My Neighbor’s Son

My neighbors the Johnson’s went to Florida for a vacation and they asked me to keep an eye on thier place.
Mark Johnsin comes over the day before they leave to inform me that thier 18 year old son Jerry
would be staying behind,because of his condition. I almost laughed at Mark but I kept it under wraps.
Jerry didn’t have a condition, he like to crossdress. The only condition he had was a homophobic father. Heck even Jerry’s Mom Jenny was on board with his crossdressing. Hell she even supplied him the clothing since they were both petite little blonds.The only difference between the two of them is Jenny had some mouth watering 38 dd tits. But other than that you would think they were sister’s sitting by the pool in their bikinis. Yeah let’s just say I watch the Johnson girls when when Mark’s at work.๐Ÿ˜‹๐ŸŒŠ
But I can say that Jerry has one thing going for him that Jenny didn’t and that was he had one super fine ass. I can only imagine a guy getting lost up in that little boy pussy of his.
“So you want need me to watch the place for you while your on vacation?” I asked.
He takes out two crisp one hundred dollar bills and slips them in my hand.”I need you to do something else for me.”
“Like what.” I asked, secretly hoping he wanted me to introduce Jenny to my Jamaican dick.
“I’m sort of hoping that maybe you could talk some sense into my son Jerry.”
“What?” I asked sounding confused.
“You know.” And he punches his hand with his fist. ๐Ÿ‘Š Bam! Bam! “You know what I mean? Make him see the error of his ways”
I was fucking stunned. This motherfucker was such a homophobic bastard that he wanted me to beat up Jerry. WTF! But I kept my cool with him,”Mark I’m not an enforcer.”
“But you work for the mob, right? Or some kind gang,right?”
Okay now the asshole was racially profiling me, “No Mark,I’m a bouncer.” I lied, in truth I owned a classy topless bar in the heart of Atlanta called the Top Hat. But he didn’t need to know that. If he did then everyone in the neighborhood would know it, and I didn’t need that kinda shit.
“Your telling me that a bouncer can affor a five hundred thousand dollar home. Come on Chad.Your full of shit!” He laughs.
I wanted to grab him by his skinny little neck and slam him against the wall,but I didn’t. “I’ll tell you what,Mark I’ll speak to him.”
He clapped me on the shoulder,”Good man. Just don’t ruff him up too bad, okay,it might upset his mother.” He laughs and I fake a smile.
“Is she in on this.” I asked.
“Goodness no! If she knew I was planning something like this, She’d devource me.” He chuckled. So like I said hurt his pretty face,if you can help it.”
“No promises.”
He stopped laughing.
Then I winked at him,and shoved him playfully and he stumbled backwards and falls hard on his ass.”Oh shit! I’m sorry Mark.” I reached down and offered him my hand. He took it and I jerked him back to his feet.
“Wow you really should be a bouncer.” With that he laughed and left.
That was two fast ago, now I’m standing here knocking on the Johnsons front door to do exactly what I told Mark I would do. “Talk to Jerry.”
Jerry answered the door,”Hi Mr.Walters?” He looked a little embarrassed and nervous because he was in a bikini.I noticed how he spoke in a feminine voice and it sounded spot on.
He was probably intimidated by my size too. Most people are and I don’t mean for it to happen.I stand six foot four inches and at the moment I’m dressed in a crisp white tank top that shows off my muscular biceps and triceps.And I’m also wearing red basketball shorts that show off my powerful leg muscles.
“Can I help you?” Jerry asked looking up at me with a set of the deepest blue eyes I’ve ever seen on a guy. Gosh. I actually forgot what I was about to say. And I became nervous.
“I..I was just coming over to check on you. To see if you were okay.” I Studdard. It just hit me I’ve never talked to him or his mother before.Shit!
He smiles,”How do I look.” He asks spreading his arms.
“You look fine!” I said shaking my head.”Really fine.”
He giggled and stepped aside and opened the door,”Would you like to come in?”
I walked in and closed the door behind be and Jerry turns and walks into the kitchen, and fuck his ass bounced side to side as he walked along. Just like a girls ass. Damn!
I also liked how the bottom of the bikini rode up those tender cheeks of his. He turned and caught me looking and smiled, “Would you like something to drink?”
“Yeah a bottle water would be nice.” I said.
“My parents left me plenty of bottle water and snacks.” He said bending down in the fridge to get me a water. He bent lower than normal as to give me a good look at his gorgeous ass.
He hands me the water. “Would you like to join me by the pool?”
“Sure.” I said eagerly.
We walked over to the patio doors and I opened it for him, “Ladies first.” I smiled and so did he.
“Thank you,Mr.Walters.”
“Please you can call me Chad.”
He smiled, “And you can call me Gina.” He stuck out his hand to me.
I took his hand and kissed it,”The lovely Gina it is then.” I winked.
Gina gushed.”No one has ever kissed my hand before.”
“Well I treat ladies like they deserve to be treated.” I said following him over to a chaise lounge.
He laid down and tucked his legs side ways. Then he patted the chaise that his mother normally sat in. I laid down so I could see his prettt face.
He brushed back his silky blond hair and undid the cap on his water and took a sip. Then he looked at me, “Aren’t you gonna drink your water?”
I uncapped mine and drank from it letting a little spill down the front of my shirt.
“I think this is the first time you’ve ever came over,Chad.”
I shrugged,”I just been busy is all.”
Gina smiles,”I’ve seen you watching mother and I and we both have been wondering when you would come over and introduce yourself to us.”
“So you’ve been watching me watch you huh? And you never came over to say hello,either.” I smiled back.
“Well daddy told me to stay over here.”
“Why because I’m black?”
“No because he embarrassed about me.”,he frowned.
I shrugged,”Your certainly nothing to be ashamed of darling. In fact your gorgeous,Gina.”
“Why thank you Chad. And your about the most handsome man I’ve seen in my life.”, he winked.
“Wow! Better not let your boyfriend hear you say that.”
“I don’t have a boyfriend, Chad,Daddy never let’s me out.”
“That’s a fucking shame, to keep such beauty locked away.” I smiled and took my shirt off. And Gina’s mouth dropped. Then she reached out and touched my arm,”Sometimes I feel like a princess locked away by her evil step dad, awaiting my prince charming.
I smiled,”Or for some guy to come walking over to say hello.
“Oh my it’s getting hot out here.” He fanned himself and giggled.
“Do you want to go inside, Princess?”
“Yes,that would be nice.” Gina stood up and I pulled him to me and I kissed him hard.
And pushed my tongue deep inside his mouth. He leans into me and when I turned him loose I actually had to steady him. “How’s that for introducing myself.”
Gina swallowed hard,”Hellooo!”
I swept her up into my arms and carried her inside. He just looked at me wide eyed,and didn’t put up any kind of a fight at all.
I carried Gina into the livingroom and gently laid him down on the couch. Then I pulled my shorts down underwear and all. My big cock bounced forth and Gina’s eyes went wide.
“Oh my goodness Chad!” He said reaching his hand out and wrapping his nimble fingers around my semi hard cock.
I lean over and grip the back of the couch and let him pull my manhood to his soft lips. Gina kissed the tip of my shaft and pushed the tip of his tongue hard against my urethra which sent little shivers down my thighs. He pulled back his tongue taking with it a strand of precum. “Mummm,Chaddy,you taste so nice.”
Gina suddenly took my cock deep into his wanting mouth. I felt his tonsils and he gagged a little as he pushed past them taking me deep into his tight throat. I felt him moan around my dick.
“Oh yeah baby girl.” I groaned and let him work my cock and soon he had his rhythm going,bobbing his head up and down.
“Oh yeah you’ve suck a dick before,Gina!” I said. “Probably took one in the that little Boi pussy too,haven’t you.”
He pulled off my cock and look up at me and smiled,”Is that what you want from me Chaddy. Do you want my pussy?” he spread his legs,putting one foot on the back of the couch and the other one on the floor.
“Fuck yes,I want to jam my dick into you so fucking bad.”
“Then suck me Chaddy? And I’ll let you inside me! Please.” he closed his legs and reached down and pushed the bikini bottoms down to show his little two inch penis.
I’d never sucked a cock before in my life but that little clit looked nice. Gina had shaven his crotch so there would be no hair in my way.
I smiled and got down on my knees. I took his legs and pulled them over the edge of the couch and jerked the bottoms down tossed them across the room.
Gina giggled,”Oh my!”
“Open your legs girl.”
“Yes Daddy.” he chortled and opened his legs for me. I reached under him grabbed his ass tightly and pulled his clit into position. Then I took his little penis into my mouth and started sucking it.
I’ve had my dick sucked by some very fine women in my past. And they had the experience to do it. I just felt like I was fumbling the whole experience. I looked at Gina and he had his eyes close and a lovely expression of enjoyment on his face. So I must be doing it right.
I started sucking him faster and more vigorously,talking him to the hilt everytime. Gina put his hands on my head. Oh yeah I’m doing it good! Because that’s exactly what I do when a girl is sucking dick just right!
“Ohhhh,yes Chaddy. Ohhhh it feels soooo gooood.” He gasped.
His little cock was fully hard in my mouth now. So I pulled it from my mouth and went down on Gina’s little sack which was about the thickness of my thumb. I then licked up the tiny shaft.
Then suddenly Gina squeals and he orgasms sending a little dizzle of cum shooting into the air barely missing my face. “Oh my goshhh!” He screamed bouncing his ass againt my hands. Slowly his orgs subsided and he sank weakly against the couch.
Wow yeah me! I made a penis cum.
I grabbed his arms and pulled him up and draped him over my shoulder, he was still whimpering from the orgasm I gave h. I slapped his ass victoriously and he yelps!
“Ouch,Chaddy.”he giggled.”Put me down!”
I did as he asked and he took my hand and led me down the hall to his bedroom. It was small and cluttered with pink stuffed animals.”Welcome to my room.” he said and walked over to his little night stand and opened the drawer and took out a bottle of strawberry scented ASTROGLIDE gel.
“Yeah your gonna need that.” I winked and he just smiled and walked over pushed me back onto the bed. Then he straddled my chest with his ass facing me.
I knew he wanted to 69 so I grabbed the insides of his thighs and pulled that sweet ass of his back and buried my face between the cheeks of his ass!
Gina squealed like a girl as I started tongueing his pink little Boi hole.
I suddenly feel him go down on my dick and start sucked it ravenously. I smiled and picked up the gel and squirt some on my middle and index finger. And I carefully rub the gel on his small anus, then I pushed my middle finger into his pussy! Gina gasped throwing her head back, “Ohhhhhhhhh!”
I started fucking my finger in and out of his tight asshole. Twisting it and turning it to the point his legs were trembling.
“Ohhhh GAWD!”
I stopped and lubed up my index finger really good and I jammed it into his arse along with my middle finger!
“FUCKKKK!”Gina screamed and he tried to move but I locked my free arm under his thighs and held him tightly in place and really started working his little asshole.
“Ohhhh too muchhh! Arggg!”
I pulled my fingers from him and sat straight up turning Gina over onto her back as I did.
I was ready to fuck! No more namby pamby bullshit! I lubed my dick but good and position his legs over my shoulders. “Are you ready baby?”
He smiled up at me and nodded and I leaned over him and punched the head of my cock against his tight little pussy.
I felt him push against my dick and suddenly I was in. So I slowly eased my cock deep into his tight bung.
His booty accepted me nicely. In fact he barely made a sound,until the thickest part of my dick stretched his hole.
“Ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkk, Oooooo!!!” He throws her head back,mouth wide open.
“How are doing baby girl?”
“Oh it feels so good Chad. Ohhhh gawd!Soooo GOOD!!!”
I smiled and began slowly pumping my cock,Softening his hole. And by the way he was shaking beneath me I knew I was hitting his little prostate. In fact I could feel it against my head as fucled him.
I paused a moment to apply more gel, lubbing my dick really good then I turned up the pace a bit and started thrusting my cock now.
Gina panted and yelped and began fucking him hard and fast. Pounding his ass like a fucking pro. And he was whimpering and crying my name! Chanting my name actually.
I was so close to cumming so I rammed my dick to the hilt and filled his gullet with my hot cum. When my orgasm subsided I dropped down on top of him and he wrapped his arms around my neck,and kissed me hard. “God Chaddy it was fantastic!”
Later on when I was able to move again we went back out to the pool and took a swim. And we spent the weekend together at my place sleeping and fucking in my king-size bed. We started seeing each other after that. Which pissed her dad off to no end.
The End