Neurophile (part 3)

Chapter 3: Dekkuf

“You were thinking about calling weren’t you?”

I snapped my head to see the strange man. “You. H-how did you get in here?”

“You’re having a mid-life crisis and you’re worried about how I got through your unlocked door?”

“I–” I began, but I soon realized his logic. I didn’t invite him, but I was not angered by his intrusion. I was really more curious as to why. “Why are you here?”

“I’m here to offer you the opportunity of a lifetime. You’ve had a mostly crummy life, Craig. I want to help you.”

“Who are you?”

“My apologies, my friend. The name’s Dekkuf.” He offered a handshake.

I hesitantly accepted and stared in wonderment as I asked, “Are you a god, or… a devil?”

“Oh, nothing so grandiose,” he started, ending the handshake. “I’m an alien to your world, Craig. I come from a distant galaxy.”

“But, you look and feel like a human. Do other aliens look just like us?”

“No. My true form is very alien to yours, and the universe is filled with a multitude of sapient species of many forms.”

“I’m guessing your species doesn’t have a prime directive then.”

“Oh, we do, but it’s okay to bend the rules sometimes.”

“So, you’re an alien, huh?” I did my best to sound incredulous, but I think I was already believing him.

“You want some kind of proof, is that it?”

Before I could respond, he had quickly morphed into Bridget. “What the f–?”

He sounded just like her as she spoke, “Perhaps you prefer this form. What do you think?” she asked, striking a pose.

She giggled, quickly turning back into him giggling. I was thoroughly convinced. “So… why me? There has to be some homeless guy more deserving than me.”

The man sighed and briefly glanced away. “As far as we understand the universe, awards and punishment are rarely given to those that deserve it. Take your Tom Brady for example. He and others on the team have been caught cheating more than once and they still have more titles than every other team.”

“Shit, I won’t argue that. I’m still sore about the last time we faced them in the Superbowl.”

That made him chuckle. “Look, Craig. Don’t bother yourself with the semantics. I’ll have you know, you were among a few chosen from thousands of those that were considered.”

“Well, that’s certainly flattering. What exactly are you offering me?”

“A chance at full control.”

“Full control of what?”

“Your life, my friend.”

“Yeah, but, how does that work?”

“That card in your hand is a special piece of technology. Perhaps a demonstration is due.”

I swallowed hard not knowing what to expect, and I watched in awe as he morphed into an alien form. It was taller now and looked more feminine. It had two large breasts on its torso, but had no arms. Instead of legs, there were dozens of tentacles, many of which it held upright. The face was humanoid, but the creature was a light purplish color.

“I am a terramorph, and this is my true form.”

“So, you’re really a female?”

“My species is both.” It was then that one of the tenacles began to rise, and it looked like a penis. It was huge. Another tentacle grabbed the card from me suddenly and I jumped back a bit. I watched it affect the card somehow and then it smiled at me. “Now strip.”

I went to say no, but I suddenly began to disrobe. I didn’t question why, and for some reason, I wanted to do it. In fact, I was happy to do it.

“Now, lay on the counter and bare your asshole to me.”

Again I did as was told and without question and with great joy. My cock even began to get hard. I held my knees and exposed my asshole as much as I could.

“Very good. I’m going to fuck that virgin ass. You want me to fuck your ass, don’t you?”

I’m sure normally I would’ve been fearful at this point, but I wasn’t. I anxiously waited for that near horse cock to be put inside of me. My cock throbbed at the idea of it. I’ve never wanted someone to fuck my ass, but I couldn’t think of anything better at that moment. “Please, fuck my ass.” The creature lithely moved toward me and I gasped as I felt its cock touch my asshole. I wanted nothing more than for it to be inside of me. I wanted this creature to fuck me until it cums, and I didn’t care why.

Dekkuf thrust forward. I expected pain, but it was the opposite. It felt amazing. The sensations crackled throughout my entire body. It was as though my asshole had become a pussy.

“Oh yes.” Dekkuf said closing its eyes. “Such a nice, tight hole.”

I looked and was surprised to see that it had nearly the whole thing inside of me. I couldn’t believe it was fitting, but I couldn’t have been happier about it. Dekkuf then began to thrust in and out, or at least its penis was. I grunted with pleasure with each full penetration. I had never felt such pleasurable sensations. By now, my cock was raging hard and oozing precum in a steady flow. I went to stroke it, but then for some reason, I chose not to. I watched in awe as Dekkuf’s lips and mouth seemed to stretch until it engulfed my penis and balls. Somehow, the sensations grew much stronger. The absolute best blow job I’ve ever had. Faster and faster its cock pounded me, and better and better the sensations became. I then felt another, much smaller tentacle enter my asshole. It quickly found my prostate and began massaging it. I was paralyzed with pleasure and leaned my head back, my mouth agape. It was soon filled and fucked by another penis-like tentacle. I was in heaven. I’ve never felt this good. I immediately began shooting the biggest load into its mouth. I practically screamed with every spurt, muffled by the tentacle fucking my throat. The tentacles became more furious in their motions, deeper in their thrusts. My orgasm had ended, but my cock remained hard, and I felt like I was due for another one soon.

To my amazement, I could feel both tentacles touching heads inside of me. I didn’t know how it was possible, but the idea sent me over the edge. As my cock pulsed once more, I felt the tentacles do the same, and I moaned with pleasure. I could hear Dekkuf grunting and the thrusting became even more forceful. I was elated to feel the warm liquid filling my insides. It felt so incredible. I didn’t want it to stop. My orgasm had subsided, but my cock remained rock hard. There was no soreness, no pain. The sensations from the blow job still felt incredible. The tentacles continued to pulse, dispensing their seed into my insides. It felt like my entire insides were being filled with it. The warmth increased my pleasure, and with this beautiful creature filling me, I exploded one more time inside its elongated mouth. Pure pleasure.

As my third orgasm came to an end, the tentacles deflated and wriggled out of me and Dekkuf’s mouth returned to normal.

“Mmm, you taste so good, Craig.”

I was in a daze and couldn’t respond. I slowly sat up, but I didn’t feel spent. My cock waned, yet it still felt ready to go. “How… how was that possible? How come it didn’t hurt?”

Dekkuf smiled and lifted the card into my view.

I stared at it in wonderment for a moment. “You mean… that, that was responsible?”

“Like I said, it’s a very sophisticated piece of technology, capable of bringing your wildest dreams to life.”

“How does it work?”

“It controls minds.”

“Huh. But… how did it make it feel good when you fucked my ass? I know that should’ve hurt.”

“In essence, the mind controls all, does it not? Your quantum sciences are catching on to this fact.”

“So, it told my mind to make it feel good. That’s… holy shit.” I said as so many ideas came flooding into my mind, realizing the potential of it. So many deviant thoughts. “Okay, so what’s the catch?”

“You’ve already paid for it, Craig.”

I furrowed my brow in confusion. “Wait, so that demonstration was the payment?”

Dekkuf chuckled. “No. That’s really just a bonus for me. You’ve paid for it with the hardships you’ve had to deal with in your life. You’re a good person, Craig. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been considered.”

“Even with all of my deviant fantasies?”

“Most of your extreme fantasies aren’t that bad, to be honest. You prefer consensuality, and this will make everything you do consensual.”

I looked away as I thought about it and then my face became concerned. “So… what about free will?”

“Remember… I said that rules can be bent sometimes. You have nothing to worry about. There won’t be a backlash of bad karma or anything like that.”

“This is a lot to take in.”

“Oh, come now, Craig, what’s there to think about? All we ask is that you don’t interfere with the progress of your species. Keep your mind control local. If you do get into a situation you don’t think you can handle, just call me. I’ll be here in an instant.”

I don’t know what spurred it, but tears began pouring out of my eyes, and I began to uncontrollably sob. I would’ve crumpled to the floor, but Dekkuf caught me and hugged me with so many tentacles that they covered nearly my entire body. It felt so good. Its breasts were so soft.

“There, there, Craig. I’ve got you.” it said as another tentacle stroked my head.

I didn’t sob for long. Dekkuf’s embrace was so comforting, like a warm cloud. I smiled up at it with teary eyes. In that moment of eye contact with me feeling so vulnerable, my cock became hard again. It must’ve bumped into its pussy because Dekkuf moaned and its body jerked a bit. I suddenly had this fantasy flash through my mind that made my cock throb hard.

“Oh, what a nasty thought, Craig.”

“You can read my mind?” I asked as my cheeks flushed.

“That’s the other feature of this device. It allows you to see the other’s thoughts to help you better control their mind, which sometimes doesn’t need to be controlled.”

“Wow. In the wrong hands that would be dangerous.”

“Tis the reason for our rigorous selection process. Some of the most righteous people are prone to letting power corrupt them, and we have to be careful to weed them out.”

“What was the deciding factor? You know, why you chose me?”

Dekkuf smiled before answering, “It actually came down to the fact that you write out your fantasies. Tracking minds and thoughts over vast distances is such a tedious process. You display it for all to see, anonymously of course, which made it easy for us to assess you in that regard.”

I didn’t know how to feel about that. I’ve always felt that part of me was my evil side, and this mysterious creature is telling me that those fantasies I write, sometimes involving children younger than mine, isn’t that bad. I was floored. And here it was, handing me a key to all of those fantasies and more.

“Now, how about we fulfill that nasty little fantasy of yours.”

Before I could react, the tentacles began moving my body into a horizontal position, pushing my still raging cock into its pussy. They began to thrust my hips up and down, making me fuck Dekkuf. Its pussy muscles felt like a wave, sucking hard on my cock as it came out.

“Oh, yes.” Dekkuf said as it leaned forward, extending its mouth again to kiss me. Its long tongue darting down my throat sometimes. Then its large penis tentacle began to enter my ass. Again it felt so amazing. The magic card made it possible for the tentacle to go all the way through, and I moaned as it came up through my throat and into Dekkuf’s mouth. I closed my eyes and reveled in the feeling. Absolutely indescribable. The tentacle began to fuck my entire body and Dekkuf’s throat as its tongue began to snake the other way. It eventually found my prostate and massaged it. That sent me over the edge. The other part of my fantasy was that I wanted to be able to have an orgasm as long and as powerful as Dekkuf can have. My hips bucked hard, and I grunted muffled moans as my cock filled Dekkuf’s pussy with the longest spurts I’ve ever felt. Each one as long as the first. My whole body contorted, toes curling, and I had to keep from biting down. It was difficult not to as the orgasm felt so strong, each spurt sending a wave of pleasure through me. Spurt after spurt kept coming and I felt and heard Dekkuf moaning as the tentacle-penis began to pulsate, cumming down Dekkuf’s throat. We held that position until our orgasms subsided and Dekkuf gently set me onto my feet. It felt so amazing to be under someone’s complete control. “Mmm, that was particularly nice, Craig. Thank you.”

I was in another daze, amazed at how I remained on my feet. I knew I should’ve been exhausted, but I still felt awake and refreshed. I felt like I was glowing. “That was amazing, Dekkuf. I wish you didn’t have to leave, but I get the feeling you’re a busy person.”

“Oh, you can’t imagine. So, I’m going to tune this to your DNA so that no one else can mistakenly use it. Even still, it’s important for you to keep this out of sight. It’s practically indestructible, so you can put it in your wallet, but you have to keep it within 100 feet for it to work. Are you ready to try it out?”

My head was still a bit swirly, but I understood. “Yeah, I think so. I guess… just let me go get dressed.” I said as I began to walk upstairs.

Dekkuf followed me. “What did you have in mind?”

I hadn’t really thought about it just yet, but the first thing that came to my mind was Bridget. How I’ve longed to have her lips on my cock. “Bridget.”

“Oh, the bartender. She is a delectable choice. I don’t think she’d be at work at this time of day, though.”

“That’s okay.” I said, opening my bedroom door. “She’s had me walk her home a few times. She only lives a few blocks from the bar.”

“How convenient. What is it about her?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, pulling on some slacks.

“You know, what it is that attracts you to her so? I mean, sure she’s beautiful, but there must be something specific I bet.”

I chuckled at that as I buttoned my shirt. “It’s her lips. They’re so luscious.”

“Mmm, nothing like a fat pair of lips at the base of your cock, eh?”

“Fuck, no doubt.”

“You know, that was another factor that separated you from the rest. Your taste in women is immaculate.”

“You think so?”

“Well, your wife is a knockout.”

“Hmh, she is, isn’t she?”

“Aye. Are you ready?”

I was just lacing up my shoes. “Yeah, but uh… do you have a car?”

“No need. Just think of where you want to go, and tell yourself to be there.”

“You’re saying I can teleport with this thing?”

“Absolutely. There is so much to discover, but I will show you a few useful tricks.”

When I looked up, Dekkuf was back in the man’s form. I stood from the bed and concentrated on Bridget’s place. I had never been inside, but I remember the large glass doors at the entrance of her apartment building and I focused on that.

“Good, now take my hand so I can follow.”

I did so and closed my eyes to concentrate harder. When I opened them I was accosted with the sounds and smells of a morning city block. There were several people walking along the sidewalk where we appeared, but none of them seemed to notice, acting as though we had been there all along. “Now that is fucking cool.”

“It is fun. The device won’t allow you to teleport into anyone or a wall and it creates an immediate barrier quickly altering any nearby minds.”

“Damn, it really is sophisticated.” I looked over at the large glass door and saw the magnetic fob strip next to it. “How do you think we get inside?”

“You can always teleport to where you can see.”

“Ah.” I took his hand and told myself to be inside the door and poof, we were there in an instant. The elation of my new-found toy almost made me squeal, but I knew the best was yet to come. I walked over to the mailboxes and looked for her name. “Looks like she’s in 4K.”

Dekkuf smiled and presented the way. I smiled back and headed to the elevator. As we got off on the fourth floor, Dekkuf spoke. “Are you nervous?”

“I’m too excited to be nervous. I feel like that kid that gets the toy he actually wants for Christmas.”

That made Dekkuf laugh heartily. “Trust me. It only gets better.”

We had reached her door. “Hmm. Well, I can’t see inside there. How do you propose we get in?”

“Simple. Just tell yourself that the door is unlocked, and it will be, but just for you in that moment.”

“Damn. I could rob Fort Knox with this thing.”

“And so much more.”

I smiled a big goofy smile before looking at the doorknob. I told myself it was unlocked, and sure enough, when I tried it, the door opened. That was the moment that the nerves hit, and I froze as the door slowly opened almost all the way. I was in awe at how easy this was so far.

“Shall we?”