Me And My Uncle Nick

I’m very small for my age. I’m actually 11 but everybody thinks I’m 8. Anyway my daddy was mean to my mom so they divorced and we moved here with Uncle Nick.

Nick works in the day and mom works in the evening. Mom gets me off to school and Nick gets home right before mom leaves for her job.
Mom prepares the meals most of the time and Nick feeds us in the evening. We play and Nick takes me places like to the park and the movies.

I love when we’d go to the movies. Uncle Nick always sat in the very back and because I was so little I would have to sit on his lap. Uncle Nick always picked out a pretty little dress for me to wear. He liked for it to be a long dress with a full skirt. When we went to the movies Nick wouldn’t let me wear any panties so we could play.

When the movie started Nick unzipped his pants, pulled out his thing and then he would sit me on his lap. I could feel his hard thing against and in between my legs. Nick would put his hand under my dress and play with my pussy. He puts his fingers inside the lips and rubs up and down. I like it when he does that. He makes me feel good. Then he takes his thing and slides it between my legs and pumps it up and down. If no one is sitting close to us I lift up my dress, bend over and lick it. He loves for me to lick it.

I like to reach under my dress and play with it while the movie’s playing. Sometimes his thing spits up. We always have a good time at the movies. He makes me feel special. He said I’m the only one he lets touch him like I do.

When we get home I would get my bath. Uncle Nick washed me and dried me and helped me into my night gown. I’m excited to get in the bed because that’s when me and Nick play. I would lay down and Nick starts rubbing this oil on my pussy. He rubs it in and around my hole I got down there. He tries to stretch it to make it bigger so his thing don’t hurt me so bad when he puts it in me. We do this every night.

After he gets done stretching me he starts putting his fingers in me. The first time he did it, I cried and cried. It hurt so much. It even made my pussy bleed that time. But now it doesn’t hurt at all. It makes me feel so good and I tingle down in my belly, sometimes I shake I get so excited.

Nick lays down on the bed, takes his thing out and lets me lick it. I love to lick it. It gets big and hard. If I do it very long his thing spits up. He likes it when I make it spit up. He holds it pumping it up and down and I lick and suck on it. Its too big to go in my mouth but I keep trying.

I like it when he puts it in my pussy. He puts some oil on it and rubs me with it then he starts pushing it in. It’s hard to get it in at first but when he gets it all in it feels so good. Sometimes I pee on him. I told him I’m sorry and he said it wasn’t pee. He said that was because he made me feel so good.

Uncle Nick sits me on top of him and lifts me up and down on his thing. He sweats and breathes really hard when we’re doing it. He tells me how tight my pussy is on his dick. That’s what he calls it, his dick. He said he was so glad I let him put his dick in my little pussy. My pussy tingles when he tells me how I make him feel.

Nick will lift me up and down on his dick until it spits in my pussy. Then, I get sleepy and go to sleep.
I love it since we came here to live with my Uncle Nick.