Uncle Nick took me to the drive in. I loved it

Uncle Nick ask me what I wanted to do on Saturday? I was thinking and thinking what I wanted to do. Uncle Nick said we could go to the fair if I wanted to. I loved going on the ferris wheel. I love being up high. I liked it when it would stop us on top cause you can see so far. But, he said he thought it was this weekend and it’s not for two weeks. So, I told him about this movie I wanted to see and he was gonna look it up.

Nick said, “The movie is on, but only at the drive in. I said, ” I’ve never been to the drive in, can we go?”
He said, “Sure, we can go.” He said, “It’ll be dark cause you have to wait til dark to see the movie.”
Then he ask, “Are you sure you can stay awake to watch it, cause it’ll be after your bedtime?” ” I said, “I think so.” So, our plan was to go to the drive in. I was excited about it.

I ask Nick, “What should I wear?” He said, “You can wear one of your night gowns that way you’ll be ready for bed when the movie’s over.” I couldn’t wait for it to get dark.

Mom got ready for work, it was her Saturday to work. We had supper and Nick told her we were going to the drive in later. I heard her tell him, “She’ll probably fall asleep before the movie’s over.” He said, “Yeah, I thought she might, but she thinks she can stay awake.”

Uncle Nick made us a big bag of popcorn and he packed a cooler of ice for me a pop and him some beer. He even put in a candy bar. He said the sugar and chocolate might keep me awake. It was sounding like so much fun.

We finally got there, parked and the movie was getting ready to start. I had trouble seeing out the window so Nick told me to take off my panties and get on his lap then I would be able to see. He scooted the seat back a little and Nick took his dick out through his zipper. I was sitting on Nick and the movie finally came on.

Nick was drinking his beer and he said, “You know, we should have thought about this before.” “It’s nice, isn’t it?” “I said, “Yeah, I love it.” Uncle Nick reached under my gown, spread my legs apart and started playing with my pussy, rubbing it, putting his fingers in it, making me feel good and tingly. He was rubbing my titties too, even though their tiny, he still likes them. He likes to suck on them at home.

I’m eating popcorn, watching the movie when uncle Nick lifts up my butt and starts putting his dick in my pussy. A couple of pushes and it goes in. Nick says, “Ooh that feels good.” He lets it set in there for a minute then he starts pumping up and down a little real slow. It was just sliding in and out, in and out and I was really liking it. I would hold onto the steering wheel and raise up a little and he would fuck me and that really felt good.

Nick would get really hard then he would rest, leaving his dick in me because he said he didn’t want to cum, he wanted this to last. He drank another beer and I would watch the movie and eat popcorn. A little bit later he would start start fucking me, up and down, real slow. He would reach around with both hands on to my knees, spread my legs apart and with his hands on my inner thighs slid them up to my pussy. I liked that. Uncle Nick always made me feel good when he touched me.

He slid his hands under my gown put them on my butt and lifted me up and down on his dick. It would get so hard in my pussy. When he slid me down he would push his dick deep inside me. Sometimes I would pee on him. He doesn’t call it pee, he said it’s called cum when a girl does it.

It was really dark outside. I had never been out this late in the dark like this. I thought it was eerie, but I liked it. Nick started fucking me again and he stuck his finger in my butt. He liked to do that. He would slide it in and out when I would hold the wheel and raise up and he could fuck me harder and faster. It started feeling good after he did it a while.

Nick said, “I like the drive in better than the walk in, how about you?” I said, “Me too.” Nick said, “This is good because you mom will probably be home right after we get home, so we won’t be able to love on each other.” I said, “Yeah, that’s true.” Nick said if mom found out she would probably move out and I don’t want that, so I never say anything to mom. I love living with my Uncle Nick.

He starts fucking me again and he’s going faster and I think he’s gonna cum, then he said, “I want you lick and suck on my dick a little.” I said, “I can’t see the movie if I do that.” He said, “Just a couple of minutes, please?” So, I climbed off his dick and got down on my hands and knees and he put his dick up to my lips. I started off by licking the head and it jerked. Then, I put my mouth on it. I can get most of the head in my little mouth. I had to lick my lips again so they would stretch as I tried to get all the head in, but I couldn’t. I feel some cum on the top of his dick when I put my tongue on it.

Nick is moaning telling me how good that feels to him. I like to make him feel good. I try opening my mouth and going up and down on the head while I rub my tongue around it. I feel a little more cum come out. He tries to push it deeper in my mouth but it won’t go. I feel bad because even though I’m 11, I’m so tiny and petite I can’t get his dick in my mouth. So he said, “Thank you, baby, you’re getting bigger and it’ll go all the way in soon.” He said, “Hop back up her on my lap. “And, I did.”

He puts his dick back in my pussy. It slid right in this time, then he started fucking me again. It starts getting hard and Nick is smacking my pussy. That feels good when he smacks my pussy. I cum a little. The movie is almost over so Nick tells me to lean up. I grabbed the wheel, pull my self up a bit so he starts fucking me fast and hard. I can tell he’s getting ready to cum in my pussy. He’s holding me by my waist, pulling me down on his dick and then he shoots stream after stream of cum in my pussy. It felt so good. The cum starts running out of me so Nick grabbed a towel he had in the car and wiped me off.

The movie’s over and we had to go home. I got so sleepy on the way I leaned over and fell asleep.
I woke up the next morning in my bed. I don’t remember even getting in the house. I’m guessing Nick carried me. Later in the day when I saw Nick I told him I wanted to go to the drive in all the time. He said, “So do I Sugar, so do I.”

I told mom how great the drive in was, how Nick made popcorn, drinks and candy for us. She said she was glad we bad a good time.

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