The Day I knew I was Bi – Part 5

Helga turned over on to her front and waggled her bottom at Petra and spread her knees wide exposing her wet pussy and pink arse hole. Petra knelt between those lovely legs and put her mouth to work kissing, licking and probing Helga’s lovely bottom bringing moans and high pitched squeals from Helga’s heavy breathing mouth. For me watching Petra’s play it was getting tough leaving myself out of the fun, as Petra bent forward to cover that bottom her own was fully visual to me and her pussy was open a little with droplets of cum leaving a trail on the inside of her thigh. She probed the pink hole of Helga’s arse with her tongue and squeals of delight plus a pushing back onto the tongue were the response from our now very turned on Helga. Have you had a cock in your arse yet, Petra asked Helga, no was the breathless reply, if I make you open and wet with my tongue will you take Jules’s cock up you, Ya, yes she stammered but be gentle with me I think it will hurt. Petra turned and signalled for me to go over to her, she rose and made way for me to stand behind and over the very attractive bottom of Helga, fuck her Jules but be nice and slow she is open a little. My cock so hard and ready after watching the two of them play, had pre cum a plenty on its head and as I straddled her bottom I used it to probe the entrance so wet and pink before me. The first light trust made a small advance and she took in a sharp intake of air, I used my thumb to lightly spread cum from her pussy all round her hole and when I found a blob of thick juice I shoved it in her hole and used my cock as a rod to slide it home. This was better her pain was not stopped but able to force my cock past the tight entrance and work it down the passage lessened it and she relaxed a little. Helga, try and relax you body for me I said, it will make it less of a pain and lead you to learn how to enjoy this option, with that I did thrust my cock down deep into her and she screamed out, but as I moved up and down within her arse her manner changed, more pre cum had been injected from my cock and it now moved freely with the odd slurping sound from her now lube producing bottom. For me it was heaven and Petra was behind me adding her weight as she pushed me down on that willing hole. Yes Helga said I feel you and my arse is giving me sparks of pleasure as you fuck me, her pussy proved the feeling she was enjoying by leaking lots of fresh cum a temptation Petra could not pass. She laid on her back and slid between my legs her tongue already out to lick that wet pussy as I fucked that arse harder and now quicker as I could see Helga reacting to the extra stimulation she was enjoying the pleasures from. Now her bottom was pushing back on my cock and her grunting sounds told both Petra and I she was not far from climax, Petra placed two fingers in her pussy and started to keep time with me in her arse as she finger fucked her into a squirting orgasm half pee half cum and Petra lapped up all she could pulling her bottom down to meet her greedy mouth. I released my load just at that point filling her hole with thick warm cream, another sauce of supply for the mouth and tongue of Petra.

My cock was dully cleaned for me to and I jumped as the head was so alive to the exploration of that wandering tongue. I asked the flat out Helga if she was ok, she looked totally knackered, red faced and still shacking from her ordeal. I want more of that she slowly manage to report, you both make an idea set of lovers for me we must see what fun we can have together, more she could not say as Petra covered her mouth with her cum smeared lips and kissed her hard and with passion. We still had the rest of the night get through and I wanted them both if it were ok, they looked so horny breasts free and trickles of sweat running on to the hard nipples bouncing as the moved.

Chapter 6 to follow again hope you like it. Jules.