My sister-in law Donna revisited # 3

After I had fucked my niece Megan most of the night ,I got a call from her mother that morning. She was at this resort, she needed me to stop and talk

After I got the call from Donna, I left Megan around 10 am. Megan was like a younger version of her sexy mom, she has such a amazing sexual appetite for a young girl of her age. Fucking her numerous times last night and this morning really checked off all my boxes. I look forward to her coming for visits this summer. I missed seeing Paula, but hope to catch her another time. It was always hard to enjoy them both when they are together, neither liked to share.

Now this call from my sister-in-law is confusing, she is to be with this new special guy that she had told me about. They were to spend the whole week-end alone together in this fancy resort. Even though the resort would be on my way home , I did not really enjoyed the idea of lunch with her if he was there . When I pulled in to the resort I parked in front of the dinner, I saw Donna sitting at a table by the window. She looked up then saw me and waved.

I walked in and sat across from her at the table. Donna waved to the waitress to bring over a cup of coffee for me. Donna just sat there looking at her coffee cup, she fidgeted about trying to say something but couldn’t. I broke the ice and asked if her new guy was going to join us soon. She shook her head no. I then confessed that I was on the road seeing clients and yesterday I stopped to see my nieces. Since you were gone I thought it easier to visit them and not upset you. Paula was gone with her dad but Megan and I got to visit quite a bit. She filled me in on all her activities and future plans. I took her out last night for dinner which gave us a lot of one on one time . I had just left when you called .
You know Donna that I have missed you a lot! Damn you Kent, Donna spats out, Its because of you that I can’t maintain a good relationship with a guy. I thought this guy and I could have something special but you fuck it up even when you are not here. You have got me comparing all these guys to you. Your still my sisters husband , I don’t want her to find out about any of these lies that we both have told in the past. Donna shut up as soon as the waitress returned , we both ordered . I called you because you are responsible that this guy has left me after last nights events. He wasn’t happy with how I reacted to his so called love making, he called me a old prude bitch , then left me stranded here. I told her I was sorry that he was that way to her, that should of never happened. Donna you never have to ask me for help , I am here for you always regardless of any problems that arise. Our meal came and Donna was quite again.

While we ate Donna didn’t know what to do about the room , they would not refund her for today. I told her that I could come back tomorrow to pick her up, that way she come maybe enjoy the things this resort has to offer. Donna said that it was stupid for me to drive home and then come back to take her home to her house, that was to much wasted driving. Donna looked at me then sighed , I was too good to her for how she has acted towards me. The room that she has is a large suite with a hot tub, kitchenette, just lots of room . I guess it would be ashamed to just waste that Donna told me, but only if you agree to stay over with me. I said ok but I needed a swim suit so after eating we left to shop.

The downtown was not far from the resort , I found swimming trunks at the mall . Then we picked up some snacks and wine for later. After walking all about we headed back to the resort , then to her room where we both change into our suits for the hot tub. My sister-in-law had on a red hot looking bikini, she has always looked also sexy in bikini’s . She could not look at me as I stared ,commenting on how well she looked. That guy was totally stupid for leaving you last night. Donna reacted surprised over what I said shyly and slowly getting into the tub. I commented on her looks, while continued to she ponder over her regrets. After a good soak we got out and dressed for supper. They had a nice lounge and live music which I knew that Donna could not resist. While Donna was in the bathroom changing I quick dried off and changed into better clothes. Donna popped out dressed in a silky spaghetti strapped blue number with matching heals. She looked real, real, good , I had trouble hiding my reaction from her . Donna began to enjoy the evening , the regrets that she had earlier seemed to melt away. Great meal and wine lead us to the ball room where we danced closely four hours. Donna’s body seemed to melt into mine as we glided over the floor. Not wearing a bra I could feel her nipples hardening against my chest from rocking back and forth. I knew Donna could feel the throbbing pulse of my passion against her flat tummy. I remembered all to well the undeniable feeling of me inside her. I think that my sister-in-law was lost in our embrace, she did not want this evening to end. But it was late and the ballroom was starting to close so we made our way back to her room.

I unlocked the door and escorted Donna in, I pour her a glass of wine and we sat on the couch . Donna kicked off her heals, she rubbed her foot telling me that she danced to much this night. I took her foot and the other one up to my lap then rubbed them. Donna leaned back moaning at how good that felt. We talk a bit mainly about work, but my rubbing her feet was starting to put her to sleep. Donna got up and disappeared to the bathroom. I waited until she came out, she had on a knee length satin gown with v neckline and skinny straps. Donna crawled up in bed and pulled the covers up. With out saying a word I went to the bathroom , change into my boxers and joined her on the other side. Donna looked at me, Thank you so much Kent for this night, for coming to rescue me, my sister was damn lucky to have you. Donna gave me a kiss on my fore head and then turned on her side away from me . I laid there on by back getting harder by the minute knowing that this awesome feeling women laid next to me. It was not but a few minutes until Donna scooted her butt up next to my side. She was twitching a little and her breathing louder the moment we touched. I turned towards her ,her butt now pressed against my stomach and I rested my hand over her hip. I moved my hand down until I felt the hot skin of her thigh. Donna breathing became faster from my touch. I unbuttoned my boxers letting my hard throbbing cock free, it rose to press against my sister-in-laws bottom. I ran my hand back up her silky thigh pulling the gown up over her ass. I cock quickly found her damp vagina, my cock oozing lube wet her long cunt lips. Donna let out a moan and she grabbed my cock with her hand blocking its hole of choice. She rolled over on to her back then begged me not to do what she knew I wanted too , it was wrong and would hurt her sister more. I kissed her, she kissed passionately back while my hands worked her firm small breasts and nipples. I kissed her neck, ears, then sucked on one of her hard erect nipples. Donna started rubbing my cock with both hands, this was the first time that she has ever had my cock in her hand . She knew I had a very large cock from conversations with her sister and what she could tell from me wearing boxers round. Donna kept rubbing my cock amazed at its size now , so much bigger than was her husband’s or that of any man that she had slept with. Oh god Kent we must not do this. I sit up and take a hold of her gown, she sits up to let me pull it up over her head . I slip off my boxers and push Donna’s lovely legs and thighs wide apart . She squeals as she feels my mouth and tongue on her cunt. I suck and chew on her clit my fingers toy and play with her long vagina lips. Donna cries with joy and starts to climax with juices pouring out of that well work cunt. Donna is soon begging me to fuck her. Please put that fucking big cock in me, Donna cries as she is wiggling out of control all over the bed. I want it now I want to feel my huge cock inside me Donna groans . I pick up Donna’s legs then rest them on my shoulders, her butt is lifted a bit off the mattress and her vagina spread open wet and ready. Donna guides the head of my cock between her lips, I feel the wet heat warming the tip. Donna is out of control desperately rubbing my cock up and down her slit. I push in and a few inches start to stretch Donna open. Oh fuck, oh fuck, Donna cries as she feels my cock begin to open her wider than it ever has been. She does not have any memory of me fucking her over the last 3 or for years, the ambien has always did the trick . I pressed harder and suck in a good 4 inches, Donna’s legs were twitching and spasming against me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down to her mouth. she sunk her tongue deep meeting mine. She thrusted her bottom up to meet me as I pressed down hard. My cock hit her cervix with its huge head. Donna let out another cry from the pressure and I began to fuck her like she has never been fucked before . Donna just held on as I pound deeper and deeper into her well for gold. My balls slap against her wet ass cheeks as her come drained constantly out. I was fucking her so fast and hard that my huge cock was rearranging her cervix and womb. Then after all this I finally started to come and come . Donna moaned as she felt all my hot semen filling her up inside. Still pumping it began to squeeze out and pool under her ass , I collapsed down on her and to two of us fell asleep.

I woke a few hours later and Donna let me fuck her again , but this time after sex we both crawled into the hot tub. Donna called me a piggy for how I had trashed her cunt and her side of the bed. We sat and soaked away the aches and pains, we kissed and held each other until we were prunes. It was only a couple hours till morning so after putting towels on all the sticky come and sperm pools in bed, we slept until almost 10. Donna and I got dressed she was concerned at what had happened last night , she felt sorry for her sister, but she had no regrets. We ate breakfast and had a good talk , Donna wanted to continue with any type of relationship that would work between us regardless of what happens with her sister and me. So she would share a room with me at any company meeting , any sales event, or any time we travel together, and gladly fuck my brains out , at least for now .