42. Third Person in Our Family

After selling my flat I took a small ship on a 6 month rental contract and a boat attached with it to detach with the whole world for 6 months. I kept the ship far away from the local public. I decided to hide my wife Antara from everyone. I went through my boat from the ship to the local area to buy our monthly foods, drinking water, diesel etc. And returned back again with the boat. I went to my coffee shop weekly. In this way time ran. This time I booked a land area and gave it to a contractor to build a ground floor home with an underground place with a boundary wall.

Nobody disturbed us while having sex with my wife on the ship. We did it in the open sky on the backside deck area. I used to fuck her for 15 minutes in various position but she wanted more. I tried to fulfill her every wish but I was not able to fuck her more than 15 minutes. The last 3 gangbangs increased her sex desire more than earlier. All the time she was looking like drank and wanted only sex. I was in a dilemma.

I did not permit any male to fuck my wife in front of me and she did not like any female watching her fucking by me. We decided to keep a transgender for that. She would work as per my wife and me. I also had no hesitant to fuck my wife by a transgender.

I called Diya to arrange a transgender for my wife. I was ready to pay her as per her wish. But I had only one condition that she had to stay with us for lifetime. At first Diya was ready for us but I requested her to show a girl looking transgender. Within 10 days Diya showed me 5 photos on her mobile. I wanted to face all of them. I already told Diya that she had to sex with Antara.

I had to choose only one from them and find that. Her name was LIPI, a 21 year old transgender. What type of I wanted, she was perfectly matching with that. Very good looking and medium size boobs. I liked her girl typeface and her way of talking. Before signing on the agreement I examined her blood report and the rest of all medical reports. Then I signed with her on the agreement and gave money to Diya. Then I came back to my ship with Lipi. On the way Lipi got scared due to water as I drove my boat into the deep sea water. She hugged me once.

Lipi was so pleased after arriving on the ship. Antara was in her room. I knocked on her door. She opened it and smiled to see Lipi. Lipi also was looking at her. I told both of them to come on the deck.

We all three sat on the deck and enjoyed the natural beauty. After some common conversation, I ordered Lipi to make coffee. Lipi went inside the kitchen to make coffee for all.

Then I started doing my job. I kissed Antara’s lips and removed her dress. Antara was all-time ready for sex. She also removed my shirts and pants. We went towards the shadow near a shelter to avoid direct sunlight. We laid down on the bed there. After some time we made each other totally naked.

I started licking her vagina and fondled her boobs. Then I inserted my dick inside her vagina and slowly enjoying her fucking. After some time I saw Lipi was coming to us. I moved Antara’s face to the other side.

Lipi was so ashamed to see us. Her hands were vibrating with coffee cups while watching us in this condition. I told her not to be ashamed of us, it would be normalized within some days. Antara was also kissing my lips in front of Lipi. I told her to distribute the coffee among us. Lipi did it as per my order.

We both took the coffee in the same fucking position while Lipi was watching us with coffee. After coffee Antara told Lipi to kiss her lips. Lipi started kissing her and accidentally moved her hand on Antara’s breasts. Lipi said she was sorry but Antara held her hand on her own breasts. She pulled her face on her nipple. Lipi started sucking her nipple. I was getting aroused by seeing them. Then I cummed outside of her vagina.

Antara said to Lipi ‘Now it’s your turn to fuck my hole. He has done his job.’ Lipi then started sucking her vagina in front of me. Antara was feeling so pleased with her sucking. Lipi was sucking her vagina for more than 10 minutes and then she was fingering her vagina. Antara was at its climax. Suddenly Antara wanted to look at her penis.

Lipi was not ready for that but Antara unzipped her pants down and moved her shirt a little. It was huge even in the normal. Until then it was not erected. It was bigger than my erect dick. We assumed her size was getting bigger at the time of her arousal. Antara removed her shirts. Lipi was totally naked in front of us. She also had very good medium sized boobs. I fondled her boobs. It was not as soft as my wife but fleshy.

However I started sucking Lipi’s boobs along with Antara. Lipi was in the middle of us. I also played with Antara’s boobs. But Antara was trying to erect her penis with her hand. After sucking Lipi’s nipple Antara turned on her penis. She touched her small testis and her fleshy penis. My dick was not erected as some time ago I cummed. I removed myself from Lipi to watch both of them. They started conversation:

Antara : Did you fuck any girl or woman?

Lipi : No. I never fucked any lady.

Antara : Do you want to fuck me now?

Lipi : If you like me to do this then yes, I want to fuck you.

Antara : Did you see vagina in your life?

Lipi : Yes, I saw some vaginas in our red light area when any man tried to fuck them. But from the very near you are the first woman whose vagina I see.

Antara : How do you feel seeing my vagina?

Lipi : It is very beautiful as a shaven and shiny smoothie. I want to suck it all the time. I am so lucky to have you.

Antara started sucking her penis. Then she also started massaging it with oil. After a long time it became erect. It was doubled compared to my erect dick. I held her dick in the right position as Antara was ready to sit on her dick. Her entire dick was disappeared in her vagina. But Lipi felt pain due to Antara’s weight.

Antara laid down there and I directed her penis inside her vagina with my hand. Lipi started fucking her in the missionary position. But she was able to fuck her only 2 minutes. Lipi cummed inside her vagina.

It was her first fucking of my wife. Then we went into the room and cleaned. Lipi started her work. She cooked for us, cleaned some places on our ship and on the rest time she was looking at the beautiful sea water surrounding us.

I told Antara that Lipi would fuck her only on the Sunday whole the time. I also informed Lipi of that issue. Lipi had no problem with that. But Lipi got very pleased when she caught us fucking positions. Within 5 days Lipi caught us more than 10 times. We were familiar with her with our fucking session.

Next Sunday I went to the market for our weekly foods and water and some materials. I was shocked when I returned back to my ship. I saw Lipi was fucking Antara fast in my bed. They both were loudened and enjoyed it. I went to the top of the ship from where I could see them. From there I removed a cover to see them. I saw Lipi kept her mouth on Antara’s lips and kissed on her throat and her boobs and also fucking her very hard. Lipi asked her ‘You will forget your husband if I will fuck you daily. What do you want? I want to fuck you on the daily basis. Arrange it fast.’

Lipi was fucking Antara so fast as Antara was up and down on the bed mattress. Lipi was grabbing her both boobs so tightly and bit on her nipples. She also grabbed her lower abdomen and fingered in her navel.

Then Lipi ordered Antara to change her direction in the doggy style. Then Lipi was fucking her anal hole. Antara started shouting very loud but Lipi was pumping her dick in her anal within a second. She also fucked her anal very fast. Lipi handed over her waist and bums. She tightly held her hair and kissed her neck. But then Lipi removed her dick from her anal and put it inside her vagina. She stood up with her and upheld her body with her both hands and starting fucking her on the standing position while Antara was hugging her for the support.

Lipi came near the wall and pushed her against the wall. She also kissed her lips. Lipi tried to get something like milk from her nipples as she pressed her both boobs so tightly. She fucked her for more than 20 minutes. How is it possible?

I saw after fucking Lipi caught her hair and tried to go outside with her. I came down to the deck and waited for them. I hid myself in a corner and watched them as Lipi came in the deck area with Antara. They both were naked. In the same position like the first day Lipi started fucking her in the same place. She was fucking her in there for more10 minutes. Then Lipi ejaculated in her. Lipi fell on her body. Her face was between Antara’s boobs. But her dick was still inside her vagina but Antara told her continually ‘I love you.’

I came in front of them. Lipi was scared after seeing me. I decided to leave Lipi but Antara supported her. She wanted Lipi for her physical demand. She requested me to fuck by her anytime, any day and in anywhere. I gave her permission but I had to be careful of Lipi. They hugged each other for a long time.

From then Lipi was fucking my wife more than me. Sometimes she even restricted me to fuck Antara. At first Lipi fucked her then me. They were like a couple.

One day I saw Lipi was looking at her peeing in a lying position. Lipi sprayed her both the skin of her vagina and saw inside the pee hole and looked at her peeing. Then Lipi kept her penis in her mouth. I thought she was sucking her penis but I was wrong. Lipi was urinating in her mouth and Antara drank all of her pee. I hated that but I calmed down as Antara was very pleased with Lipi.

However I had to take Lipi’s permission to fuck my wife. In this way 6 months went. In this time my home was constructed on my land with an underground place. It took more than a month to shift there from the ship.

I kept my wife with Lipi in the underground room. All over the wall I designed four huge parallel mirrors. There was a big bed in the middle of the room. However we had sex on the bed. There were 4 memorable sex events that occurred while we had threesomes.

The first was planned by my wife Antara. One day she wanted to examine who fucked her by more time in a one same position. We preferred the missionary position. As usual Lipi started fucking her. She was fucking her more than 25 minutes. I already lost to her.

Then I started fucking Antara in front of Lipi. Lipi was playing with her boobs and belly. She liked it the most. I tried to fuck her as long as possible but I failed as Lipi was looking at me with her sexy eyes and playing with Antara’s boobs. I was not able to control myself and ejaculated within 17 minutes. I lost to her by 8 minutes. It was decided that I would get my next chance to fuck my wife after fucked by Lipi 8 times. What a senseless joke!!!

The second was planned by Lipi. One day Lipi wanted to fuck Antara with me in the same vagina hole. I was lying down on the bed with my erect dick. Antara sat on my dick and then Lipi also inserted her dick in Antara’s vagina. The we both started fucking her. I felt Lipi’s dick with mine. But Lipi was fucking her very strongly as she was standing and he got more benefited as she was kissing her lips and playing with her boobs.

We both fucked my wife for more than 20 minutes. But in this 20 minute 5 times some of us dick slipped out from her vagina. It was such a laughing moment when our dick came out from her vagina. It took some time to place two dicks in her vagina at the same time. One time I fucked my wife in her anal. I removed my dick just after 5 seconds as I did not like anal sex. But after 20 minutes I ejaculated in her vagina. My dick slipped out when it got slippery due to my semen.

After me Lipi was fucking her for 10 minutes more. After her cum Antara wanted more fucking. Then Lipi started masturbations on her vagina. In the meantime, Lipi and I both kept our penis in Antara’s mouth. She started sucking on both of our penis.

The 3rd one occurred when Lipi made some trick on me to fuck my wife. Once Antara was so tired that’s why she needed back massaging. After undressing Lipi poured oil on her back and started massaging on it. She was massaging her when I entered the room. Lipi was smiling at me and pointing at something with her finger. I knew what her smile said. I wanted to fuck Antara. But Lipi wanted to touch my dick.

I undressed myself and lied down beside my wife naked. It seemed Antara was sleeping. Lipi rolled her body up. She started massaging on my dick with her right hand and Antara’s vagina with her left hand at the same time. Antara saw me with sleeping eyes and gave me a flying kiss. She felt Lipi’s work was so nice.

I also put my hand on her boobs and felt her softness. But Lipi gave me a handjob. After 7 minutes I cummed in her hand. Then suddenly Lipi started fucking Antara in front of me and smilingly told me ‘Took a rest as you already cummed. Now it’s my turn to fuck Antara. Just look at us how I fulfilled her thirst.’

Antara was enjoying her fucking. Lipi fucked her for 20 minutes. Then she cummed a little. Lipi told me ‘Whenever I got a chance to fuck her I did it. She even liked it.’ Then she kissed down her lips.

The 4th was during a vacation trip in the hotel room. All three went to a sea beach. In the entry time some of the hotel boys and girls were already watching us with a strange look as Lipi was there between us. However we stayed there for 3 days. On the 2nd day in the night after dinner we need to drink cold drinks to cool down in the hot weather. I ordered them to bring 3 bottles.

But I forgot to lock our main doors and also forgot to think of cold drinks. Before sleeping we both wanted to fuck Antara. Antara was fully naked and Lipi started to suck her vagina whereas I put my dick in Antara’s mouth as Lipi would going to fuck her first. After some times Lipi started fucking her in the missionary position. Antara also was sucking my dick. All of sudden a 30 year old lady came in front of us and looked at us in this condition.

She did not know what to do after seeing us in this way. All of us were naked and got stilled after that. The lady came in front of us and kept those 3 cold drinks bottles in front of us on the table. She was looking at Antara’s vagina in which Lipi’s dick already entered. I just told her not to tell this matter to anyone. I gave her some money.

I ordered her to stand near us as we had to drink too fast. Lipi left Antara and we drank all the bottles naked in front of the lady. At that time the lady was watching all of us. After finishing we kept those bottles on the table and then she left us.

Next morning when we met with that lady again she just smiled at us with some shame. But we ignored her.

However till then Lipi was stayed with us and she fucked my wife more than me. She made my wife happy and healthy. Last month Lipi went to her family for 15 days. I was waiting for her to satisfy my wife Antara. We enjoyed her participating in our fucking sex game.