My Bully’s Sons fuck my daughter

My bully made my life a hell in high school and now his sons are bullying and using my daughter

Hi, I’m Edward. I’m 40 and widower. I have a daughter, Stacy (16). I have lived in the same town my whole life. My father used to own a small gift shop and now I run the same. The business is not that good, but I’m not very smart to do anything else. Moreover I’m a little sheepish and timid when it comes to talking to people or negotiating a deal.

My wife passed away 5 years ago and I have been single since them. She was my one and only woman.
My daughter is very bright but she too is very timid and shy. She is an introvert like me. She goes to the same school that I used to go. Well, I had some not so good memories in that school.

There was this guy names, Pete who was bully and he used to target me and make me do stuff to humiliate me in front of all. I was too week to revolt. So I took it like a bitch I was. Later his dad paid for his college and he went to city and last I heard he was in real estate business, doing really really well.

Since last few days my daughter has been returning from school a little tensed and afraid. I was not sure. I thought it was to do something with being a women. I tired to ask but she ignored. It went on for few days. So I caught up with her only friend Janice and asked her what is going on. She told that there is this new boy in class who is bullying my daughter.

I was appalled by this news. I knew this is devastating for my daughter’s self-esteem. So I talked to her.
“Honey, do you talk to your teacher about this?”
“Yes, I did. But he didn’t say much. He said can I prove it.”
“Ok what did they do?”
“Honey you can tell me”
“They make comments on my body and… and…”
“Sometime they lift my skirt in the school corridor for everyone to see my underwear”
“What? And…did they do anything else to you?”
“….They did give me wedge in the restroom once.”
“That is not acceptable. Who is this kid? Let me talk to his parents.”
“No dad, let it go… I will manage”
“Tell me his name”
“Ok do you know where he lives?”
“Near the school, behind the lake”
“Oh ok.. that’s a.. that’s a really good property…Ok.. No issues.. Let’s go right now”
“Dad… please let it go”
“You are coming with me right now young lady”

I drove to that posh gated community with just 5 properties. All with big villas and swimming pool, with the lake in the backyard. Once out side the house, I ran the door bell. A young teenage boy opened the door.
“Is he Jake?” I asked my daughter.
“This is Teddy(15) his younger brother”
“Hi Teddy, are your parents home?”
“DADDDD…” Teddy screamed turning behind. And opened the door for us.

I looked inside. What a house, huge chandlers, big couch and great break room with fireplace and sliding door to the backyard pool. This guy is loaded.

“Hi there…How may I help you” A voice from behind startled me. I turned around. I stood there in shock. It cannot be. This cannot be how I think it is.
“Eddy? Is that you” The voice said with surprise. I was still in shock with my mouth open and dry. It was my bully Pete.
“Man you have grown old… But still the same Eddy I guess”
“Pete.. Pete.. what are you.. what are you doing in town?” I asked still trying to process the shock.
“Well, my father passed away and I had to be back to take care of mom and town head wanted me to look into some property deals and sales… so yeah… I thought I might spend a couple of years back in this piss place.”
“Oh ok ok.. That’s good.. That’s good”
“So what about you?”
“Well, I run my father;s gift shop now… So that’s that”
“Well, who is this young lady?”
“oh yeah.. my bad.. she is my daughter..Stacy and I came to talk about some issues she is facing in school”
“Oh ok”
“Well, your son, Jake is… you know… Bullying daughter…. an..”
“hahahahaha… Are you kidding me… That is so cool… Remember when I used to bully you and make you walk naked in school campus… hahahaha.. that was hilarious.”
“Yeah.. not really.. but can you ask you son not to bully her.”
“Jake…. Jake come down here” he shouted looking upstairs.
Jake came down running to the living room.
“Yes dad?”
“Jake you know Stacy… And this is her dad.. Edward… So I hear you are bullying her in school?”
“What can I say she loves to take orders from a man like me… Right Stacy?”
Stacy just looked down.
“So did you made her walk naked in campus as well?” Pete asked his son.
“What no…Why would you ask that?”
“I used to make her dad walk naked in school… Hahahaa” Both laughed aloud.

“No No dad.. us is a cum slut… She likes to takes boy’s cum on her face and swallow it”
“Wao… that times have changed I guess,” Pete said and turned to Stacy and asked “Is it true young lady.. you like sucking cocks? And take cum on your face?”
I stood there in shock.
“Hell Yeah.. You wanna see?” Jake asked his dad
Jake unzipped his trousers and pulled his semi hard dick out.
“Get on your knees and suck on my cock bitch” He commanded Stacy.
Stacy lifted her head a little and looked at his raising cock. She looked at me and said.
“I’m sorry dad” And went on her knees in front of Jake. She pulled her hair back and started to suck his cock.
“See?” Jake said as he shoved his dick in my daughter’s mouth.
“That’s so amazing.. she is a slut.. Isn’t she Eddy?” Pete turned to me and asked.
I was took shocked to say a word.
“She just needs to see a dick and she will grab it and suck it. She suck me and my friends everyday”

Hearing all this commotion, Jake’s two younger brothers came in this room.
“Wooo… What is going on here Jake…?” 15 yr old Teddy asked.
“Well you brother is making sure he gets what he wants” Pete told Teddy
“Cool… I want her panties” 13yr old Timmy said and leapt to back of my daughter who was on all fours. Jake was now on couch sitting and pushing Stacy’s mouth deep down over his massive cock.

So Timmy went behind and lifted my daughter’s skirt and started to pull her panties down.
“Waooo.. Hey Teddy look here.. She is such a beautiful pink pussy…” He started to touch her pussy lips.
“Woo Man, look at her ass” Teddy smacked her ass really hard. Made my daughter moan a little as these kids were playing with her pussy and ass.
“Well kids let me show how it take care of young wet pussy” Pete pulled his pants down and went down on his knees. All the while looking me in the eyes.
Then he spit on his cock and slowly tried to show is massive cock in my daughter’s tight virgin pussy.
It was not going it.
“Oh boy.. Jake you let her be a virgin all these dyas… Expected better of you… Anyways.. Daddy’s here now” he pushed harded. Daughter was making noises of pain but just muffles came out as Jake was choking her mouth with his dick.
“There you go” Pete pushed his dick really hard in the pink tight pussy of Stacy.
She screamed….
But Jaked pushed her back on his dick and laughed. “you go dad”
Pete was now trusting his dick in and out of my teen daughter. The other two sons were ripping my daughters clothes with fun. They were smacking ass and groping her fair, soft, supple, teen, 28D breasts. Mmmm.. I was getting turned on. But I stood there and couldn’t do anything.
“Jake I want her to suck my cock.” Teddy said and pulled his pants down.
“ok Ok.. come here” Jake made way for his younger brother.
In this time Stacy turned back and looked up to me with her slutty eyes, as if saying sorry to be such a slut.
Teddy held her hair and shoved her mouth with his tiny dick.
Pete was still pounding her pussy and Jimmy was under my daughter, suckling on her tits.
After some time Pete lifted her up and placed her on the couch on her back. Tagged Jake in and held her legs apart.
Teddy was no sucking on her tits while little Jimmy was fucking her mouth.
I think it was his first time, as he came in her mouth within a few secs. Everyone laughed.
Pete went on and filled that position.

Suddenly the main door opened and a lady waked in.
“What the hell is going on here?” Jenny, Pete’s wife asked
“hi Honey, meet Eddy, my schoolmate and this is his daughter Stacy”
“Hi Eddy… Nice to meet you.. I see your daughter is taking care of my family very well.” She said to me shaking my hands.
Of she was, She had her legs spread apart in air as Jake was in between them, fucking her teen pussy. Pete was on top of her fucking her mouth and the other two kids were sucking on each of her tits.
“Mommy Teddy is not letting me fuck his Bitch’s pussy…”
“Teddy.. Language… What did I tell you… She is not a Bitch… She is a Slut” Jenny scolded him.
“Jake, comeon share her with your brothers… It’s new to them right?”
“Ok.. Come here Teddy you have a go.” Jake moved aside and held her legs up as Teddy entered between them.
“Do you need momma’s help baby?” Jenny asked Teddy.
“Yes Please”
“Ok…Spit on your cock and on the slut’s pussy. Run your dick on her clit… And then slowly push your dick in her wet cunt” Jenny held his dick and slowly pushed her son’s cock in my daughter’s cunt… I mean pussy.
She pushed his ass from behind.
“Very good.. see. you are getting a hang of it.”

I stood there amazed. What a family.
Teddy came inside her in a min.

The all switched places and Jake went on to fuck her mouth and Jimmy was now inserting his pencil dick in Stacy. Ofcourse, his “Momma” helped. She sucked his dick wet and inserted it in my daughter.

“Honey you seem to be left out… Come let me help you” Jenny was already on her knees so she took her husbands cock and started to suck on it.

“Eddy.. Do you need any help?” Jenny asked

I was too hard to say no. I unzipped my pants which were too tight by now.

They all laughed. Jenny started to stroke my dick as she sucked on her husbands’ cock. They she took my cock in her mouth. MMmm… the lady knew how to handle a cock. She was too good.

Then Jimmy came inside Stacy. Then Jake came down and fucked her hard. And he too came inside her.

Pete came on my daughters face. I was getting close while Pete was giving a facial to Stacy.
Seeing me getting close and Stacy busy with her eyes closed, Jenny pulled my dick and inserted in Stacy’s already dripping cunt.

Oh my good. I couldn’t stop. I just held her tight and stroked her hard and came a shit load inside my own daughter teen, wet, pink pussy.
All started to laugh, including Jake who was making a video of me cumming inside my daughter with her face covered in cum.

I was too tired and placed my hands on her tits. It was soft. She looked at me with shame. I wanted her more.
I stood up got dressed so did, Stacy.

“I hope you have nothing to worry about Jake bullying your daughter st school anymore” Pete said putting his trousers back on.

“I guess… She is now Jake’s responsibility now” I said sheepishly.

I held Stacy’s hand and was about to leave, looking down at the marble floor.

“Hey, Eddy, Leave her here tonight… I think the boys might need her services… also she is yet to please momma bear” Jenny said with one hand on Stacy’s head and one on her tits. Groping them hard.

I let go of Stacy’s hand.

“Come on darling let me give you some of my old lingerie… I’m sure they will fit you well.”

Everyone laughed and I left he house alone.

Hope Jenny takes good care of Stacy…

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