Moonlight beach 89′

My friend and I had come back from a long trip hitch hiking jumped in the water then parted ways Randy my neighbor was again in charge while my father was going to prison again and I was only half the age of an adult.

Randy a college student massage therapy convinced my father he needed a nude study subject ( me ) must do as told and allow any and all perverted activity and people came and went and Randy’s room mate an older man cocaine dealer named Sonny was over once again Randy left him to take care of whatever while he was pulling some con on whoever meanwhile Sonny an older guy 6’1 came in we smoked some rock “I’m going in the hot tub and your going to and I’m going to play with you again” we both got in his cock was more than semi-hard I played with Sonny cock going under water and sucking his cock the phone was ringing he went to answer 5 minutes later 2 mature men got in began asking me things sexual I played with their cocks then gave one head and went to the apt a sugar cube with 2 drops of windowpain LSD and a couple lines of crank a large container of crisco I covered myself in the stuff on eof the mature men had just began to fuck me when Sonny Randy’s roommate came over put a pile of coke down while he tried crank for the first time they were all surprised when I started sucking his cock then they all banged me for 2 hours Randy tried some crank but this was blue glass and Randy did some lines and I sucked his cock his friend some big redneck man he was a trucker he used the phone after a while a very large black man came over got me to suck his dick he forced his dick in me while they encouraged him he had done time for rape and he said “they like me to rape you he forced my face down covered my mouth and began to go hard and deep he had 9″ and began to fuck me very hard they began to compete who can fuck me the hardest then the redneck he 8” thick they bust cumdown my throat and kept fucking then said “get your shorts on your coming with us your father owes us money your going to be fucked by huge donkey cocks the mature men said “here is his pack and shorts and something to drink have a beer for the road” I thought they were to high to know what they were doing I was manhandled forced to go with them only a block towards a semi-truck but had to go down the stairs to the beach as a cop car came seeing us go down the stairs they finished their beers chucking the bottles the searchlight swept across the beach seeing I was being abducted called back-up I grabbed my pack and took off down the beach they came after me its pitch dark if I could reach the trail or should I keep going? The black guy I could hear him I cut a turn towards the water ran around a large rock recessed he ate shit and went down I didn’t see the redneck until I passed the trail into a cove peeked back flashlights all over the beach his heads up they cuffed him found the black guy laying on the beach injured bad cuffed they could tell from the footprints I was young and I had long blond hair and began asking questions I stayed gone the local paper and tv news was trying to put it together young girl outruns black guy 6’1? Its a boy local professor pictures taken showed sudden change twice both towards the water that would make the blond visible than cut around the drain area with a nasty surprise smart Local longhair boy needs to be found who is he they began to ask questions but got very little help school was out but that wouldn’t keep them from going to the apt 2 nights later I joined to the apt. Told the cops are around they will be coming tell them he’s gone to relatives out of state Iowa or something I had to split I put the drink in the refrigerator and tapped on the mature men’s place they were glad to see me told me they lost the tracks how did I away from the police dogs? Where did you go gas station an rv was finishing getting gas I climbed the ladder waited for the dip he grinded and covered any sound I made laying in the luggage area and drove to Cardiff I stayed there left early the next morning with my hoody happened to see the same RV did the same thing this time halfway there he pulled over and climbed up the ladder “come down here why are you doing this I told him my dads in jail no mom and I’m the kid that escaped the kidnappers” ha told me the black guy serial rapist violated parole the trucker is out on bail he is suspected of abducting some other girls and boys for sex “did they fuck you?” “Yes they both had big cocks” “well if you want this to stay between you and me your going to let me fuck you now!!!” “How old are you” “9” “oh yummy” he enjoyed fucking me pumping cum in me 3 times took me to some friends of his who were Latin took me to oceanside a large excon and 2 of his friends fucked me took me down to Logan heights and forced me to smoke angle dust then took home movie camera and filmed as I was trying to get out of Chicano park only to have several men grope then fuck me then a big black can collector pulled out a giant cock and fuck me I went into some small store owned by men from India “fuck me mister that’s a nice cock” he had uncut cock I sucked then began fucking me the people who ran the store said he went out the back gave up trying to find me as the 5th man fucked me they took me to some shelter my shorts were torn in the I pulled my junk backwards but soon my cock was hanging out as I walked along the railroad tracks illegal Mexicans gangraped me 3 times mission hills I went into a church with my cock hanging out they had pools of some kind as I was told to wait in a thin sheet soaking wet I was oiled there were bed post the priest watched as I played with a golf ball attached on the fat end of a pool que he watched me ram it up my own ass “please fuck me” he pulled out his cock and punched it in hard “oh fuck that’s the best I ever fucked me again” after hiding me in his room I sucked his dick he rubbed my ass realized I was a boy and was turned on another priest came and fucked me then 2 more the soon take me in a van with other boys to swinger parties couples but soon the husband was the only person and his friends would go in on the $250 for 2 hours and as many as 6 men would fuck me I was being looked for as I went north trying to find my uncle I was in LA every ride was a pervert who wanted butt sex and I was remembering 2 days after my 5th birthday my uncle 6’2, 290lbs began making me sliding his lubed cock between my butt cheeks the 3rd time he just forced his dick up my bum with no mercy like I was some chick from nearby college he kept doing this as many as 6 times per month for 14 months I said nothing the only other member left I had to go north to ventura no calls I have to talk to the owner of the biker bar to relay a message ad wait.

( NOTE: this is in no way encourages activities of any kind. If you like don’t read it )