My first grindr hookup

I was 25 at the time on a lonely Friday night in my town laying in bed watching YouTube. Casually scrolling through grindr just seeing what was out there. Most of the chats didn’t lead anywhere mainly just sharing pics and saying what we would do for each other. Then a blank profile with only the “eyes” emoji came on my screen I was curious so I tapped on the profile to see more. 27yr old, 250lbs, 5ft 11in in height. As I was looking on the profile a message popped up on my screen it was the profile I was looking at. My adrenaline shot thru the roof I was excited and curious. The message read “Hey you looking for some fun?” I responded with “maybe. Can I see your d1ck?” Not a few seconds later a picture showed up in the chat. It honestly was a nice d1ck looked to be 7 or 8 inches with decent girth with a nice looking head on it. I immediately imagined myself having his d1ck down my throat which turned me on so I grabbed my d1ck through my shorts just imagining myself sucking it. So we chatted for a few minutes and agreed to meet that night he said he would drive to me and I would suck his d1ck in the backseat of his car. It felt like forever for him to get there but it was probably only 10-15 minutes. He pulls up I open the passenger door and get in and we drive for a few minutes to find a mostly vacant parking lot that was dark. Finally found one and he parked towards the back near a dumpster he turns the car off and we get in the backseat. We sat for a minute or so he grabbed my hand and placed it on his d1ck outside his shorts as we kissed feeling him get hard in my hand realizing it was fully erect he pulled his shorts off. I got on the floorboard grasped the fully erect c0ck in my hand my mouth watering at the size I leaned in and gave the head a soft kiss then licked from the base to the tip as he let out a soft moan. I loved hearing his moans while I licked his shaft then his tip then sucking his balls in my wet mouth. They filled my mouth they were huge then I realized his c0ck was the height of my head which made my 5in d1ck hard and oozing precum. Then the moment came I took him in my mouth his full length gagging on my first attempt my saliva dripping from my lips onto his d1ck. He let out a louder moan which prompted me to try again taking his d1ck in my mouth feeling him touch the back of my throat. His erect c0ck throbbing in my wet mouth as he placed his hand on the back of my head and began to fuck my mouth. I just let him take control giving in and loving every second and every inch. After a minute I took back control and grabbed his d1ck with my hand keeping it in my mouth I must have been doing a good job since I could taste his precum which made me want it even more. Stroking his c0ck as I bobbed my head up and down his shaft. Him letting out loud moans and his heavy breathing. After about 10 minutes of me throating his delicious c0ck he said in a whisper “I’m close. I’m about to cum!” I sucked and sucked faster and faster using tongue playing with his balls. Cupping his massive balls in my hand. Then finally the moment came he forced my head down on his c0ck far as I could take it his warm thick load coating my throat and mouth. I wasn’t expecting a very big load but I was wrong he kept cumming and cumming to the point it was dripping from my mouth. I pulled him out of my mouth taking every bit of his cum I could holding it in my mouth for a second then swallowing his sweet thick load. I sat there for a second to catch my breath then asked how it was or if he liked it and he said. “Damn that was good I needed that!” I smiled touching my small erect penis noticing that I had cum in my shorts I was a bit shocked but it just made me even hornier. We got back in the front talked for a few minutes then agreed to meet up again sometime he drove me back to my place and thanked me for the “fun” and we parted ways.

I know it’s not the best story telling but I still think about this event to this day