My Subway Gay Partner

The stock market today had given me a lot of profit, I was on the way to my apartment. I will have to wait for 10 full stations. I took a seat and started scrolling my phone, I had a lousy weekend ahead of me, many people had sent messages asking about my weekend plans. Two stations had passed and I was starting to feel sleepy, I gazed around me and found a cute guy staring at me. He had a huge book in his hand and a bag-pack, most likely a college student I thought. As soon as he noticed me looking at him, he turned away. The next station arrived and he stood up, it was a bummer, I thought he was leaving but instead he offered his seat to an old lady. How humble of him, didn’t know generations like these still existed. I noticed his broad shoulders and sleek back, when the seat next to me got empty I gently tapped on his shoulders and asked him to sit next to me. He got all shy but took the seat, “hey” I said, “hii”, he replied he had brown eyes and matching brown his frizzy hair which fell on his eyes. Until then, I had no idea that things are going to get hot and he will become my subway gay partner.

After a few minutes of silence, I tried talking with him again. “Law student huh?” I asked reading the cover of the huge book in his hands, “y..yes!”. You’re very cute,” I said, he blushed at my comment and said thanks softly later. “So, do you have any girlfriend?” This boy seemed interesting “no, I don’t do girlfriends,” he said, very sure about his answer. “So, boyfriends huh…?” I asked jokingly. He thought about it for some time said, “I would like to” in a sincere, serious tone. The way he spoke, reminded me of my days back then when I had initially started showing interest in boys, difficult times, my heart went out to him. “Your name?” I asked realizing I didn’t know it yet. “Chris Evan, and yours?” He said shyly again, at least he was trying to converse. “John Mathew.” We had awkward silence after that, which was choking me until he finally broke it, “Which is your station?”. “The last one,” I said wishing he didn’t get off early. “Oh same!” He said, “what’s your weekend plans?” I wanted to make the most of the time that I had got. The guy was too cute to just let go off. “Oh.. nothing, I have exams the next week.” He said pouting. My mind was struggling at the moment to know if he will be my subway gay partner?

I wanted to ask him to join me for the weekend although, I could have got a negative response, I still went for it, “ I have an apartment in the same area, maybe you can drop by and take a break” I suggested. “Yeah, that would be nice,” he said adjusting the backpack on his shoulders. We spoke until our station arrived and got down together, he started to get more comfortable and less shy by the time we reached my apartment. I asked him to make himself comfortable and handed him a non-alcoholic beer, ” I will take a shower and be back in 10, you can use my Netflix until then” I handed him the remote and walked to my room, and hit the shower. It felt good to get my body relaxed under the hot shower, I felt an arm go around my chest, I jumped getting shocked by the sudden contact. I then realized it was Chris, my dream subway gay partner, he had undressed and joined me.

I would have asked him something but before I could speak he shut me with a passionate kiss, he sucked in my lower lip, while our cocks rubbed against each other, getting each other hard and feeling extremely aroused. He was pretty hard and his dick stood up between my thighs, I knelt on the wet floor and rubbed my face on his dick. I took his ass in my palms and sucked his balls at the same time, he moaned, I touched his inner thighs and sucked his balls for a long time. He was fully hard now, I slid my hands towards his asshole and thrust my finger inside, his moans got louder as I rotated my finger and pushed it deeper. He clutched my shoulders to keep him from falling, I licked the tip of his dick and drove my second finger inside his ass hole. I let him go then and we finished our shower together. I gave him a pair of my home clothes and he looked cute in them. We then ordered food and talked more about his college and studies.

Once we were done talking, I asked him to join me in my room. The sexual tension between us had reached a stage where I just wanted him to rip off his clothes and get his skin on mine. Destiny had made us to meet and now he is my subway gay partner. I shut the door behind us, he noticed the hunger in my eyes and came closer to me taking off my clothes slowly while we made lusty eye contact and kissed each other’s soft spots. He knelt in front of me and shoved my dick inside his mouth, it was bigger than his so he couldn’t get it fully inside, I kept pushing slightly deeper with each stroke and tapped his cheeks in sync. The way he sucked me got better by each second and then I let it all out on his face.

“Can I fuck your ass?!” I was afraid it might be his first time and too soon for him but he simply nodded. I guided him towards the bed and stripped his butt naked, he had a beautiful body. I made him lie down and lick his hole for a few minutes to lubricate it. I wanted it to be very smooth and more about pleasure. I slowly pushed my dick inside his anal hole and he grabbed the sheets tightly. We held each other’s gaze for the next 10 minutes while I got deeper inside his hole and his moan turned into pleasure screams, my dick was fully inside his ass and our balls slammed against each other with forceful strokes. I stopped and started kissing him, he had relaxed a lot now from before, as he trusted me. I was surprised when he got up and sat on top of me, getting me hard again. He put my dick inside his asshole by himself and rode me like a pro. I filled it with my cum two more times and then we were super tired to even blink. I held him in my arms and he slept instantly, it was a wonderful night filled with surprises and pleasure with my new gay partner.