Public Cruising at 15

Young boy oversexed I let an old fat guy suck my cock in a park restroom now I look for strangers to suck me off

I can’t believe I let that old fat guy suck me off last week at a public restroom. I only thing I really remember is how good his mouth felt on my 5” cock how much my body was shaking I was never so excited I remember moaning when i started to cum. I looked at him his pants were down showing me his cock.. Without thinking I reached over touching my first cock.

I heard the bathroom door opening voices.. I quickly pulled my shorts up and headed out the door. I was confused scared embarrassed letting this guy suck me off and I actually touched someone’s cock. WTF was I thinking doing somebody could have seen this old guy sucking me while I was moaning shaking my little ass cummming loudly.
Even though I told myself this was a mistake wrong dangerous I couldn’t stop thinking how great it felt being sucked off and even the part of getting caught seemed to turn me on.

It’s Friday night mom is working til 3am. I’m watching porn on my phone getting so horny.
“ Fuck it” I said getting naked putting on a skimpy pair of shorts my ass cheeks kinda showing no underwear cut off t-shirt.
Looking in the mirror I smile I look kinda cheap sexy young and innocent looking babyface petite body 5’3 90lbs. I figured looking like this guys would want to suck me off. I put my hair in a ponytail and when I looked at myself again I thought I looked girlish like.

I’m walking to that park were I met that old guy even though he was fat I was hoping maybe I’d see him cuz he knows that I liked him sucking me off. I’m getting really horny nervous Excited when I start walking around hopefully someone will see me cruising. I walk towards the restroom in a daze and before I open the door I feel someone’s hand on my ass rubbing it softly

I freeze not moving letting him rub my ass i feel his fingers slipping inside my shorts. I start to moan loudly when his other hand starts rubbing my nipples pinching them. Fuck I couldn’t believe how good it felt my shorts fall to the floor this guy is playing with me rubbing my nipples stroking my cock I feel him rubbing against my ass and all I can do is stand there.

I turn around realizing I’m still outside almost naked letting a stranger play with me.
“ Oooh god Mister suck my cock please oooh fuck I liked you playing with me like this it felt sooo good I wanna cum in your mouth please” I can’t believe what I’m saying how horny I am it’s like I’m begging when I notice a couple of other guys walking towards us.

The guy playing with me goes to his knees I moan loudly when the other two guys pull my shirt off start kissing sucking on my nipples.
“ Ooooh god oh my fucking god oooh yes sooo good yes suck my cock suck on my nipples ooooh I love this more oooh fuck” I’m moaning begging pleading naked in public letting three guys use my body like a cheap whore. Suddenly I’m being kissed his tongue deep in my mouth I kiss him back swapping tongues
“ Ooooooh god I’m cummming oooh fuck yes ooooh oooh “ The guy sucking me grabs my ass his finger slides inside me. I slip towards my knees panting like a dog in heat lost in a fog.

The three guys are standing around me pants down showing me three beautiful cocks laughing at me calling me names :: Slut queer boy Faggotboi sissyboi pretty little girl whore pussyboi cunt… I’m so turned on I reach over grabbing two cocks in my hands opening my mouth licking my lips ready to suck not only my first cock but two more.

I’m lost in lust these cocks taste so good I love the taste of their hot cum in my mouth filling my belly I’m naked outside the restroom’s sucking strangers loving it all I can’t believe how easy this was and now all of a sudden I’m like a cocksucking cumloving slut not caring who sees me being a whore for cocks.

Other people are coming up to me some are just jacking off on my naked body my face hair I lost count after like sucking at least 9+ I’m covered in cum my belly is full I start cummming myself again one guy lays down starts to suck my cock my cum I’m sucking like a demon possessed. I’m tired I lay down on the sidewalk passing out naked my little body covered in cum.

I feel somebody picking me up asking where I live I tell him and have to be home before 3am when my mom gets home I’m so tired I close my eyes.
I’m laying in my bed this stranger is sucking on my ass sticking his tongue deep inside my ass..
I’m confused I hear myself moaning wiggling my hips trying to get more of his tongue inside me I can feel warm sticky cum all over me.
He stops “More “ I scream looking up at him.. it’s that first guy that old fat man from the park.

“ Fucking little slut you are sucking all those cocks begging for more moaning like a little girl your gonna be my little sissy cunt my girlfriend my boy my pretty little Faggotboi “

I look at him pure lust in my eyes opening my legs wide,
“ Ooo yes oooh be my daddy I’ll be anything you want me to be ..your girl your Faggotboi slut bitch cunt oooh yes I’m so ready take me please fuck my pussy my cunt my hole take my virginity fuck me daddy ooooh fuck me like a girl like your girl seed me fill me with your hot sweet cum I love you need you now and always “

I feel him slipping inside me no pain only pleasure.. I’m being fucked like a girl I love it so much I keep moaning telling him I love him need him wants to be his to use.
“ You fucking slut yes here I cum beg for it beg for my cum oooh my baby doll my pretty little slut my little girlfriend “

“ Ooooh fuck me daddy fill me with your hot cum seed my boipussy get me pregnant please ooooh daddy I love you need you” We both scream as he fills me up with his cum.
Giggling I look at him French kissing swapping tongues.
I hear the front door opening…fuck it’s my mom..
“ Shhhh I whispered as bends down sucking my ass slurping his cum out of me then starts kissing me swapping his cum.
I start to cum he bends over sucking it all up then French kissing swapping cum swapping tongues. He starts to fuck me again this time he’s moaning loudly like he wants my mom to hear. I kiss him softly muffling his moans giggling like a girl his girl.

He gets up after we hear my mom sleeping in the next room… kisses me deeply and leaves. Cum is leaking out my ass my mouth my whole naked body cum covered. I smile falling asleep