My 1st sex

Now I am telling you my sex story , that time my age was 19 , I went to a party with my father.There I met a aunt who wore black saari and black lipstick. She looked very hot and horny.her body measurements was ( 33,30,36 ) her buttocks made my penis erect. Later I saw their cleavage as they leaned forward in front of me.when they looked up she saw bulge in my pant. Then she stared at my penis. As a result my penis became more erect, and hard. Now my penis was completely visible from the outside. Somehow I controlled my self and went to the dinnig hall. Even there she left her husband alone, she approached me and said that, this party is boaring no fun at all, all of sudden she said wait a min and she deliberately poured orange juice on my shirt not wanting anyone, and she dragged me to the washroom to clean it , saying sorry herself, walked. Her height was higher because she wore high heels. She took me the rest room behind the main hall without taking me to the washroom.
If I took my head then she was inserting it back into her pussy. Then she lifted me up and started sucking my lips. I was putting my fingers in her pussy . Then I took off her saari , her blowse and bra and her nipples were choaked. She started to have lot of fun. Then we both went inside that room. When I went inside she grabbed my tshirt and pushed me on the bed. Then she came on my body and started kissing me then she slowly started moving dwon , on the way she kissed my neck 1st then my nipples started licking. Then licking my navel she comes close to my dick . And she touched her tounge on the top of my dick and started licking the same part. I was having a lot of fun . Then she took my full dick in her mouth and start sucking hard , saliva was coming out of her mouth and she was still sucking my dick. Then we came in 69 position. She was sucking my dick and I sucked her pussy. I was fingering in her ass, both her ass and pussy were very tight.
Then she came and sat on my face and I started licking her ass , she was doing very aaaaahhhhh aaauuuch mmmmmm more more baby , suck it suck it mmmmmmmaaaahhh then she lay dwon on the bed and start licking my dick. Then I pulled her to me and spilt on dick I started push my dick slowly slowly in her tight pussy , she started screaming loudly , aaaaaaaa aahhhh yesss yesss fuck me u fucker , yessss yessss then I increase the speed and start giving loud shots. The bed began to shake violently and her boobs moving loudly. Then I picked her up and led her to the wall and put her one leg and started shooting her in speed. Then I bent her dwon facing the wall and put dick in her ass. She started screaming very loudly., I combed her shorts in her mouth. I started giving her fast shots. I started slapping her buttocks with my hand. But she was doing yesss yess more more . Then I slept on the bed and she came and sat on my dick and started to do loud up and down.
I started pressing her boobs. She started kissing me. I started licking her boobs. And all of a sudden she started yess yess yess and she squirt. Then she got dwon from my dick. I went her closer and started fingering her pussy hard. Within 1 min she squirted loudly , for the second time .she started to say once more after a while and fingering she squirt back. Then I stood up and she sat on bed and started moving my dick hard , started sucking and After 2 min I ejaculated my semen in her mouth . My dick started to swell.
After 15 min rest, we got dressed again and join the programme side by side . We were having sex for 45 min.and that day I loose my virginity.
Let me know in the comments how you feel about my story, and share your life experience with me.