Hot Times at The Local Hospice

His name was Vincent Mack, but the aides at the Hospice called him “Vinnie Mac.” He was four years old (37, according to the mortals), as he had gained immortality at the age of 33. Vincent had been living at the local Hospice house for two weeks. The 6’2 former defensive tackle for the Calgary Stampedes of the Canadian Football League weighed-in at a mere 75 lbs. when he met Dooley, a twenty-two year old volunteer from across town. Vincent’s body resembled that of a man who had endured medieval torture for several decades. His face and torso were covered in large, protruding tumors and the flesh of his legs flaked off by the minute. The room smelled of filth and animal carcass. The night before, he had diarrhea.

Dooley who was a carer at the hospice walked into Vincent’s room to read him a story, but Vincent had no time for bedtime stories. He was 3/4 of his way into the Final Journey. Dooley was still a mortal, but Vincent had other plans. He commanded Dooley to put away the children’s books and asked him for a listen. “Dooley, you are still but a mortal on an endless and misguided quest, but you may be able to become immortal,” whispered Vincent as he coughed up blood-tinged sputum and pieces of lung and stomach lining. “Dooley, if you let me seed your stinker with my Devil Seed, you will live forever, and so will I.” “Dooley, I want to make you pregnant, and I want to do it now.”

Dooley had always fashioned himself as a cumpig, but he was brand new to the world of toxic breeding. But he could tell that Vinnie Mack was quite wise, very much like Bilbo Baggins. He saw right through the facial and physical deformities that had wrecked havoc on Vincent’s body. He also saw that Dooley’s wart and scab encrusted, flaccid penis was no longer flaccid, but erect. Dooley went to close the door. He then took off his clothes and wiped all the phlegm and blood from Vincent’s face and neck, and he proceeded to lubricate his anal cunt with said bodily fluids.

The second he sat on top of Vincent’s cock, Vincent suddenly came to life. A halo appeared around his head and angels started to blow trumpets of glory. He literally breathed fire as Dooley started sliding up and down on the filthy, diseased cock. Even though Vincent smelled like a dentist’s office, Dooley say beauty and could sense the presence of God. Right before Vincent came, he made Dooley stop for a brief moment to instill wisdom in the young lad.

“Promise me, my son, that you will never take any of the evil medications that the mortals will insist you take. Promise me that you will bear my seed, my fruit, my life, my babies. Promise that you will let this glorious bug run its course and destroy your mortal soul and make you fly through the heavens on the wings of Liverache and Rock Houston.” Dooley promised that he would and then, Vincent blew a massive load of demon seed into Dooley’s mancunt. Dooley got up and started fingering the load deep into his crevice. He then turned around and noticed that Vincent had passed away.

Three months later, Dooley tested positive for the HIV. He felt just like a woman who finds out that she is pregnant, for he looked up to the heavens and knew that he was Vincent’s now, and he felt the presence of Vincent in his manwomb. He then ripped up the prescription that the evil mortal doctors had written for him, and he pledged aloud to do everything within his power to let Vincent’s bug run its course so he too could fly through the cosmos with Liverache, the Rock Houston, and now… Vinnie Mack.