Rishabh Pant & Suresh Raina’s hungry fat ass romp session

It was a practice session when Rishabh Pant was training with Suresh Raina and Pant had caught Raina staring at his ass a few times. Raina was of course unaware that Pant had noticed. Pant was a closeted bisexual. He had a hot girlfriend, but occasionally enjoyed the company of men. Raina though married was a closeted bisexual too & was a huge pro in hardcore sex with men.

After the practice session, they retired to their hotel rooms. Pant took a shower & lay on bed thinking about Raina. He was aroused. He could not hold it anymore & decided to try his luck. He wore a blue tank-top & his usual white tight shorts on top of his boxer briefs. He knocked at Raina’s door. Raina opened the door not expecting Pant. He was secretly overjoyed. He called him in & they chatted about for some time. Raina was wearing a black t-shirt with loose pink shorts. Pant casually mentioned that he saw Raina staring at his ass many times during practice that day. Raina was shocked. He dint know how to respond.

Pant said its ok & got up & turned around & shook his ass and asked ‘do you want this booty?’ Raina couldn’t believe his eyes. Was this really happening? Pant slowly came and sat on Raina’s lap. Raina who was sitting on a chair pushed himself back & spread his fat thighs. Pant sat on Raina’s cock & began to give a lap dance. Pant also was touching his own body all over, deriving pleasure, just like a strip club model. Raina got a hard on & began to poke Pant’s asshole with his boner. Raina moved his ass up and down in the limited space on the chair dry humping Pant who was busy giving a lap dance.

After a while, they moved onto Raina’s bed & began touching each others body & exploring every nook & corner. They rolled over across the king size bed. It was like two road rollers rolling on the road. There was dent in the soft mattress where their asses rolled & the bed creaked a little, unable to bear the weight of two sex hungry bears. They gave kisses on their faces by pinching each others chubby cheeks and planted kisses on each others necks. Then they kissed on each others lips. What began as quick dry pecks went onto deep wet kisses. They sucked each others lips & Raina a pro in kissing began using his tongue & poured a lot of saliva into Pant’s mouth & sucked it back. Pant who was a quick learner did the same with Raina’s mouth. They held each others heads & tilted them to enjoy the kiss better. Raina slowly moved one of his hand over Pant’s back, gently caressed it & brought it on his ass. Pant’s big ass was soft & fleshy & Raina squeezed it gently. He began hitting Pant’s ass & made it bounce. Pant was enjoying this feeling of being taken by a manly bear.

Raina pinched Pant’s ass & began tracing his fingers on the ass split. Since Pant was wearing a boxer briefs & a pair of tight white shorts, Raina couldn’t dig deep into Pant’s butt crack. Pant now slowly moved his hand onto Raina’s fat ass and squeezed it. It was too big for Pant’s big hands too. Raina had grown fat over the years. Since Raina wasn’t wearing any underwear, Pant was able to reach Raina’s butthole and began poking it with his middle finger. Raina began to moan “Ah Aah. Darling are you taking revenge, for me poking your ass hole with my cock?”

Then they both removed their shirts. Both had clean shaven chest & armpits. They began playing with each others nipples. Pant squeezed Raina’s nipples hard. Raina told him to be gentle & gently rubbed Pant’s nipples in a circular fashion. Pant did the same. Raina sucked at Pant’s left nipple while playing with this right nipple. Pant held Raina’s head and planted kisses of love & said ‘Ah baby come on, love me’. Then it was Pant’s turn to return the favor. He began sucking Raina’s nipples. Raina had got a little man boobs with all the fat accumulated on his chest. Pant sucked at Raina’s man boobs passionately & rubbed his face against Raina’s cleavage. Raina was moaning.

Then Raina made Pant sleep on his tummy and began squeezing Pant’s butt cheeks with both his hands. Occasionally tracing his fingers on the tight rim of the shorts between the butt cheeks. Pant began to moan softly enjoying Raina’s touch. Raina then bent down putting his mouth near Pant’s sexy fat ass. He bit Pant’s ass cheeks lightly making Pant squeal. He then put his nose & began to smell Pant’s butt crack. It smelt fresh as Pant had just bathed. Pant gave a deep sigh. Raina began to lick at the rim of the shorts between the butt cheeks, tugging at it occasionally with his teeth & passionately kissing it. Raina dint differentiate between Pant’s mouth & his asshole. He also poked it with his finger. In some time Pant’s white tight shorts could no longer take the friction from Raina’s mouth & fingers that it gave way, creating a hole. Raina put his fingers in this hole & ripped Pant’s shorts apart, exposing the wet white boxer briefs. He removed the briefs & buried his face between Pant’s butt cheeks & kissed his anus passionately as if it were a mouth. Pant had shaved his ass & it was pretty smooth like a rubber. Rishabh Pant’s fat ass bounced up & down as Raina plonked kisses on it.

This was Pant’s first ass kiss & he was in ecstacy. He began moving his ass up & down liking every bit of getting rimmed. His ass bounced too. Raina an expert ass rimmer, began showing off his skills by playing his tongue all over Pant’s wiggly bouncy fat ass & the tight ass hole. Although Pant’s ass was huge, his ass hole was very tiny. It was closed tightly shut & there was no gap visible. Raina licked it making sounds of “slrup slrup” and occasionally farting sounds by blowing at the butt hole. He simultaneously squeezed Pant’s butt cheeks with his hands.

After some time it was Pant’s turn to return the favor. Raina lay on his tummy. His huge ass bulging like a mountain. Pant squeezed Raina’s ass like a cake dough & pinched it. Then he brought his mouth between the butt cheeks & began to eat Raina’s ass. Raina gave a faint fart. It smelled awful. Raina turned around & his bulge was pretty huge as he wasn’t wearing any underwear. He grabbed Pant’s head and pressed his cock against Pant’s mouth. Pant began planting kisses on Raina’s bulged crotch. It was as hard as a rock. Then Raina wrapped his legs around Pant’s neck & pressed his fat thighs around Pant’s head almost smothering him. Raina began to dry hump Pant’s mouth, with his shorts on.

After some time, Raina removed his shorts & had Pant lick his ass cheeks. Raina had not shaved his ass. It was pretty hairy. Especially the butt crack was surrounded by soft long hairs. Finally Pant buried his mouth on Raina’s butt hole which was deep inside the butt crack between Raina’s fleshy fat ass cheeks. Pant planted kisses & began to tug & suck at Raina’s anus. Raina pressed his butt cheeks & held Pant’s mouth tightly in his butt crack. Raina also moved his ass up & down. This went on for some time.

Finally Pant & Raina lay facing each other resuming kissing deeply, exploring each others bodies with their hands. Now Raina said “let’s do 69”. Raina lay on his back & had Pant lay on top of him with Pant’s cock near his mouth & Pant’s head near his crotch. Pant took Raina’s cock. It was semi hard. He played with his balls & rubbed them gently. Then he moved his fingers on Raina’s shaft up & down. Raina now got a hard on. His crotch was pretty hairy, like a forest of hair. Raina’s cock twitched & stood up erect. His cock was curved forward. Raina’s dick was circumcised. His dickhead was dark pink & shiny & the rest of his dick was darker in color than the rest of his fair skinned body. Raina’s cock was not that long, around 5 inches, but it was very thick. Almost double the girth of an average cock. His dick head was even thicker. Raina’s cock was just like him, short & stout. Pant wondered why Raina’s cock was circumcised, as Raina was not a Muslim.

He then took the cock’s head into his mouth & it already filled his mouth. Instantly Pant realized why Raina was circumcised. There was no foreskin on earth that would stretch enough to accomodate Raina’s thick dick head. As a teenager when he began to get full on erections, Raina experienced trouble with his tight foreskin. Once when he was masturbating, his foreskin tore a little & bled. A shy Raina couldn’t keep this much longer from his parents. Soon he was taken to a doctor who on examining & realizing that Raina had a thick dickhead, recommended circumcision. Raina’s dick was immediately circumcised. Post recovery, he began to realize his potential of a full hard on. Blood now freely passed through his dick head giving him the biggest possible erection, that his tight foreskin previously prevented. His foreskin was almost acting like a rubber band around his thick big cock head preventing more blood flow. Now that problem was no longer there. However, there was an ugly scar from circumcision, that would eventually fade away.

Raina had a curved dick that curved forwards, like a banana. This would turn out to his advantage enabling him to explore untouched regions in other’s asses & pussies giving them unfound orgasms. Pant salivated and sucked Raina’s thick cockhead like a lollipop, making sounds. Raina in turn sucked Pant’s balls & cock. Pant’s pubic hair was trimmed neatly. Raina bit Pant’s cock with his lips & made him squeal. He later rolled down Pant’s foreskin with his lips & licked the dick head with his tongue. He used one of his hands to tug at Pant’s foreskin simultaneously & with the other hand squeezed Pant’s lovely ass. Pant’s dick was around 7 inches long & was straight without any curves. They enjoyed sucking each other’s cocks & playing with them for sometime. They leaked precum which they sucked away.

Now Raina moved onto Pant’s ass hole. He began rimming Pant’s ass. He tugged & kissed at Pant’s tight asshole leaving behind some saliva each time. He then inserted a finger in the ass hole. The tight hole wrapped itself around Raina’s thick stubby short middle finger. Pant squealed. Raina calmed him down & held the finger without moving it & kissed the asshole from outside leaving behind a lot of saliva to lubricate it. The saliva dripped down all the way from Pant’s ass to his waist to back to his neck. Some of the saliva went inside the asshole when Raina gently began to move his finger inside the hole in a circular fashion. When Pant’s ass hole’s grip around Raina’s middle finger eased a little, Raina began to finger fuck Pant by moving his middle finger in and out gently. He was careful not to hurt Pant.

This was a new feeling for Pant. Although he had enjoyed blowjobs & handjobs a few times with other men before, he had never had anything other than his own finger inside his asshole, let along such thick short stubby fingers like Raina’s. Raina explained “don’t worry, assholes open up bigger as we inert bigger objects. Many people put their entire fist inside assholes”. Pant got a little worried, but Raina said “don’t worry, I’ll not fist you today. I’ll just insert one by one fingers & not more than three fingers. Just to prepare this beautiful asshole of yours to take in my thick cock”. Saying so, Raina increased the speed of his finger fuck. Pant now had begun moving his ass back and forth enjoying every bit of it. He occasionally took in Raina’s cock in his mouth.

Raina then pulled his middle finger out. He licked his middle & fore fingers & slowly inserted them into Pant’s tight asshole. Pant squealed again letting out a huge sigh. Raina again held the fingers in place & gently kissed the hole from outside leaving some saliva to lubricate the ass hole. He gently moved his fingers circularly easing the asshole’s grip on his fingers. He resumed finger fucking Pant with two fingers. After sometime, he did the same with three fingers. By this time, Pant’s asshole had opened up a bit & Pant was moaning with joy and not pain, each time Raina thrust his fingers deeper. Now Pant was ready for Raina’s rod.

Raina made Pant lay on his back and spread his legs with his feet on the bed. He put two fluffy pillows under Pant’s ass and lifted the ass up towards him. Raina then knelt on his knees on the bed with his dick near Pant’s lifted ass. Pant placed his hands below his head. Raina held his cock a bit & massaged it. He spit on Pant’s asshole and placed the tip of his cock on Pant’s hole. He hit Pant’s hole a few times with his hard on cock. Pant continuously moaned “come on baby fuck my hole”. Raina slowly pushed his dick head inside Pant’s tight ass hole. Although he had rimmed the ass pretty well, it was still tight. Only the head partially went in & Pant began to squeal “ah my asshole is gone. It will tear open”. Raina then with his fingers massaged around the asshole, gently gliding his dick inside. Now the entire dick head was inside the hole. Pant’s sexy asshole tightly gripped Raina’s dickhead. Raina began to gently move back & forth just a little. Pant began to enjoy after a minute or so. Now Raina began to push in little by little. Since Raina’s cock was not too long, the hard part was over for Pant. Raina made his thrusts faster and faster. Pant began to say “fuck me harder daddy Raina. Don’t spare this naughty gay ass. Fuck it hard”. Raina now showed no mercy on Pant’s ass. He began to pound it. Pant began to lift his ass off the pillow & give it, in sync with Raina’s thrusts. The bed began to squeak unable to bear the weight of two fat bodies fucking each other.

After sometime, Raina made Pant kneel on all fours at the edge of the bed. He then stood next to the bed & began to fuck Pant in doggy style. He hit Pant on his ass once in a while, He pulled Pant’s head by his hair from behind. Pant began to get fucked moaning like a sex hungry bitch. His dick below was hanging loose & bouncing in air. Raina’s curved dick was now rubbing against Pant’s prostate which is the male G spot. Raina’s loosely hung balls was lapping against Pant’s ass. Pant’s fat ass was wiggling & bouncing everytime after Raina’s thrusts. Pant got a hard on and was leaking pre cum. After a few minutes, Raina sat on the bed, made Pant sit in cowboy’s position facing away & began to fuck. He held onto Pant’s ass on the side & aided Pant lift his ass up & down. He kissed the backside of Pant’s neck. Pant began to play with his own cock. Raina’s huge soft thighs acted like a cushion for Pant to soft land his ass each time.

After sometime, Raina made Pant turn around & started fucking him in reverse cowboy position. They now faced each other & started to passionately kiss while rigorously fucking. Pant jumped up & down Raina’s thick short cock. Raina in too lifted his fat ass up & down and penetrated Pant. Pant’s hand explored Raina’s back & fat filled love handles on the sides. Raina also began servicing Pant’s cock with one of his hand. He tugged at Pant’s foreskin. Both were in ecstacy. After 5 minutes, a tired Raina layback on the bed while Pant continued to hump Raina’s cock vigorously. Pant winked at Raina “If we do this everyday, you will burn all those calories & become slim like Kohli”. Raina continued to masturbate Pant’s sexy naughty cock with one hand, while holding his ass with the other. Soon they were on the verge of cumming. Pant bent down & began kissing Raina & saying “fuck me baby. I love you. Put your naughty dirty cock in my hungry fat gay ass. Cum in my ass. Drown my ass with your tasty sticky juicy cum” and they began cumming. Pant shot his cum all over Raina’s chest & also mouth & face. Raina’s dick twitched inside Pant’s ass releasing a shit load of cum. A lot of it dripped outside, while Raina continued to pound Pant making plop sounds with each of his dick’s thrusts. Finally they had orgasmed & Pant drop dead tired next to Raina. Both were heavily breathing. They turned sideways & kissed deeply. They lay there for more than an hour deeply satisfied with their romp session. Pant’s tight ass had lost its virginity to a worthy gay bear. Raina’s longstanding dream of fucking Pant’s sexy fat ass had come true.

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