My Uncle Caught Me Right Out Of The Shower

I had an uncle who I loved. But, he was always trying to fuck me. When I was young he was always touching me. He would pick me up and touch my pussy inappropriately. Never anything that anyone could see. He would just run his hand inside my panties real quick and touch it. When I was little it just tickled and I never thought much about it.
As I got older he would sneak looks and peeks at me while I was in the shower or bedroom if I was changing clothes, he’d just pop the door open and say, gotcha. There wasn’t any locks on our doors in that house, not even the bathroom. He always meant it to be funny.
He was staying with us while he was looking for a job. He was my mother’s brother.
I was 15 and he was 26. I had already had sex with a couple of guys, so I wasn’t a virgin.
Mom had gone with a girlfriend of hers to a spa for a day of beauty. They would be gone several hours. It was a birthday gift this guy she was seeing got her. Mom and dad had divorced several years before.
My uncle was at work and I was gonna get ready to go out with my boyfriend. I I had taken my shower and had a towel wrapped around me when I heard the door. I was looking for some clothes and then I thought I’d just put my robe on to see who came in the house. Just then my uncle opened my door. I said, “What are you doing home?” He said, “It started raining so we couldn’t pour the concrete.” He
said, “What are you doing?” I said, “I’m gonna a get ready to go out later.” I’m still looking around for my robe in my towel and he goes and jumps in the shower. I found my robe, put it on and sat down to moisturize my body and dry my hair.
I was standing up leaning over blow drying my hair when my uncle came up behind me. He reached around me from behind and put both hands on my breasts. I tried to move away and when I did he pulled on my robe and it came undone. He grabbed me again from behind reached around and cupped my pussy sliding a finger through the lips. I pushed his hand away and said, “Blake, what are you doing?”
He said, “I’m just playing with my favorite niece” I sat my blow dryer down. He’s only got a towel around his waist and I can see his dick is getting hard under it.
I said, “Go put some clothes on, I’m not in the mood to play.” He said,” Well, I’m sure you gonna feel like playing when you go out with James, right?” I said, “Maybe, I don’t know” I’m not sure what we’re gonna do.” I start over to my closet when he grabs me and pulls me down on the bed. He’s on top of me and holding my arms down by my side with his arms and spreading my legs apart with his knees. I feel his dick flop down against my inner thigh next to my pussy.
I said, “Blake, you need to get off me, right now.” He said, “No, my beauty, I need to put my dick in you and fuck you.” Of course my robes open from the waist down and I’m feeling his naked body against me.
I’m struggling to get my arms out of his grasp and trying to close my legs but he just spreads them further apart with his knees and now his dick is touching my pussy.
I said, “Blake, you’re my uncle and we can’t do this.” He starts pushing his dick into me. I’m trying to scoot away. He’s got his arms on the outside of my arms when he puts his hands under my shoulders and pulls me down with his hands on top of my shoulders. I couldn’t move. When he did that he pushed his dick inside of my pussy lips.
I’m saying, “Blake, no, don’t.” He stopped, looked at me and said, “I’ve waited years to get in this position and I’m not stopping now.” Then he held onto my shoulders and rammed his dick in me.” He started fucking my pussy fast and hard. At that point I stopped fighting him.
He had a bigger dick than James, that’s for sure. It had to be close to 9 inches cause James’s was 7 and a half. Oh my gosh, he was feeling so good. I’m wondering why I had been fighting him. If I’d only known, I thought to myself. He let go of my shoulders when I quit fighting him and he opened up the top of my robe and started sucking my breasts. I relax my legs and start fucking him back. He reached under my butt with each hand on my ass and lifted it up and fucked me so good.
He said, “Your pussy is good pussy.” He said, “I knew it would be, but I wanted to be the first to fuck you.” I said, “You did?” “I never knew.”
Then he pulled out of me and straddled my breasts pulled his dick up to my mouth and said, “Suck it.”
I opened my mouth, he stuck it in and I started sucking his very nice dick. He was moaning, telling me what a good little cock sucker I was. He started pushing it down into my throat. I was gagging and he didn’t seem to care. He would pull it out so I could get a breath then push it right back down my throat as far as he could. I couldn’t breath or even gag at that point. I finally got my arm free and pushed him back and he pulled out. When he did he cum a little in my mouth.
He laid beside me and put three fingers in my pussy and started fucking me with his hand. He did it real fast and made me cum all over his hand, me and the bed. I had never cum like that before.
He did that 3 more times and I said, “You’ve gotta stop, I can’t stand anymore.”
He kissed me then got up and told me to bend over the bed. I got up, dropped my robe and bent over. He stuck his dick in me and made me cum again. He fucked me so hard and I loved every minute of it.
His dick started getting harder and I knew he was gonna cum. He grabbed my hips pulled into me as far as he could and shot several streams of cum in my pussy. He was sliding in and out of my cum filled pussy saying, “Oh, well, that was well worth waiting for.”
We clasped on the bed, laying there spent. I couldn’t believe how good he made me feel. I wanted to fuck him again, already.
Mom called and said she was gonna go meet her boyfriend for dinner and she would be sleeping over at his place tonight. I said, okay.
I told Blake and he said, “Why don’t you break your date with James, tell him you don’t feel good and you’re going to bed?”
I said, “Okay I will.”
We fucked all night. And, we still fuck all these years later. My husband knows how close I am with Blake. Blake makes excuses to his wife so he can pop over for a quickie especially when my husband’s out of town.
I love his dick. My husband isn’t as big as Blake so I like it when Blake comes by and sticks his in me.
I often think about Blake fucking me and me sucking my husband.
I don’t know if that will ever happen, but it’s nice to think about.