Something funny happened in the shower. Part V

Part V.

The next time we got together at his house, I stood as he did his measurements on me. I was a still a little confused by his behavior on Saturday, so I asked him about it. I sat down and he explained a few things to me. He had felt that I had used him like a girl, so he had to do the same to me. To prove something to himself. Whatever. I thought he was being silly. I told him we should just be more open about what we wanted to do.

He told me that we couldn’t do certain things anymore. In his language there was a phrase for men who did things with asses. The attitude in their culture was severe against such behavior. It was seen as unclean and perverted. He made me agree to stop such activities. He also asked me to not put my mouth on his nipples. It seemed like a strange complaint, but I agreed. When he put his mouth on my dick, I asked him why that was allowed. He said it wasn’t. There was a word for such behavior in his language. There were a few describing boys who did it, none of them good. But, he explained, it was seen as a sin, a weakness, a temporary failing.

The next few weeks were a blur, I can’t describe everything because we got together so many times each week, sometimes twice in one day. We had our long leisurely sessions in his bedroom when he had the house to himself, and we got together to watch a movie on Friday or Saturday night. In addition, Massimo started going for walks and stopping in at my house briefly. It was about a 15-minute walk one way, and he would spend just ten to fifteen minutes with me and then leave. Sometimes my house would be empty, sometimes between 3 pm and 4 pm my mother would be watching her soap opera and would not leave the living room area. He would show up and go down on me for a few minutes. Then we would switch, and I would fuck him with my mouth, usually with my hands on his ass. I would usually be kneeling, and he would build up and cum in a few minutes. Then he would give me oral. A few minutes of slow licking and Frenching then he would vigorously bob on me. He would usually have taken too much time and then leave as soon as I finished. We did this dozens of times. How I managed to do it so often and have a part time job and see my other friends is a mystery to me now.

Movie nights were more varied. Often, we did it at the start of the movie then again at the end, or during the movie if it was not very good. One night the movie was bad, and I went and got my parent’s dirty magazines. I watched how he reacted to the Couples magazine. I watched where his eyes roamed. It seemed to me that he looked at both the men and the women, but he did linger over a couple pictures of men with erections. After a few minutes he was extremely horny. He put his mouth on me and wouldn’t let up until I came. Then he grabbed me by the back of the head and frantically pumped into me until he was done.

At his house we did the most. He measured me and we did the suction, although I had him stop doing it to me as I found I enjoyed a slow buildup. I still did it to him. He never tired of it. We usually had a full hour to get naked and fool around on his bed. We would grind, and gently wrestle and sometimes not so gently. I would run my hands over his smooth skin and press my face against him. One time, I pinned him and licked his nipples. He did not complain. I often put my finger in his bum, tracing a circle around his anus. When we grappled, I often rubbed my dick against his opening. After a few times together I kept it up until I came, shooting my load all over the inside and outside of his ass. Sometimes he would give me oral almost to completion then I would cum on his backside.

One day we were rubbing against each other and starting and stopping with our mouths when he stopped and rolled away from me.

“What’s the matter?”

“I bought something.” He said.

He got off the bed and opened a drawer. He handed me a tube. It was labelled lubricant. “I bought it at the pharmacy, near the condoms.”

He got a towel and draped it over the end of the bed and knelt in front of it. I got behind him. I squeezed some onto my middle finger. I grabbed his ass cheek and applied the lube against his rectum. It was clear, thick, sticky and very slippery. I got some more and pushed my finger gently into him. I squeezed some right on my dick and spread it around. I placed my hardon right against his greased hole. I slid against it a few times. Without much resistance I pushed my tip inside. This stuff was way better than hand cream. Soon I had my shaft more than halfway inside and I was sliding it forward and backward, going deeper. Massimo’s breathing became audible, and he gasped when I went deep. Soon I was all the way in. I looked down and all I could see was my pubes against his cheeks. I pulled it all the way out, put on some more lube and then pushed it all the way in. I slid in and out. Sometimes short thrusts, sometimes long movements with pauses.

He guided me with his hand to pull out. He climbed on top of the bed and put the towel beneath him and bent over with his ass sticking up. I mounted him. I slowly moved in and out. When I pushed harder, we both moved forward a bit and then back and the bed began to make squeaking sounds. I was getting on edge. The bed made noise, Massimo was moaning, and I was making involuntary sounds. I pulled back and my dick came out and sprung upward. I waited for a bit. Massimo took the opportunity to twist and lay on his back. He was looking at my oiled shaft. He lifted his hips and held on to the bottom of his thighs. I directed my hardon towards his split cheeks and pressed in. I stared slow but soon I pumped harder. Our combined weights made the bed creak and bounce. His fingers were on his own dick. I pumped up and down, moving my whole shaft from almost being out of him to all the way in. Soon I was grinding it deep in him. Massimo and I were both grunting and gasping. I held still and I felt cum shoot out of me. I pumped into him. Before I was done grunting, he started cumming. His fingers moved and he squirted onto his belly as he let out a high-pitched girlish noise.

I pulled out and sat beside him. He rolled off the bed and took the towel and left the room. I heard him in the bathroom and then he came back. I took the towel and wiped my dick on it. I went to the bathroom and cleaned my dick in the sink. When I came back, he was already dressed. “I am going to check the time” he said then he left.

I came down into the kitchen. It was 3:20 pm. Later than we thought. Then we heard a noise. His mother came up the stairs. She was in the house.

“I thought you were at dance practice.” Massimo said to her.

‘I was. I had to come back to the office.” She had an office in the basement. I thought about the distance from there to Massimo’s bedroom. “Where you guys fighting?”

I don’t know if my face turned red, but I felt like a deer stuck in a headlight.

“Just horsing around. I had a journal that I didn’t want him to see, and he grabbed it, so we fought over it. Nothing serious.”

“What did you two do Saturday night?”

“I went ……” Massimo started.

“I asked him.” She interrupted.

Massimo stood there quietly. I realized I would have to say something, but I was afraid to speak. I guess I am not cool under pressure. I managed to say, “We watched a movie.”

“A movie? What movie.”

Massimo answered her. She looked intently at me for a few moments, then she seemed to disregard me. “Well, I have to go pick up your sister.”

Then she left. Massimo and I stood in the kitchen hardly breathing. After a while I said, “Well that was close.”

“No. That was worse than you know. She won’t say anything, but she knows. We will have to cool things down for a while. You should go.”

I was putting on my shoes and he added. “Don’t call. Wait till I call you on the weekend.”

“Ok.” Then I left.