Mom gets pregnant 6


“Jesus, Mom, can’t we do it behind some bushes or somethin’?” Michael asked, rubbing his mother’s crotch through the thin material of her shorts. The boy stood real close to her, letting his hard, young cock press against her thigh through his pants.

“No, Michael,” said Laura emphatically, removing her son’s hand from her pussy-mound. “It’s… It’s just out of the question. The twins might catch us in the act, darling. I’m afraid fucking is out of the question while we’re out camping.” “But Mom, Josh and Joey are out by Harper’s Pond, fishing. They won’t catch us. Shit, it takes half an hour just to walk out there.”

“Yeah, Mom. Can’t we just do it real quick? Just a quick fuck, huh, Mom?” Jimmy pleaded, his young prick stiff as a board in his khaki shorts. “We could do it right here, Mom. Nobody will see us! Please, Mom? I’m awful horny. Michael is too. See, we’ve both got hard- ons!”

“My, yes! Ooooh, you are hard, Jimmy. And Michael’s cock seems ready to punch a hole right through his jeans,” said Laura giving her sons’ cocks a quick feel. When she felt how rigid and eager the two boys were, she almost gave in. But common sense got the better of her, and Laura pushed them away. “I sympathize with you,”, she said. “But there’s a good chance that Josh and Joey might get back early from their little fishing trip. It just wouldn’t do to have two such young boys exposed to the sort of adult fun that we’ve been having together.”

She patted her boys’ cock-bulges, turning her back on them.

“But what are we gonna do, Mom?”

“I guess you’ll just have to wait until we get back home Monday, boys. By that time, you’ll be so horny that we can fuck all night, and you’ll be so full of cum that you’ll get me pregnant for sure.”

“In the meantime, I think you’d better go and chop some firewood. It’s going to start getting dark in a couple of hours… It’s so nice to be out in the fresh air, isn’t it, boys? I think we should do this more often. ”

“Yeah, Mom, but let’s not take Josh and Joey along next time,” Jimmy said, walking stiff legged to get the hatchet.

Laura hadn’t been camping in a long time, and had almost forgotten how pleasant an experience it could She decided to take a walk down the long winding path that led to the old fishing hole the boys called Harper’s Pond. As she strolled through the overhanging trees along the narrow path, she thought that the boys had had a pretty good idea for the afternoon after all. She was feeling the warming in her pussy that would soon become an inferno.

As she walked deeper and deeper into the woods, she began to wish that she had stayed behind and let her two hard-cocked sons fuck the piss out of her. Laura was still thinking about all the fun she had missed out on back at the campsite, and she was about to turn back when she found herself in a clearing. Up ahead was a crystal-clear pond lined with trees. She could see two fishing poles leaning up against a rock, but the twins were nowhere to be seen.

Laura pushed through the bushes and saw what looked from a distance like two piles of clothes. She walked over to the piles and, recognized them as Josh and Joey’s clothes. When she heard splashing and laughter at, the far side of the pond, she realized that she had caught the twins in the act of skinny-dipping. Laurie didn’t see anything wrong with having an afternoon swim in the buff.

In fact, the way she was feeling in the refreshing summer breeze, she might have stripped off her clothes and done the same. But since the pond was already occupied by the twins, all she could do was stand by and wish she could feel the cool water rushing over her naked tits and ass. She had to shake her head and tell herself that it was out of the question.

After all, she wasn’t a child anymore. Laura almost turned away and walked back to the campsite, letting the boys have their fun. But then she heard something that stopped her in her tracks. She couldn’t tell for sure which of the twins was talking, but she could hear what they were talking about.

“Hey, I got a hard-on!” She heard one of the young boys shouts.

“Yeah, me too, man! I must be thinking about girls too much.”

“I always get a hard-on when I go swimmin’ bare-assed,” the other boy said.

Laura’s pussy, which had started warming up back at the campsite when the boys had presented her with their stiff pricks, was now starting to tingle with nasty excitement. She knew that she should walk right on down the path and leave the twins alone, but something just wouldn’t let her. All the talk about hard-ons was just too stimulating to resist. And besides, the twins were cute boys, and Laura had developed a passion lately for cute, virile young boys.

The twins were fifteen, almost sixteen. More than old enough to fuck. Laura tiptoed up to some dense bushes and hid behind them, parting the bushes just enough to see and not be seen. She felt the leaves tickling her legs. She wished she hadn’t worn shorts at first, but the more her pussy tingled the more she came to enjoy the feel of the leaves tickling her bare legs. She felt funny about hiding in the bushes and watching her sons. There was something wicked about it, something that made her light-headed and very, very hot.

“I felt Chrissy Becker’s tits yesterday after school, Josh,” she heard Joey brag.

“You did not! She wouldn’t let you do that,” Josh said.

Both boys were half out of the water and holding onto a rock to get some air and rest a minute.

“Well… She didn’t exactly let me. I kinda grabbed her tits. I got up behind her and squeezed ’em. They really felt good, too!” Joey said.

“You’re gonna get in trouble for that stuff, Joey. She’s gonna tell her mother, and her mother’s gonna yell at me! That’s what always happens. I sure wish we didn’t look exactly alike. You get me into all kinds of trouble.”

“But if we didn’t look alike, we couldn’t play tricks on everybody. You know, sometimes I wonder if Mom even knows which of us is which.”

“That’s why you got circumcised, and I didn’t…just so Mom could tell us apart.”

“Really?”, Said Joey with a big grin. “Does that mean I gotta show Mom my cock every time you pull a prank and I get blamed?”

“You wish!” Teased Joah. “Come on, race you to the other side!”

The boys suddenly dived back in and swam the length of the pond. When they finally climbed out onto the rocks, they were closer to Laura. She watched their naked bodies emerge from the shimmering water. Their smooth bodies glistened with the water that cascaded over them. Both boys were tanned and healthy as any two lads Laura had seen.

The boys had their backs to her at first. She could see their lean young ass-cheeks flexing as they moved on the rocks. Then Josh walked over even closer to her and picked up his T-shirt. It was then that Laura got her first view of the kid’s erect cock. The stiff thing bobbed up and down in front of the boy as he walked toward her. His cock was as big as either of his older brother’s cock.

Laura was afraid she might be seen by the boy, but she couldn’t bring herself to tear her eyes away from his stiff prick and balls. The head of the boy’s prick was shiny and swollen. She was close enough to the kid to see the beads of water clinging to his cock-shaft. In fact, she could have reached out and grabbed her son’s prick, and she almost did just that. When Josh turned and walked back to where his brother was sitting on the rocks, Laura put her hand between her legs and patted herself on the pussy.

“Control yourself, Laura, control yourself. You already have two horny young sons back at the campsite. Do you really need two more?” She asked herself.

When Joey stood up and took his T-shirt from Josh and started drying his hair with it, Laura knew that the answer to her question was a resounding yes!

Joey’s cock was as hard as his brother’s. The long stiff fucker was pressing up right against his lean young stomach, catching the rays of the late-afternoon sun. Both boys had their hands over their heads and were rubbing their hair. Both were facing her now. The hard rubbing they were giving their wet hair made their young cocks and balls shake impressively. Laura felt as if the two naked kids were putting on a show for her, a show calculated to make her hot beyond belief.

“I don’t guess this hard-on’s gonna go down by itself, Joey,” Josh said, reaching down and rubbing his T-shirt over his groin area.

“Mine, neither,” Josh said, tossing his T-shirt on the rock.

“We can’t walk around in front of Mom with hard dicks all night,” Joey said, drying his cock and balls.

“You think she’d notice?”

“I don’t know,” Joey replied.

“You know, I get hard around the house a lot of times and Mom never seems to notice. Anyway, I don’t think she does. If she does, she never says anything.”

“I think I’m gonna just jack off and get rid of my hard-on before I go back,” Josh said, sitting on his T- shirt and wrapping his fingers around his aching hard- on.

“Yeah, I guess that’s the best thing to do. I’m so fucking horny I can’t stand it much more!” His brother said, sitting cross-legged on the rock.

“Mom’s been dressing different or somethin’ lately. It’s the way she walks, too. And… She… Well… She…”

“I know what you mean, Josh. She’s… Sexy. She’s gettin’ real sexy.”

“Did you see those shorts she’s wearing today? I never knew she wore shorts. She always wore those long dresses before. I never knew she had legs like that. They’re beautiful, man! They’re soft looking and… Well… Sometimes I wanna reach out and put my hands on ’em. I sat next to her all the way out here in the car, and I wanted to feel those legs. Jesus Christ, I’m horny! I think it’s Mom that’s making me feel like this!”

“I know what you mean, Josh. And how about her tits? She’s been wearing clothes that show off her tits and dresses that kinda cling to her body and stuff. I’ll bet she’s got great tits! Damn! I’m gonna think about her naked while I beat off!” Joey was jacking his aching prick faster and faster while he spoke.

“It’s kinda dirty to think about your own mother when you beat off, isn’t it, Joey?” Josh asked his twin brother, his own fist flying up and down his stiff cock.

“I don’t give a shit if it is dirty, Josh. Whatever gets you off. Besides, Mom’s the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen. Can you just imagine what she looks like naked? Fuckin’ shit! She must be somethin’ else!”

That was the last straw. The twins weren’t going to talk about Laura that way while she crouched in the bushes diddling her cunt through her shorts. She was going to show the boys how she really looked naked. She saw no need for the twins to overwork their lusty imaginations when the real thing was close by. Laura slipped out of her blouse and unfastened her bra, letting it fall into the bushes.

She wriggled out of her shorts and her panties and stood as naked as the day she was born. When she walked out of the bushes into the golden rays of the sun, she looked like a vision in a young man’s dream of lust. When she called out to the boys and they saw her moving slowly toward them, their mouths dropped open and they jumped to their feet. Both boys were bewildered when their mother walked to within touching distance of them, wearing nothing but a sexy smile.

“You two seem surprised to see me,” she said.

Neither boy could say a word, although Joey did manage to utter an unintelligible guttural sound.

“Cat got your tongues, boys?”

There was still not a word from either boy, although their glittering eyes did rove over her naked tits.

“I thought I heard me mentioned, boys. You must remember that children’s story I used to read to you when you were too little to read for yourselves. It was about the boy who created an image in his imagination that was so real that it came to life. It was a horse he was dreaming about, and he rode off into the sunset on it. Well, darlings, perhaps the same thing applies to people. Perhaps I’ve come from your imagination. I’m not a horse, but judging by the things I heard you saying about me, I think you might want to ride me.”

“Gggg… Gosh, Mom! Are… Are you real?” Joey asked in a shaky voice, reaching out and touching her naked tits.

“Yes, honey,” she giggled. “I’m real, and I’m here for you. Would you like to touch me too, Josh?”

Josh reached out and ran his shaky hand over the silky curve of her naked tit. He cupped his hand under her tit and lifted it gently, looking into her eyes the whole while as if searching for her approval. To show the boy that she approved of his boldness, she ran her warm hand down the side of his naked body, stopping at his waist. Her hand soon moved from his waist to his big hard cock. When she reached out and touched his aching prick, the kid gasped.

Joey’s hands were soon on her tits, too, roving all over them and soaking up the warmth of her silky skin. He let his hand brush against the hard point of her tingling nipple, touching first one tit-peak and then the other. To show her boy that she liked what he had done to her, she reached down and grabbed his prick, squeezing it tightly. She was holding a cock in each hand now, squeezing and gently massaging each boy’s jerking prick while both naked twins fondled her freely offered tits.

“You have such nice big cocks for your ages, boys. What a waste to jerk them off all by yourselves. You could be sharing those lovely hard cocks with me, darlings.”

She smiled, looking into the boys’ eyes and bringing them under her seductive spell.

“Mom, we don’t get it. How come you’re doing this? We’re just kids… Aren’t we?” Josh rasped.

“I used to think so, boys. But now I have my doubts.” She laughed, squeezing their hard-ons for emphasis.

“But, gosh… We’re related. I mean… Wow! Guys don’t do stuff like this with their mothers,” Joey said.

“Isn’t it nasty, boys? Doesn’t it make you feel all tingly and excited? Doesn’t it make you feel like you’re breaking a taboo? And isn’t it great fun?”

Her cunt was melting with her depraved lust for her two youngest sons.

“It… It sure does feel good, Mom!” Josh said, moving closer to her warm inviting body.

“Yeah, Mom! Nobody’s ever touched me like that before! And I never have touched a woman’s tits. Gosh, they feel nice,” Joey said in a throaty voice.

“Then you don’t want me to just disappear into the bushes and go back to being plain Mom?” She asked.

“Oh, shit no! I mean… Uh… Please don’t do that, Mom. We… We like you better this way. Don’t we, Josh?”

“I’ll say! We were just talking about how much more beautiful you are now than you used to be. You’re even more beautiful…”

“Naked? Is that the way you like me best?” Laurie let go of the boys’ hard pricks and sat on the T-shirts they had been drying their hair on. She could feel the warmth of the rocks soaking through the T-shirts and warming her naked ass. She leaned back on her elbows and thrust out her bare tits. Her skin caught the slanting rays of the late afternoon sun and glowed with a radiance that drove the boys wild with excitement.

“Do you like my tits, boys? Would you like to suck my nipples?” She asked in a voice that dripped with honey.

“I sure would, Mom!” Josh said, his cock throbbing and jerking between his legs.

“Come to me, boys. Fasten your lips around the tips of my nipples and suck like two baby boys,” she suggested, running her hands over her exposed tits.

The boys fell on her in a flash, each twin popping one of her hard little nipples into his mouth and sucking wildly. Their hands ran over her reclining body, stroking her silky thighs. Neither boy would dare touch her pussy, however, feeling somehow that they would need permission to touch her there. The boys’ dripping cocks rubbed against her thighs as the they held themselves over her body and sucked at her golden tits.

Laurie loved the things the eager boys did to her stiff nipples. She felt tingles all over her lusty body as they nibbled and sucked at the peaks of her tits. She heard wet popping sounds as her nipples pulled from their eager lips and then slipped back into their mouths for more hot sucking.

“If you darlings like my tits, I’m sure you’ll like my cunt even more. Would you like to look at mommy’s cunt closely, boys? Would you like to watch me spread my legs so that you can have a nice long look at it?”

Both boys got on their knees between her legs and looked and probed at their mother’s totally exposed pussy. Laura spread her cunt lips wide and allowed the boys to examine her pussy.

“Put your finger in my cunt and feel how hot it is?” She asked, working the muscles of her cunt. She knew that the boys could see her inner cunt-channel open and contract.

“God yes, Mom! I wanna touch you, too!” Josh rasped.

“I… I never even saw a woman’s pussy before.