My online surprise

I opened up my email one day to find a message from a gentleman Who said he was 43 years old. He told me he was my biggest fan and he read all of my stories. He asked me if my stories were all true and if they really was some experiences in my life? I told him that they were all 100% true events in my life. After talking to him for a while I realized that he did read every one of my stories he had every detail. Then I asked him if he would like to video chat? He told me no he didn’t know how to do that. Then he asked me if I was going to keep posting more stories soon? I told him I was but I was a very busy person so I could only do it when I had the time. I asked him where he was from? He told me he was from Michigan as well. Then he asked me if we could meet for coffee or dinner sometime? I told him sure. A couple days later he contacted me and asked me if I would meet him for coffee? I told him sure and we picked a place to meet. Then I asked him how will I know who you are I never saw your picture? He told me he would be wearing a pinstriped suit with a black hat. I was thinking how mysterious. Then he told me I would be in for a big surprise. That got me curious. The next day I met him at the coffee shop and what a surprise I had. The whole time I talked to him he told me he was 43 years old. When I met him I found out he was 86 years old. I wasn’t mad about it. I sat down with him we had coffee and Bagels and have a nice conversation. I asked him why he was not honest with me about his age. He told me He was so Impressed with my stories that he just had to meet me. And he was afraid that if I knew he was 86 I wouldn’t give him the time of day. I told him he seemed like a very nice man and I would like to get to know him better. But I told him never lie to me and always be honest. Then he asked me if I would walk him home he only lived up the block a little ways. I told him sure. And we went to his house. He asked me in when I got there. I looked around when I went to his house he had pictures of his wife that passed away 23 years ago. We sat and talked for a little while. He told me he Hasn’t been with another woman since his wife passed. It made me very sad to hear that. I asked him if he ever had any children? He told me no his wife was a very large woman. Then he asked me how much I weighed? I told him I was 436 pounds. He told me his wife was around 380 pounds. Then he told me he always liked big women. Then he asked me a question that really surprised me. He asked me if I would be interested in getting naked for him? I felt a little strange and uncomfortable when he asked me that. Then he told me he hasn’t seen a naked woman since his wife passed. He told me I was very beautiful and he just wanted to look he promised he wouldn’t touch. So I decided to do that for him. I got undressed and walked back in the room naked. He told me I was absolutely stunning. I asked him if there was anything else he wanted me to do for him? He said I noticed that your pussy was shaved. Then he asked me if I would allow him to eat my pussy? After thinking about it for a few minutes I sat down in a chair and put my legs over the arms spreading them very wide. And I told him he could. And he came over and started eating my pussy very well for an 86 year old man. He stayed down there for a very long time not slowing down or any indications of stopping. I was having several orgasms and twice I squirted in his face but he kept going. A little while later he stopped and stood up. I told him that was amazing and I Thank him. I asked him if there was anything else He wanted me to do before I got dressed. He told me no but look sad when he said it. I asked him what was wrong? He told me he has not had an orgasm in over 20 years. I asked him if I could try to help him with that? I would be willing to suck your cock if you wanted me to? He told me he would like that and if I wanted to try. So he took down his pants and I put his penis in my mouth. It stayed soft for a very long time. But he seemed to enjoy it so I just kept going. Short while later it started getting hard. The more I sucked the harder it got. So I continued. Finally it was rock hard couldn’t believe it how big it was. I looked up and asked him if he wanted me to keep going? He said yes please do. I told him if he started feeling uncomfortable That he could ask me to stop at any time. Then I asked him if he wanted to put his cock in my pussy while it was still hard? He told me he would love to so I bent over and he got behind me and slid his cock in my pussy and started fucking me hard it felt great. I told him He didn’t have to pull out I told him he could cum inside of me if he wanted to. At 86 years old I just wanted him to be happy again. I was really surprised on how long he lasted. Then finally he came inside my pussy. And boy was it a lot of cum oh my God. When he pulled His cock out of my pussy and sat down he was out of breath I asked him if he was OK? He looked at me with a smile and said I am wonderful thank you. Then he told me how I made an old man very very happy. And ask me if I would tell this story on my storyline. I told him I would tell this story if that’s what he wanted. He asked me if I would use his real name? I told him if he wanted me to? He said he would love to see his real name in this story and he couldn’t wait for me to tell it. My 86 years old Friend’s name is John Keller. Hello John I hope you’re reading this. I go and visit him a couple times a month. And yes I get him hard and we have sex every time. Age is just a number not who a person really is. Bringing smiles to people’s faces and making them happy is what really matters at John’s age he doesn’t have many years left so the more I can make him smile the happier I become as a person. I let John use me anyway he wants. I let him experience all of his fantasies with me. And do things he probably thought about his whole life and never had the opportunity to do. I’m sure there are judgment People out there that are going to read this and be appalled or have their own opinions. But my friend John is very happy and that’s all that matters to me not other people’s opinions about age and numbers and watch right and what’s wrong. And just to be totally honest as I’m typing this story. John is between my legs eating my pussy… Thanks for taking the time to read if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Darlene J Malewit