My pet german shepherd (Part one)

How i (14m) became my german shepherds fuck toy

It all started around a month ago, I was at home in my room at around noon on a saturday. my parents both work long hours so between around 9AM-8PM i’m home with my only company being that of my 3 year old german shepherd. My dog is called rocky, named after my dads favourite movie, he’s average size for a dog of his breed and has brown and black fur. I had gotten Rocky for my 11th birthday when he was only a few weeks old and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

I was sat at my desk watching a show on one of those dodgy pirating sites that have ads describing scandalous meet ups with women my mums age and it was riddled with photos of cleavage and sex toys. As i watched my eyes had continued to drift away from the center and instead look at said photos. After a short while i had given in. I slipped my sweatpants down to my ankles before kicking them off leaving me sat in only underwear at and a fluffy navy hoodie. My hand pushed underneath my boxers and began to caress my growing cock. With my free hand i paused my previous commitment and instead opened up pornhub. I browsed the site for a short while but nothing really seemed to get me going, my cock had stopped growing and instead sat quiet and unmoving. That all stopped when i changed sites. I had scrolled down sites with porn in the name and landed on one filled to the brim with erotic videos and photos of people having sex with animals. Women getting fucked by mutts and men bent over for stallions. My cock immediately began to rear its head up growing to a commendable 6” which i felt was a sizeable amount for someone my age. I pulled my boxers down before tossing them to the side and began to watch a video.
‘Hot blonde gets raw dogged by a powerful hound’

My cock was already spitting pre-cum from the title alone and it continued to do so as i rubbed my shaft up and down. My mind was entranced eyes glued to the screen i felt like nothing could pull me away from the computer. That’s what i thought at least, before i felt a cold wet nose press against my thigh. Rocky was stood staring up at me.
“Go away, im busy”
i said, nudging his face away. Thats when i saw it. As Rocky’s body turned away from me i was witness to a cock identical to one i’d been jacking off to and upon making a second glance at the computer realised it belonged to a dog that looked the same too. My cock had began to droop as i was interrupted but now, seeing his pinkish rod fully erect between his muscular legs it had shot up. I slowly turned my chair as Rocky turned his body back around and laying his head against my touching knees. That’s when i made the first move.

I slowly opened my legs as Rocky’s head fell closer towards my throbbing dick and soon i was met with a welcoming lick along its shaft. My body shook as the moist tongue of my long time friend pressed against my member leaving it wet and dripping from something more than just saliva. I pushed Rocky’s head back once more as i lowered myself onto my carpeted floor i was now on all fours and was eye to eye with him. That’s when Rocky began to circle behind me and before i could turn around to meet his eyes once more i felt his legs jump up onto my back pulling down at my jumper. I sat there for half a second not understanding my situation before i felt his thick cock press against my ass. From what i saw earlier his cock must have at least been as long as mine, maybe more, and i was not prepared in any way to receive such a large object. I sat there thinking for another half second before i felt his dick push into me. His cock wasn’t lubed up but it was apparent that pre-cum was covering his shaft as it pushed deeper and deeper inside me before i felt the reassuring pressure of an end to his cock. My breath was deep and laborious, i had never taken anything up my ass before and now i had something that felt like it was the size of my arm. It wasn’t more than 3 seconds since rocky entered my previously virgin ass before he started violently thrusting into me, each time i felt him enter me all the way to his limit and after a few minutes of something equal parts pain and pleasure i felt his dick swell up and push into me. That’s when i felt what i thought was the end to my new favourite appendage of his. Then i felt him push deeper. My dog had pushed further than he ever did before as his knot entered my tight asshole which pushed his cock into the deepest part of my body. I sat there breathless as he pumped his hot seed into me and as i felt the heat fill my insides and coat it’s entirety i knew i was addicted. I slumped to the floor’ head against the ground as my ass propped itself up with Rocky’s cock. My breathing was heavy and rigorous and it continued to be for a while as Rocky remained inside of me. after a minute or two it began to retreat into his body and allowed his thick seed to pour out of my ass. I now fell to the floor completely, face flushed red and my ass feeling raw and abused. I could feel the cum spat into me now leaking down my cock and onto the floor. I lifted my head up seeing my dog standing over me before i kissed him on his soft, cold nose.

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