also at her vantage point and was glad to see George’s arrival. She’d taken her panties off and moved a stool over to her spy hole by the door. She fingered her cunt when he showed up and took his position on the platform. Grandma wished she had a closer view, but was afraid George would spot her if she tried to get closer. Well she’d get closer soon. She hoped it would be real soon. She could hardly wait to get hold of that fresh young adolescent prick.

George was wide eyed as his mother pulled her dress over her head, take off her bra, and scratched under her tits. His prick was throbbing already but he just took it out of his pants and held on to it. He wanted to copy everything just as it had happened yesterday. He had a better idea of what was going to happen and knew he had to pace himself if he was going to last till his mother lifted her hips from the bed and moaned. He wished that he could hear what she was saying when she acted like that. Well he would content himself with what he could see. That was plenty and it sure was a turn on.

Jane, as she normally did at this time, was reliving her affair with her brother. She had rearranged the curtain on the downstairs bathroom so that she could peep in from outside and watch her kid brother when he went to the toilet after school. She wanted to see him jerk off again. Now she used that strategy in reverse. Instead of her peeping her brother jerking off, she wanted her son to spy on her while she finger fucked herself. She hoped he was outside watching. She suspected he was, she’d seen a bulge in his pants while he was having a snack. It made her orgasms more intense when she thought her son was watching her.

She made sure she was in position and watching from the window when Allen lowered his pants and sat down on the toilet the first time she’d spied on him. The window was at the back of the house and she knew no one could see her. She pulled her panties aside and rubbed her cunt as she watched Allen jerk off. She tried to time her orgasm so it would coincide with the jets of cum shooting out of Allen’s prick but her cunt usually spasmed before that happened.

Was George doing the same thing. She’d heard that sound against the siding when she’d had her orgasms yesterday. George must watching her and timing his comes the same way she had timed hers when she was watching her brother.

After a week of window peeping Joan found that wasn’t enough. She wanted to see her brother’s prick closer. She had wanted to feel her brother’s prick and play with it. Did George want to see her cunt up close and did he want to push in his fingers? She had certainly wanted to feel Allen push his fingers into her cunt.

She wondered if George fantasized about having her pull on his prick? If he was like Allen she suspected he did. She knew it would feel much better to have his fingers in her cunt rather than her own. Did George dream about having his mother Jerk him off? Again from her experiences with Allen, she suspected he did.

Joan watched from the window but she wanted to play with her brother’s prick until it shot off. She wanted to feel and smell his cum just the way she smelled her fingers after she finger fucked herself. George’s cum would smell and taste the same as Allen’s. She wanted to try George’s now the same way she’d tried Allen’s.

When Joan’s frustration got acute enough she went to the bathroom door. She waited a minute after she heard the toilet seat come down and pushed open the door and barged in. Allen was holding his four inch prick in his hand and pumping his fist up and down. Allen looked up, pushed his prick between his thighs, and started to cry. Joan still didn’t see her brother’s prick up close. She frowned at her brother and used her sternest voice.

“What were you doing, Allen?”

Allen only sobbed and kept his prick pushed down. He lost his hard on and didn’t know what to say to Joan. He was afraid his sister would tell their mother and he knew what he was doing was bad. Their mother would whale the living daylights out of him. Joan wasn’t going to give up this easily, however. She stood there with her hands on her hips and glared at him.

“Answer me, what where you doing?”

“Uh, ah, nothing.”

“Don’t tell me nothing. I saw you with your prick in your hand. Were you playing with your prick?”

Allen was astonished to hear his sister use that word. He was scared and confused. Joan softened.

“If you show me what you were doing I won’t tell mom.”

“Please don’t tell mom, Joan. She’ll take the switch to me for sure. Don’t tell mom, please.”

Their mother never laid a hand on either of the kids but she threatened Allen with the switch when he was caught in a prank. He lived in constant fear of it.

“I won’t if you show me what you were doing.”

Allen looked at his sister and blushed. He was so embarrassed at this point he didn’t know what to do.

“Aw, Joany, I can’t do that.”

Joan could see that her brother was beginning to waver. Maybe now was the time to start trading.

“If you don’t, I will tell mom. Uh, if you show me what you were doing, I’ll let you see me.”

Allen gasped and his eyes popped wide open in astonishment.

“You’ll let me see you down there?”

“Yes, if you show me what you were doing.”

Part of Allen’s fantasy while he jerked off was having his sister stand in front of him with her dress pulled up and her panties down. He spread his thighs very slowly. His prick was limp. He’d been frightened out of his hard on, but as soon as he saw his sister look, it throbbed up to attention again.

Another part of Allen’s fantasy was having his sister look at and even feel his prick. He looked up at his sister and blushed again. He hoped she didn’t know what he’d been thinking. He could hardly wait to get to see what her cunt looked like.

“Now let me see you. I want to see you down there. You said you’d let me see you.”

Joan had no problem about exposing herself to her brother. She pulled up her dress and pushed her panties over down over her hips. She was so hot that her crotch was soaking wet with her cunt juice.

Her phantasies included having Allen look at and play with her cunt. She put her fingers on each side of her cunt and spread the outer lips apart so Allen could see what she had hidden on the inside.

Allen wouldn’t be outside her window now, but George might be. She would act as if he were just in case. She took off her dress and bra. She scratched under her tits and pushed them up so that George could get a good look if he was on that tree platform. Joan would have to use a different strategy with George.

She would have to catch him peeping and make him think she was going to punish him for it. She might frighten him into doing things much more rapidly than he would be willing to do them otherwise.

Joan pulled down her panties as these thoughts ran through her mind. George saw his mother start the same routine as yesterday. He was determined to last as long as his mother did. Then Joan changed the procedure some. She moved toward the window, put her fingers on each side of her cunt, and spread the outer lips apart.

Joan hoped George got an eyeful. He saw the outer lips of his mother’s cunt separate and he caught a glimpse of some pink on the inside. His hand speeded up in spite of his resolve to wait for his mother to get ready to come. Joan pushed two fingers into her cunt then rubbed her fingers on the little bump toward the top.

George’s hips jerked and his cum spouted out of his prick. This intimate view of his mother’s cunt had just been too much. Joan heard the cum hit the side of the house and started to finger fuck herself in earnest.

Grandma Schultz watched. When George’s hand pumped up and down on his prick her fingers flashed in and out of her cunt. When his cum flew out and splashed against the house, she shuddered with an orgasm. Joan must be doing more than lying there on her back to get this much reaction from George. George was still pulling on his prick and she kept her fingers active in her cunt.

George kept on pumping. Maybe his prick would get hard again and he’d come again when his mother did. Joan was thinking about Allen’s prick as it was the first time she’d ever touched it. She laid down on the bed and pushed her fingers into her cunt. As soon as George saw this his prick got hard again. Joan’s fingers pumped in and out. She rubbed her clit with her other hand. Joan’s hips bounced on the bed. She was having orgasms and whispering to Allen.

“Oh, Allen, play with my cunt. Make me come. Shoot your cum for me. Let me see the cum shoot out of your prick. Ahhh! Ohhh!”

Joan’s image of her brother was replaced by one of her son. She’d love to watch her son shoot his cum and she might if she looked out the window. George saw his mother’s hips come off the bed. He tried to hear what his mother said but couldn’t. Spurt, spurt, spurt, his cum hit the side of the house. Joan heard it and had several more orgasms. Dribble, dribble, dribble; more cum oozed out of the tip and lubricated his hand as he continued pumping. He didn’t stop until his prick was soft.

Grandma Schultz watched her George jerk off, get a new hard on, and started jerking off again. Her hand speeded up and she wondered what Joan did that had activated George’s prick so soon again. She must be putting on quite a show. She wasn’t going to be able to hold off much longer. If her daughter didn’t get to George pretty soon she was going to be beat out by her mother.

Grandma found Allen was fucking Joan when he was teenager. She kept him home from school the next day and while Joan was in school and she’d cajoled and threatened him into fucking her. It had been delightful.

Before the day was over she’d sucked a load of cum out of his prick and had him lap her cunt until she had one of the best orgasms she’d ever had. She’d even gotten him to fuck her ass. Joan had taught him all of those things and she wanted her daughter to train George for her too.

Grandma Schultz watched the cum arch through the air for the second time. Her fingers flashed in and out of her cunt and her hips were jerking back and forth as murmured to herself.

“Shoot that cum in my cunt, baby. Shoot it into me. I’m coming now. Come with me. Ahhh! Ahhh!”

All week George got home from school, had a snack, waited for his mother to retire for a nap, took up his position, and waited. This had become his best jerk off of the day and he was certain that he would never willingly miss the show his mother put on for him.

He was glad the foot of his mother’s bed faced the window. Every now and then she would separate the lips of her cunt and he would get to see more. He knew what his mother did in her bedroom and he couldn’t have stayed away even if he wanted to. He was there jerking off and hoping to see more every day.

Joan caught a few glimpses of George on the platform. She wanted to see more but she had to take her glasses off before she could take off her dress, and things were sort of blurry. She was sure her son was jerking off but she would have liked to have seen his prick and watched the cum spurt out of it.

Well George might be ready now but she was going to wait till next week before she went about seducing him. She had been making plans and knew how she was going to go about it. She reviewed the plans and made some changes every time she put on a show for George.

It was the best time of the day for Grandma Schultz too. She would wait for George to get on to the tree platform and take out his prick then she would start to finger fuck herself while she watched him jerk off. The days that George shot off twice were very good days for her too. She would have multiple orgasms and lay her plans for getting to George for some real live sex.

If Joan didn’t initiate him soon, she wouldn’t be able to hold back. She’d walk over and suck his prick till he shot that load of cum into her mouth.

George’s jerk off sessions in bed at night weren’t as exciting as they used to be. He wished he could get closer to the bedroom window. There was just no better vantage point than his tree platform. He could see his mother’s tits real good, he could see his mother’s fingers go in and out of her cunt, but he couldn’t get a good look at the inside of his mother’s cunt even when she spread her cunt lips at the window, and she did that now at the start of each session and occasionally when she was lying on the bed.

Joan remembered sneaking out into the bushes with Allen. Allen’s prick hadn’t been much bigger than his finger when she had cornered him in the bathroom that first time. He had shot off as soon as she had touched his prick. She learned he had a hair trigger for that first come of the day and shot off real quick.

She found it was best to suck on his prick and drink down the cum he shot into her mouth to take the edge off his hornyness the first round of the day. Then he would lick her cunt until she had an orgasm.

By that time Allen’s prick would be hard again and he would be ready to fuck her. Joan was sure her son would be the same way and she would have to take that first hair trigger load out of his prick the same way. She liked the idea. Having Allen shoot his cum in her mouth always gave her an orgasm. She knew she would have multiple orgasms when George shot the first load into her mouth.

About a year after she started having sex with her bother he didn’t perform as well on some days as he did on others. Joan wondered if her brother had been doing things with someone else. She’d tried to find out but he claimed that she was the only one he fucked and sucked with.

The next week started the same way the previous week ended. Joan went to her room and peered out of the window. She suspected George was out there watching her and she wanted to give him and eyeful. Joan undressed in her usual manner and then went right to the window. She stood there for a few minutes massaging her tits. She was sure she caught a glimpse of George hidden among the foliage.

Joan spread her cunt lips and thought she saw some motion. She held the lips apart with one hand pumped her fingers in and out of her cunt with the other so George could see what she was doing. She stroked her clit in such a way that it was clearly visible. The foliage rustled.

George couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It seemed his mother was trying to show him what she was doing with her fingers. It was all he could do to control his hand motion. Boy, would he like to rub that bump she had there on the top of her cunt. His eyes were popping out of his head and his fist flew back and forth on his prick.

He was ready, spurt, spurt, spurt; three jets of cum shot out of his prick and arched over to the side of the house. Dribble, dribble, dribble; the rest of his cum leaked out of his prick. Joan heard the jets of cum hit the house, knew that George must be jerking off out there, and had multiple orgasms.

Grandma Schultz watched George closely and finger fucked herself as her grandson jerked off. She matched the tempo of the fingers pumping in and out of her cunt to the tempo he used to fuck his fist. Grandma knew that Joan must be doing some very interesting things in the bedroom to have George hard again and ready for a second jerk off session so soon after he came the first time.

Her thoughts went back to her son Allen. She would wait until Joan was asleep and sneak into Allen’s room. She would lick the head of Allen’s prick until it would come to attention and Allen would wake up. She developed the same routine that her daughter had.

She found out it was best to nurse the first load of cum out of his prick by sucking him off. Allen would wake up about half way through the blow job and fuck his prick into her mouth. That usually didn’t take very long.

Allen was wide awake by then and would lap her cunt, which invariably gave him a new hard on. After that there were any number of things they would do together and grandma liked all of them.

Grandma Schultz never understood why she didn’t want Joan to find out that she was playing the same games with Allen that Joan was. She threatened Allen with the switch if he ever told Joan. Joan never did find out about Grandma Schultz’s activities with Allen. She never suspected that her brother was fucking her mother too. Grandma Schultz wondered if she could get hold of George the same way. This time she would let Joan know. She could think of lots of things the three of them could do together.

Allen had run off and joined the navy when he was teenager. The two women in his life were wearing him out. He needed a rest. His mother knew better than to try to get him back. If he told his story to any judge she would have had a hard time staying out of trouble. She was very sorry when he left and it was a while before she found a gentlemen friend to take his place. Neither that gentleman nor his successors had ever proved to be as exciting as her son had been.

She was sure George would be just as exciting a lover as her son Allen had been. She would just have to keep her eyes open and wait for the proper time. She figured it would be rather soon.

By the time Allen had run away his prick had been bigger than Joan’s husband’s had been, but Joan liked to remember it as it was in the early days. That cute little prick with very little hair around it had been a real turn on. If she waited too long, George would be past the stage that she liked best.