Milking Time Jordan’s Arrival

These stories involves a group of shemales who live on an island that exists in our world, but they chose to remain mostly isolated. That’s part of the reason I also call them amazons.
The shemales in my stories have genitalia that start at John Holmes’ size, and then get much bigger. (This is a work of fantasy after all.) So if extreme size is not to your liking, I suggest you go elsewhere and pick another story.
To anyone who has read this story before, I’ve added many chapters to it, and there’s much more to follow.
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Chapter 1: Tiffany’s Entrance

Tiffany leaned back and relaxed on her back on the padded mat of the tanning chamber. The specially constructed windows of the room gently amplified the sun’s rays so that anyone could get a nice all-over tan quickly. As an Amazon, Tiffany stood about six feet tall, and was finely toned and muscled from head to toe. Her figure was still quite shapely, and curvaceous, but Tiffany could still perform as an Amazon when she needed to. Her body was tanned a dark bronze over every inch, both from the hot tropical suns of the island, as well as the tanning chamber when the weather sometimes turned foul. Tiffany still possessed a gorgeously sweet face that still prompted both men and women to stop in their tracks and stare at her whenever she met anyone new. Tiffany couldn’t decide if her best feature was her mammoth breasts, or her horse-sized cock. Her boobs tended to be the first thing anyone noticed about her. Her tits were two enormous bronze globes that no one on the island could completely hold, even if they used both of their hands. Despite their tremendous size and weight, Tiffany’s breasts were still full and firm, and almost gravity defying. They stood out proud and firm from her chest like two torpedoes, and were the envy of almost any other girl on the island.
Mounted on the tip of Tiffany’s breasts were two of the most spectacular nipples in creation. The darker flesh of the aureole measured several inches across on each nipple. When Tiffany became excited, her aureole would stiffen and fill with blood, rising almost half an inch from the rest of the surface of her breasts. Her nipples themselves were thick protruding teats that were thicker than her thumb, and would thrust out almost two inches, when they were fully engorged. In a little while, it would be Tiffany’s turn to perform her share of the milking ritual. As one of the eldest and strongest of the shemale amazons, it was Tiffany’s duty to bear some of the milking chores, so that the rest of the colony would survive and prosper from the special sperm and milk that she and the other amazons in the colony could produce. For the next day, she would perform for the good of the colony, in a somewhat controlled environment, without really letting herself go and enjoying the sexual marathon that she would be subjected to. After that, it would be almost two weeks, before it was her turn in the milking chamber again. Then Tiffany would be free to use and abuse anyone to her heart’s content. Satisfied that her body was now a gorgeous dark brown from head to toe, Tiffany got up and left the tanning chamber. Tiffany strolled across the hallway to the milking chamber.

Tiffany strolled into the room, stark naked, and crossed over to the padded table. As she crossed the room, Tiffany noticed several new faces among the girls. Most of them kept respectfully quiet, with their eyes lowered a bit. Tiffany spotted a few raised eyebrows, and some wide-open eyes, as the newer girls got their first look at her. They had been given a general idea of what to expect, and what their duties would be, if they hoped to be inducted into the sisterhood. Still, seeing Tiffany, or one of the other elder Amazons for the first time was truly a sight to behold. Most of the newer girls either had no tan, or only the beginnings of one. Tiffany’s skin was a dark bronze hue from head to toe. Adding Tiffany’s enormous breasts, and her lovely face, it made for a truly impressive sight, regardless of how many times one saw her. What made most of the girls gape and stare unabashedly was Tiffany’s cock. Even in its natural limp state, Tiffany’s prick was almost as thick as any of the girls’ wrists, and it hung halfway down between her thighs. Few of the girls had ever seen an erect cock that was near the size of Tiffany’s; much less the beast that swayed between her thighs now. Tiffany had learned a number of mind control techniques from her time on the island, and could keep her cock in most any size and state that she desired. Knowing that there would be some new girls seeing her for the first time, Tiffany couldn’t resist displaying her cock at a thicker and larger size than usual, even though it was nowhere near the full dimensions it would reach later on. The newest girls on the island were traditionally indoctrinated by performing the milking rituals on the older girls. Once they had shown enough skill at the milking rituals, and the desire to become one of the shemale amazons themselves, the elite of these new trainees were inducted into the sisterhood of the island of shemale amazons.

Tiffany acknowledged the group of nymphs waiting in the room. A few of them she had seen before on the island, but most of them were new faces this time. Tiffany walked over to the massage table, and lay down on her back on the padded mat of the table, and let the group of nymphs go to work on her. Tiffany adjusted the backrest to a forty-five degree angle, so she could gaze down and observe the proceedings.
The first order of business was a full body shave. The group of nymphs applied a layer of fine lather all up and down Tiffany’s legs and thighs, and around the base of her cock and balls. After waiting a few moments, the nymphs brought out some specially treated towels, and began wiping the lather off of her with them. As the girls worked from the bottom of Tiffany’s legs upwards, it was necessary for one of them to move Tiffany’s cock so that they could finish the job completely. One of the newer girls, a pretty little blonde named Jordan, whom Tiffany had never seen before, gently picked it up with both hands while another finished tending to Tiffany with the towels.

Tiffany and the other amazons knew various mind control techniques, so that they could keep their cocks at manageable sizes, when they weren’t using them for play. For today, Tiffany had decided to leave her cock in a semi-flaccid stage, at about seven or eight inches long, and fairly thick. Tiffany chuckled to herself, as she realized that her limp cock was probably bigger than any hard-on any of the nymphs had ever seen in their experiences, before coming to the island.

For a moment, Jordan simply stared at the size of Tiffany’s hunk of meat in her hands, and wondered at how much it weighed, as she briefly held it aloft. Without thinking, Jordan turned and looked at Tiffany’s face. Tiffany had seen this effect on girls before when they got their first sight and feel of her piece of horsemeat. Tiffany had long since established near-perfect mental control over her cock, so that she could control whenever she wanted an erection or not.
The new girls had been strictly lectured about touching or fondling any of the shemale amazons, unless they were instructed to. Tiffany had seen this happen before, and while she did not want someone like Jordan expelled on the first day of their visit, it was important to take a stand, and be certain that the rules were enforced. As Jordan held Tiffany’s cock, Tiffany tightened her stomach muscles, so that her abdominals flexed and were noticeably visible. At the same time, Tiffany concentrated and flexed the ligaments that attached her cock to her body, so that her cock gave a little twitch and lunge upward. The perfect thing to get everyone’s attention for a moment.
Jordan was startled for a moment, and then realized what she was doing with Tiffany’s cock. She turned with an embarrassed look to face Tiffany’s gaze. Tiffany gave Jordan a look that was almost regal. Almost as if a queen was addressing one of her subjects. Tiffany arched her eyebrows, and gave her just the right facial expression for the tone of the moment.
It was important to establish just who was in control here, but Tiffany truly didn’t want overdo things with her control and authority here. Jordan politely laid Tiffany’s cock back between her thighs. Tiffany relaxed and let her abdominal muscles untense. She waited until Jordan met her gaze again, and then Tiffany gave a playful little pout and smooch, puckering her lips together, blowing Jordan an imaginary kiss across the air between them.
The message had been given, and clearly understood by all the girls that were present. This time Jordan would let off with a warning. Playtime would be later, and then things would be different. Tiffany released the backrest, and then rolled over onto her stomach, so that the girls could complete the shaving procedure on her.

Once the girls had completed the body shaving of Tiffany, they produced a number of vials of a clear liquid. The liquid was quite similar to garden-variety baby oil. In truth it was a special mixture of skin moisturizers and emollients that nourished and strengthened the skin when applied. Constant applications of this liquid were one reason why Tiffany’s enormous knockers were still full and firm, and why her cock was an awe-inspiring wonder when it was erect. Tiffany stood up and spread her legs apart slightly, and held her arms out from her sides for the girls to attend to her.
The nymphs gave Tiffany a thorough rubdown with the liquid from head to toe; this time applying the liquid to her cock and balls, but quickly moving on, without undue hesitation there. Tiffany adjusted the mat of the massage table so that it was in a more vertical position than before, but still leaning back at about thirty degrees. Tiffany turned and placed her feet in the footrests, and then leaned back against the padded matting. Tiffany wriggled against the mat for a moment, as she got comfortable. Satisfied with her position, Tiffany looked out and addressed the group of girls.

“Okay, girls. You’ve all been thoroughly instructed on the procedure here. Some of you have already done this with the other amazons. So the more experienced girls will help the newer ones here. Let’s see what you can do.”
Two of the girls got on their knees, and immediately began fondling and stroking her balls and the shaft of Tiffany’s cock. Tiffany relaxed her mental control on her cock, and let nature take its course, slowly bringing the slumbering giant to life. The newer girls wouldn’t know that they weren’t entirely responsible for the finished work on Tiffany’s cock, but it wouldn’t hurt them right now.
The two nymphs at the bottom were each working on one of Tiffany’s leaden testicles. At the present time, each of her balls was roughly the size of a tennis ball, and as slick as a billiard ball. Each girl could barely hold one of them in their hand. Tiffany knew that by the time she was at her frenzied peak later on, that they would be swollen to the size of softballs.
The shaft of Tiffany’s cock began to rapidly expand and fill with blood. It was almost like watching a thick snake rising out of its den in the ground, as Tiffany’s prick grew straight upwards like the beanstalk in the fairy tale. Tiffany’s cock was a dark brown in color, almost as dark as that of Barocca or Ebony. In very little time, Tiffany’s cock had surged and grown to nearly its full length.
The head of Tiffany’s prick came to just below her chin. Tiffany could see it thrusting past the edges of the twin mountains that were her breasts. If the nymphs thought that this was the extent of Tiffany’s transformation, they were in for a surprise. Although it had reached almost all of its full length, Tiffany’s cock was far from over in its metamorphosis.
Tiffany’s cock was already much too thick for any of the girls to encircle it with one of their hands. Tiffany concentrated and exerted more of her mental control on her cock. The shaft and girth of Tiffany’s cock swelled and expanded before the surprised eyes of the nymphs. The shaft of Tiffany’s cock was now as thick as the barrel end of a baseball bat. Tiffany’s balls also began to grow and swell too. Her balls enlarged significantly before the watching nymphs, and actually began to sag a small amount as they gained weight and began filling with the shemale nut-juice her body was producing.
With a final exertion of effort, Tiffany gave her cock the finishing touch. Slowly a series of veins began to fill with blood, and stand out from the surface of the shaft of her cock. In a few moments the shaft of Tiffany’s prick was covered with a miniature latticework of veins, almost like an ivy-covered tower. On the front of Tiffany’s cock, the urethra shaft, which would later deliver a virtual geyser of shemale cum, was swollen and engorged to the point that it looked as though a garden hose had been attached to the shaft of her cock.

Chapter 2: The Preparation

After Tiffany’s cock had grown and swelled to its maximum size and potential, Tiffany nodded to the group of nymphs, and they parted to each side in front of her. One girl flipped a switch, and a large, full-length mirror was revealed on the wall of the chamber. Tiffany stared at herself, engrossed in the glory of her body and her colossal erection. She was momentarily oblivious to the nymphs gathered about her, who were eagerly staring at her too.
Tiffany stared at the dark brown, horse-sized cock that rose up like a skyscraper from between her legs. The entire shaft was thicker than the barrel end of a baseball bat, and the head of her cock was easily larger than her fist. The head was about a foot away from Tiffany’s mouth, her cock pointing straight up, and being slightly away from the rest of her body, because Tiffany was reclining on the pad at a slight angle.
Tiffany surveyed the gorgeous shaft of her prick, as she looked at the veins that ran up and down parts of the shaft. She lowered her gaze and saw her two beautiful balls at the base of her cock, each of which was swollen to almost the size of a softball, and glistened in the light of the chamber.
Tiffany licked her lips, and smiled in deep pleasure as she surveyed her exquisite cock and body. There would be time for self-enjoyment and playtime later, she told herself. For now, on to the business at hand.
“Excellent job girls. I think you’ve really outdone yourselves this time. Let’s move on to phase two.”

Jordan and one of the other nymphs moved forward with some jars of liquid. This was another special skin lubricant and conditioner, which would help to strengthen and protect Tiffany’s skin during the ritual to come.
The one nymph began massaging and gently rubbing the lubricant into the shaft and head of Tiffany’s cock. Jordan worked on the lower portion of Tiffany’s prick, and on her balls. While the other nymph was strictly business-like in her work, Jordan was thoroughly enjoying herself, and taking liberties to squeeze and fondle Tiffany’s balls considerably.
As Tiffany was preparing herself for the ritual, she was not quite aware of Jordan’s handiwork on her balls for a moment. Tiffany considered that this just might be another nervous ‘first time’ for one of the nymphs, until she distinctly felt Jordan’s tongue on her balls, with a long, stroking lick. Jordan looked up and gave Tiffany a wink and look of uncontrolled lust. Tiffany was temporarily taken aback.
From her position, Tiffany realized no one else could see what Jordan had just done, with her head down below the base of Tiffany’s prick and balls. Ordinarily, Jordan’s actions would call for an immediate reprimand, but with Tiffany’s prick at one of the critical stages of the ritual, this just wasn’t the time or place.
By now, Tiffany’s cock and balls had a thorough coating of the liquid, and glistened radiantly in the light of the chamber. Jordan and the other nymph quickly moved aside, and two other nymphs proceeded with the next step in the ritual. The nymphs brought what looked like a large rubber band or plumbing washer, which had also been thoroughly coated in the lubricants. Each girl took one end in two hands, and they pulled on it, so that it expanded into a larger opening. The girls raised it over the head of Tiffany’s cock, and then brought it down over the shaft, until one end of the band rested against the base of Tiffany’s cock, where it joined her crotch.
One girl held the band against the sides of Tiffany’s cock with her hands, while the other quickly squatted on her knees, and grabbed the loose ends of the band. She quickly pulled down on the strap, and crossed the two ends over each other in an ‘X’, and pulled the edges of the bands so that she had another circular opening.
The first girl released her hold on the bands on the side of Tiffany’s prick. She also squatted on her knees, and delicately held one of Tiffany’s balls in each of her hands as best she could. Fortunately, the skin of Tiffany’s scrotal sac helped made the task a little easier. The first girl pulled on the bands harder, making the second opening in the strap somewhat bigger. The second girl pushed both of Tiffany’s balls through the opening in the band, and the first girl gently let the band contract and settle around Tiffany’s balls. Both girls now moved quietly back to their places on the sides of the chamber with the others, to await Tiffany’s commands.
Tiffany moved her hands down to her cock and balls, and massaged them for just a moment, letting the band settle in and adjust next to her skin. Each of the elder shemale amazons had a custom band made for them like this. When the band was wrapped around the base of her cock, as well as around her balls too, Tiffany would experience some of the strongest and intense feelings that were possible, even for an amazon such as herself. She would also produce some of the most powerful ejaculations, both in quantity and quality of her sperm that she was able to.
The mixture that she would produce from her nuts from these conditions would be ideal for the breeding of the new shemales, as well as feeding and maintaining some of the present ones. As Tiffany stroked her cock, and massaged her balls, most of the other girls were too shocked and amazed to do much more than either stare in amazement, or lower their eyes in respect, not knowing quite sure how they should behave.
As Tiffany moved her gaze about the room, she saw Jordan with her head lowered in what most of the girls would take as a gesture of respect. Tiffany could tell though that Jordan had her head raised just enough so that Jordan was staring at her quite intensely, and was making no pretenses at how turned on and horny she was at Tiffany’s display of monster meat between her legs. Tiffany met Jordan’s gaze briefly, and lifted her eyebrows in a momentary bit of flirting.
“All right girls. I think I’m very satisfied with the job you’ve done for stage two. Let’s get ready and move on to stage three.”

For the next step in the milking ritual, two of the nymphs went to an equipment drawer and returned with what looked like a large plastic tube or sheath. The nymphs immersed it in a bowl filled with the lubricant solution, so that it was thoroughly coated, both inside and out.
Next, two of the nymphs took the sheath and brought it close to Tiffany. One end of the sheath was placed over the head of Tiffany’s cock, and the entire sheath was gently lowered and fitted, until it was almost completely surrounding the length of Tiffany’s shaft. The sheath was made of a special latex material that was flexible enough so that it could adapt to the size and shape of Tiffany’s cock, and was also tough enough to withstand the rigors of the milking ritual. The sheath actually left several inches uncovered at the base of the shaft of Tiffany’s cock, as well the same amount just before the head of her cock. This would allow the sheath to be able to move up and down somewhat during the milking ritual, without any ill effects.
Next, one of the nymphs reached into the equipment drawer, and produced what looked like a small plastic bowl or cup. This was actually the headpiece, which was the mate to the sheath that was currently on Tiffany’s cock. This piece was also lubricated in the liquid solution.
One of the nymphs handed it to Jordan, who brought it over to Tiffany, and gently placed it on the head of her cock. Jordan gave the headpiece a few gentle twists back and forth, and the headpiece quickly expanded and settled around the huge shape of Tiffany’s cockhead.
Once again, Jordan seemed to take liberties with fondling and stroking Tiffany’s cockhead, and also by staring directly into Tiffany’s eyes as she did so. Tiffany pretended not to notice for the most part, and even winked and flirted at Jordan, as she played with Tiffany’s cock. In reality, Tiffany was far from amused however, and made a mental note to herself to attend to Miss Jordan personally when her milking session was over.

The headpiece was fitted so that the bottom opening would cling to the natural shape of the lip or rim of Tiffany’s cockhead, and would stay affixed thanks to this. The top of the headpiece left a small amount of free space near the opening of Tiffany’s cock, and then it tapered and came to a tubular projection at the very end.
Two other nymphs produced a large clear plastic container, which looked very much like a jar for fruit preserves, only much larger, and they set it on a table a few feet away from Tiffany. Tiffany knew that the containers were five gallons large. The last step was a section of clear plastic tubing, which was also coated in the special lubricant solution. One of the nymphs connected this to the lid of the clear container, and the other end to the tubular projection at the tip of the headpiece on Tiffany’s cock.
Tiffany looked at herself in the mirror again, and smiled her approval to the group of nymphs in the room. Then Tiffany reached to the side of reclining pad with her right hand, and pressed a button. A dull buzzing sounded in the room, and also in the chamber outside.

A moment later, another stunningly beautiful Amazon entered the room. This was Barocca. Barocca was a dark-skinned girl, whose complexion looked as though she might be from South America. Barocca was certainly beautiful to look at, although she was not quite as hugely endowed as Tiffany with her breasts. Barocca had on a flower-print bikini top, which showed a large amount of gorgeous dark cleavage. She wore a tight fitting loincloth below that had a considerable bulge in it.
Some of the nymphs had heard rumors that Barocca had an even larger cock than Tiffany when it was fully erect. One of the nymphs pressed a series of buttons on the equipment cabinet. A quiet whirring of well-oiled machinery could be heard beneath the floor. A section of the floor panel opened, and a large console type structure rose slowly into place.
The console consisted of a small computer monitor, a keyboard, and a series of switches and control levers. From this console, the operator could control a near infinite array of feeling and sensations to the sheath and headpiece, which were on Tiffany’s cock. A series of infrared sensors eliminated the need for wires. The sheath was capable of exerting several hundred pounds of pressure on Tiffany’s cock, or more pressure than any partner’s legs, thighs or hips ever could. The force, pressure and rhythm could be alternated and adjusted to produce hundreds of different combinations.

The nymphs had all retreated to their seats on the edges of the chamber. Barocca strolled in, and walked directly over to Tiffany. Barocca stopped just short of Tiffany’s bulging shaft, and admired it for a moment. Even though Barocca was a shemale amazon herself, it never ceased to amaze any of the girls on the island when they saw one of them at full-blown erection and hardness as Tiffany was now.
“Well Tiffany, you’re looking as good as ever, if I do say so myself,” said Barocca. Tiffany managed a greedy smile, and met Barocca’s gaze.
“You’re looking mighty delicious, yourself,” she replied.
“Are you ready to begin your session of the milking ritual, Tiffany?”
“Ready, willing and raring to go, Barocca,” purred Tiffany.

Barocca sat down at the console. From here, she could work the various controls, and have direct eye contact with Tiffany as she did so. For the milking ritual, one of the other shemale amazons was always chosen to run the controls, for the best results.
Although the nymphs has doubtless had experience with cocks before in their various lives before coming to the island, none of them had ever seen, much less handled, monster cocks like the hunk of meat that Tiffany sported between her legs now. Only the shemale sisters who had their own such large pieces of cockmeat were trusted to run the controls to achieve the maximum results in terms of pleasure for the girls being milked, as well as producing huge volumes of sperm for the colony. Barocca playfully brought her hands together, and made as if she were cracking her knuckles.
“All righty, Tiffany. Get ready for one hell of a ride.”

Chapter 3: The Milking

Barocca adjusted herself as she sat at the console. She made an adjustment to one of the dials on the console, and entered a few keystrokes.
“We’ll start with something easy, to begin with.”
A very quiet hum of machinery, much like a vibrator at low speed could be heard coming from the platform where Tiffany was reclining. The sheath slowly began to move up and down on Tiffany’s cock.
“And now, a little pressure.”
The sheath began to squeeze and contract on the shaft of Tiffany’s cock. Tiffany’s huge shaft could be seen to actually change size and shape in small amounts, as the sheath exerted its pressure on her cockmeat.
“Next, a little bit of ‘good vibrations’ are in order.”
The sheath on Tiffany’s cock began to ripple up and down in a pulsating rhythm.
Tiffany could be seen drawing in her breath as the sensations mounted, and she enjoyed the treatment she was getting. After a few moments, Tiffany’s balls began to swell slightly, and a number of small blue veins could be seen on the surface of them. The huge shaft on the front of Tiffany’s cock began to slowly begin pulsing with a life of its own. Barocca immediately noticed this at the console, and either shut down or greatly reduced the pressure and intensity of the stimulations on Tiffany’s cock.
“Oh no you don’t, Tiffany. We’re just getting started here.” Barocca flipped another switch on the console. The head of Tiffany’s cock seemed to flinch and contract for just a moment. The result of Barocca flipping the switch was a quick application of pressure directly on the head of Tiffany’s cock. This caused any sensations that Tiffany might be feeling of a nearing orgasm to be quickly suppressed.
Barocca waited for almost a minute, and then began the stimulations to Tiffany’s cock again. Barocca repeated this process for over forty minutes to Tiffany, bringing her massive cock to the brink of orgasm time and again, and then expertly holding back and cutting her off, before Tiffany could reach her climax.
Barocca kept up a steady stream of sexy chatter as Tiffany wriggled on the reclining platform from the joy she was receiving. Only a shemale amazon could truly understand how to stimulate and prolong the attention to such a monster cock as Tiffany or one of the other amazons had.
By now, Tiffany had broken out in a fine sweat which covered her body, and she was panting audibly from trying to keep her composure as she reveled in the pleasure that she was receiving from Barocca’s efforts.
Finally Barocca looked at Tiffany from the console. “Well, I think you just may be ready to shoot off, Tiffany. What do you think?”
“Damn! I thought you’d never get around to that. I’ve been ready since you walked in here. Let me show you and the girls here what a cum shot really is.”
“All right, Tiffany. If you insist. Get ready, because here we go,” said Barocca.
Barocca made some adjustments to the settings on the console. The machinery now produced a louder humming noise, as it moved into a higher gear than before.
The sheath began moving faster in it’s up and down, piston-like motions on Tiffany’s cock. Tiffany’s cock became a slightly darker color as the pressure increased and more blood swelled inside the flesh.
As the force of the stroking increased, Tiffany’s balls began to shake back and forth, and slap noisily against her thighs. Tiffany began to heave and pant like a runner in a marathon race. Her hands gripped the handholds on the reclining platform so hard that her knuckles showed visibly. Tiffany began to lose control, and began pleading and almost screaming with Barocca.
“Oh, shit, yeah! Do it, do it, do it! Push me over the edge, Barocca. Just do it!”
Barocca pushed her lips together in a sexy pout as Tiffany squealed in ecstasy.
“As you command, my queen.” Barocca pushed a final switch, and then leaned forward for a closer view of what was to happen next.
The machinery increased to a higher humming noise, and the sheath on Tiffany’s cock was now moving at almost a blur.
Tiffany threw her head back against the platform, and began to shriek and squeal in unabashed ecstasy.
“Oh, fuck, yes! Yes, yes, yes, do it!” The last syllable escalated into a high-pitched scream of pleasure from Tiffany. For a moment, Tiffany’s eyes rolled back into their sockets as she was nearly overcome with pleasure.
Tiffany regained control, and lowered her gaze to the clear plastic container sitting on the table in front of the console.
Tiffany’s cock began to shoot out its mammoth load of sperm. The tubing had been coated with the special lubricant, so even though the container was several feet away, Tiffany’s cock could force the sperm through the tubing and into the container with little or no effort.
Huge white streams of the thick liquid gushered forth into the container. Some of the nymphs thought that this was almost a stream or constant flow from Tiffany’s cock. These were actually the incredible amounts of cum that a shemale amazon’s cock could produce under the ideal conditions.
After several tremendous splurts had been delivered into the container, the pumping of the sheath slowed to a slightly less frantic pace.
Barocca adjusted it so that the pumping actions were slower and prolonged. Much like those of a mechanical milking device working on a cow’s udders. That was how the ritual had gotten its nickname of “milking time”.
Tiffany continued to shoot off long, thick streams of hot, sticky sperm into the container as everyone in the chamber watched in amazement. Tiffany was now engrossed in the moment of her orgasm. Tiffany stared at the shaft of her pulsing cock, the veins now clearly defined and protruding.
Oblivious to anyone else in the chamber, Tiffany reached down and began squeezing each of her enormous balls in each hand. Although Tiffany couldn’t come close to gripping one of her balls in each hand, she still held them quite firmly.
Many of the shemale amazons had a habit of constantly using the small ‘hand clamps’ that were popular in many gyms, during their free time, to develop hand and wrist strength. The result was small, feminine hands that were still suprisingly strong.
Tiffany exerted her strength, and her fingers dug into the surface of her balls, causing them to flush to an even darker color. This caused Tiffany’s sperm to gush out even faster and harder into the container than before. Barocca and the nymphs could hear it land loudly against the plastic walls, like when a water hose was directed against a wall.
In this manner, Tiffany continued, locked in the throes of her orgasm, for over five minutes. The five-gallon container slowly but steadily filled to almost total capacity with Tiffany’s hot, sticky sperm. Other than some almost incoherent moans from Tiffany, the room was almost silent.
Barocca had seen this before, with many of the other shemale amazons on the island, as well as more times than she could remember when she herself was in Tiffany’s place on the reclining platform.
Most of the nymphs had doubtless never seen a display of sexual prowess like this before, and most of them sat in awe at the edge of the chamber, trying to take in what they’d just seen.
Finally, Tiffany gave one last, loud groan, and let her hands slip to her sides. The sheath stopped its rhythmic pumping on the shaft of Tiffany’s cock, and came to a stop.
Barocca flicked one switch at the console, and a tiny vacuum applied some suction to the tubing, as it sucked the last of Tiffany’s cum into the plastic container.
Tiffany had filled a five-gallon container to the near the rim with pure molten sperm, in less than ten minutes. The entire process had taken just under an hour, since Barocca had begun her ministrations on Tiffany’s cock from the console.

Tiffany relaxed on the reclining platform, still languishing in the throes of her orgasm.
Having noted that she was completely finished, Barocca attended to the business at hand.
“All right girls, you know the drill. I expect a turnaround time of less than five minutes from you. You’ve all been briefed on your duties. And no dawdling or fondling. There’ll be time enough for playtime later.”
The nymphs gathered around Tiffany as she relaxed on the platform. One girl removed the piece that covered the head of Tiffany’s cock. Another gently removed the sheath and slid it off of Tiffany’s shaft.
Two other girls performed their duty on Tiffany’s balls, which had shrunken somewhat, so that they were closer to their normal size now. One girl held them, while the other extended the rubber-like strap, and unfastened it so that it could be removed. Tiffany was now naked on the reclining platform. Even after such an incredible orgasm, Tiffany’s cock was still rock-hard and fully erect.
Two girls came forward with bottles of the special lubricant. They quickly applied an even coating of the lubricant to every inch of Tiffany’s cock and balls. Tiffany’s eyes gleamed as she saw the lights of the room glistening on her skin.
Jordan and another girl came forward with another rubber-like strap, and quickly placed it around the base of the shaft of Tiffany’s cock, and then did the quick crossover, and placed the other end around Tiffany’s balls, as they had done earlier.
Jordan performed her duties quickly and professionally this time. With Barocca’s warning fresh in her mind, Jordan did not want to take any risks of falling into disfavor with any of the shemale amazons.
Two other nymphs came towards Tiffany and applied a fresh sheath to the shaft of Tiffany’s cock, and also the headpiece to the tip of it. One girl fastened a new piece of tubing that connected to a fresh plastic container that had been brought in.
Two girls moved over to the full container of Tiffany’s sperm that sat by the console.
One of them placed a special rubber seal on the top. Together they bent down to pick it up.

“Be careful with that, girls,” said Barocca. “While it’s not hot enough to scald you, the sperm is warmer than you think it might be. It’s also heavier than water, so lift with your knees and not with your backs.” The two girls carefully moved the container to a waiting storage compartment at the side of the chamber.
From there, the same ritual proceeded as before. For almost an hour, Barocca would stimulate and tease Tiffany’s cock just to the point of no return, and then hold off. Finally, Barocca would push Tiffany over the edge, and Tiffany would shriek like a banshee, as she filled another five-gallon container with her hot sperm.
Then the nymphs would attend to Tiffany, and prepare her cock and balls just as they had done before, and affix a fresh container with new tubing connected to her cock.
Six times in six hours this ritual was performed, and Tiffany had produced almost thirty gallons of pure shemale sperm for the island. At no point in the last six hours had Tiffany’s cock been at less than full erection.

Chapter 4: Questions And Answers

“Okay, girls. You’ve all done your duties quite nicely this afternoon,” said Barocca. “I realize that for some of you, this was your first time in the milking ritual.” Barocca strolled over to Tiffany, where she still reclined on the platform. “For those of you who are new here, here’s what we expect of you, and I’ll give you the chance to ask some questions also.”
“You’re all here,” continued Barocca, “Because you all found out or heard about us, either through your own diligence, or from a friend of a friend, about our little ‘society’ here on the island. You’ve all shown an interest for the kinkier side of things, particularly when it comes to shemales, TV’s, hermaphrodites, whatever you want to call it.
“No doubt you probably recognize Tiffany and myself from our stints in mainstream porn a few years ago. We weren’t ‘equipped’ back then like we are now. That changed when we came to the island and were accepted here.”
“We screen the girls who apply here on a combination of things,” said Tiffany. “First there’s looks and figure. You’ve got to have what it takes, and all of you obviously have that. Then there’s the willingness to follow instructions, and show some discipline. And last but not least how you can perform one-on-one, or in other combinations with myself, Barocca or any of the other amazons on the island.”
“You’ll be here for several weeks,” said Barocca. “If several of the amazons will vouch for you or recommend you, you’re in. You’ll become one of us, and a ‘member of the family’ so to speak.
“You’ll be asked to perform numerous tasks,” Tiffany continued. “Everything from performing in the rituals and other domestic tasks like you’ve just done, to satisfying any of the amazons in any way at any time. Show us that you’ve got what it takes, and you’ll more than likely make it. If you screw up, or if you’re squeamish and shy away, we’ll send you on your way. If anybody has any reservations or second thoughts after what you’ve just seen and heard, you’re free to go now.”
Tiffany was greeted by polite silence, and a few shakes of the head from the girls.

“Okay, great,” said Tiffany. “What we’ve just done here in the milking ritual is produce and store the sperm that keeps us able to function as the shemale amazons that we call ourselves.
“A lot of the sperm is refined and processed into nutrients and vitamins that we take several times a week, to maintain our cocks, and our general health. And a lot of it is kept in reserve for orgies and special occasions. Believe me, none of it goes to waste around here.
“We go to the lengths we do to prepare and treat our cocks like we do, so that we can produce the incredible volumes of high-quality sperm that’s needed. But this is only in the milking ritual. During regular sex, our cocks stay roughly the same size, and we can still produce very impressive cum shots, but obviously no where near what you’ve just seen. But you’ll get to experience us in action firsthand later on.”
“There are over fifty amazons such as Tiffany and I on the island,” said Barocca. “We rotate turns in the milking ritual. It’s a six-hour job as you just saw. That happens every ten to fourteen days for each of us. We take turns at various domestic and maintenance tasks, but the majority of our time is spent in the pursuit of pleasure.”

“If you’re selected,” said Tiffany, “You’ll go through a surgical process that I won’t bore you with the details of, that will graft a cock to you. You’ll be fed a special diet, and with time and practice, you’ll soon have a gorgeous hunk of meat between your legs like mine, or like Barocca’s. By the time we’re done with you, you’ll feel like you can punch holes in walls with your cock.”
The girls giggled and tittered nervously around the chamber.
“But seriously,” said Tiffany, “You’ll also be taught various mind control techniques, so that you can truly control your body, and especially, your cock. You’ve all doubtless wondered how I’ve managed to stay hard throughout all this time. That’s one of the benefits.
“With a little willpower,” Tiffany closed her eyes and concentrated, and her cock slowly became flaccid, and assumed more normal proportions. “You can turn it on and off. Just like a faucet.”
Tiffany’s cock soon looked like what most of the girls had seen, now being approximately five to six inches long, and only about as thick as some of her fingers.

“Okay,” said Tiffany. “Who’s got a question?”
“How do you manage to run this island, and keep it in the style it is?” asked one of the newer girls.
“Well, we have plenty of money for when we need it,” said Barocca. “We make a rather lucrative business selling custom videos and photos of the girls to private collectors. We film almost everything when we have our fun and games also.
“The island itself is ours outright. It’s a gift from some very special fans that are the powers that be in the jet set, as well as the governing members of some Caribbean nations. As a result, this island doesn’t exist on any official charts or atlases. Sure, it’s here. But we really have to want to be found, for anyone to actually get here.”
“Some of our best customers have also been some of the more famous celebrities, as well as even numerous elected officials,” said Tiffany. “So not only do most people not even know that we exist, the movers and shakers have seen to it that they won’t find out.
“And if anyone tried to spread the word about our little society, I doubt if anyone would ever believe them. Would you? And as I said, we have more than enough incriminating photos and videos of past clients that they’d do anything to avoid being exposed.”
“So we make more than enough to keep ourselves afloat, financially,” said Barocca. “The few supplies and goods we need, we order discreetly and cheaply from businessmen who are happy to keep quiet, in return for a little ‘special treatment’ from some of the girls here.”
“And now,” said Barocca, “Comes one of the final tests. Like I said, you’ve all been screened for liking the kinkier things in sex. And now’s the time to prove it.”

Barocca stood up and removed her loincloth. Her cock was roughly identical to that of Tiffany’s in size, and just a little darker in skin coloring.
“It’ll be just a moment while I wake up ‘John Henry’ here,” she chuckled. “Tiffany, I know that you’d like to join in too, but I do think you should relax and recharge the old batteries for a little while. So you’re going to sit this one out.”
Barocca closed her eyes, and concentrated, and also began gently rubbing and massaging her cock and balls. In less than a minute, Barocca’s cock quickly filled with blood, like a long thin balloon filling with air at a carnival.
Barocca’s cock was the same skin color as the rest of her body, and it quickly swelled and expanded until it was thicker than her wrist. The length of Barocca’s cock was roughly the same as Tiffany’s, although Barocca let her cock point straight out from her body so that all of the girls could get a clear view of it.
Almost two feet long, Barocca’s dick was rock hard, with a number of veins running up and down the shaft of it. Her balls had swollen so that they were now larger than two tennis balls beneath her cock, and swayed back and forth as she stroked her cock.
Satisfied that her cock was ripe and ready for playtime, Barocca strutted in front of the girls, proudly displaying her monster meat, and watching the girls’ expressions as she waved her dick in front of their faces.
“Impressive, isn’t it, girls?” boasted Barocca. “Something like this of your very own is what you can look forward to, if you make the cut.
“We’re going to have two quick lessons, to see if you can follow instructions, and to see if you’ve really got some of the sexual qualities that we like here on the island.
“Number one,” said Barocca, “is cocksucking, and how we usually do it on the island. Now I know that all of you are certainly no strangers when it comes to this. But I doubt that you’ve ever handled anything quite this size before. You aren’t going to get the entire head of one of these inside your mouth, even though many before you have tried.
“This first time around, don’t worry about actually sucking on me. Concentrate on covering the tip, where the opening is, and enjoy the taste of what you’re about to receive. For future activities here on the island, imagine that you’re trying to suck the juice out of an orange, for a good comparison.
“Number two,” continued Barocca, “Is cum. You’ve got to love the taste of cum, and enjoy feeling it slither down your throat. I’m going to make myself cum in few moments here. This will be a ‘quickie’ so to speak, compared to what will be expected of you during the rest of your stay on the island. After being on duty during the milking ritual, this will be both a reward, and a good measure to see if you’ve got what it takes.”
Barocca stroked her cock, and squeezed her balls for several moments. In a short time, she was panting, and a fine layer of sweat had broken out on her body in places.
“All right, girls. Line up in single file. Who wants to be the lucky girl who goes first?” asked Barocca.

One by one, the girls knelt in front of Barocca, and assumed the position. Each girl gave a fine accounting of herself. The girls all flinched ever so slightly as they felt the heat of Barocca’s sperm as it entered their mouths.
Barocca gave each girl half a dozen healthy splurts, as she unloaded into their eagerly waiting gullets. When she decided each girl had had enough, Barocca clamped on the shaft of her cock with both hands, and quickly pulled away. Like Tiffany, Barocca had incredible hand and wrist strength, and could exercise tremendous control over her cock, even in the middle of an orgasm.
Jordan was the last of the nymphs to receive a load of sperm from Barocca. Jordan managed to engulf almost half of Barocca’s cockhead. She also exerted more sucking force with her mouth and throat, so that she received a considerably larger dose of semen from Barocca than any of the girls before her. Most of the other girls had merely inserted the tip of Barocca’s cock in their mouths, and then enjoyed a few swallows of cum.
Jordan’s efforts were not lost on Barocca and Tiffany.
“Well, Tiffany. It looks as though we’ve got a regular ‘eager beaver’ on our hands here,” said Barocca. “You definitely get an ‘E’ for effort, Jordan honey. But I think that you’re trying to take more than your fair share here.”
Barocca playfully pulled her cock away from Jordan’s mouth without warning. “The rest of this load is reserved for myself and Tiffany.”
Barocca walked quickly over to Tiffany, as she still laid on the reclining platform. The two amazons momentarily ignored the rest of the nymphs in the chamber, as Barocca thrust her cockhead into Tiffany’s eagerly waiting mouth. Barocca let Tiffany greedily slurp down splurt after splurt of her delicious cum.
From time to time, Barocca would grab the shaft of her cock, and take it away from Tiffany’s luscious mouth so that she could swallow a mouthful of her own jism herself.
Barocca and Tiffany spent the next few minutes enjoying themselves like this, until Barocca let her cock go limp and return to more normal dimensions, like Tiffany’s.
Barocca turned to the girls. “All right girls. Some of you’ve had a busy first day here, and I’m glad to say that each of you shows a lot of potential. You can all head to your quarters now. The new girls will find a list of your duties and assignments waiting for you there. Report to where you’re scheduled first thing in the morning.”
The girls filed out of the chamber, with Jordan being the last in line.

Tiffany noticed this, and called out to her, just as she reached the door.
“Jordan. Come here, won’t you please?”
“Yes, mistress.”
“Cut the act, Jordan,” said Tiffany. “Don’t think I didn’t notice the way that you took liberties fondling me during the milking time, girl.”
“As well as trying to drink me dry, when you weren’t given permission,” said Barocca.
Jordan assumed a pose of quiet attentiveness, and lowered her eyes.
“I can tell that you just love horse-sized cocks, and drinking and sucking cum until it’s ready to fill you to the bursting point,” said Tiffany. “Don’t you, slut?”
“Yes, mistress,” Jordan replied meekly.
“All right, trollop,” said Tiffany. “Listen, and listen good. Barocca and I both think that you’ve got what it takes to really go far here on the island. Your reputation has preceded you just a little bit. Many of us here on the island are well aware that you’ve had a rather successful career in fuck and suck videos of your own, before coming here.”
“Yes, that’s true, mistress,” said Jordan, somewhat embarrassed at knowing that she was more famous than she thought.
“Play your cards right, girl,” said Tiffany, “and do exactly as you’re told, and you’ll have more dick between your legs, as well as getting it from others here on the island, than you’ll ever know what to do with.”
“Would you like that, slut?” said Barocca.
“Yes, I would, mistress,” said Jordan.
“Very well, then,” said Tiffany. “As of right now, you’ll be doing ‘special duty’ from now on, for myself and Barocca, as well as some of our other friends, for your little indiscretion here tonight. This is in addition to your regular duties on the island.”
“If you like cock, we’re going to feed it to you in every hole, until think you’re going to be split in two, and then we’ll shove them in even deeper,” said Barocca. “And then we’re going to fill you so full of cum, you’ll think you’re going to drown,” she continued. “And then we’ll pump even more cum into you. If you can satisfy us all, and still ask for more, we’ll reward you beyond your wildest dreams.”
“Go to your quarters, and get some rest, Jordan,” said Tiffany. “When we call for you tomorrow, be ready to give the performance of your life.”
“Thank you, mistress,” said Jordan. “I won’t disappoint you.”