The walk down town

Well I like to walk sometimes but I also like to get my cock sucked by a gay guy so I walk down there by the levee I know I can I know I can get my cock sucked there oh how much I love to get my cocks up by a man I don’t think I’m really gay I like it when a man sucks oh I love it so much when he just touches my balls but his tongues and he takes my cock in his mouth and it sucks around the rim and it feels so good I’m just going right now just talking about it it’s a true story and I love have food can you tell me where I can go get head from a man I like it it’s just something about a man when he sucks my cock and that this oh just does everything for me I don’t even want a woman to suck my cock it’s a man knows how to do it I go down there at least three times a week sometimes I get an older guy he really knows what to do then I find this young twink looking guy and I like to f*** him in his a******* real hard so if you don’t like to get your cocks up by a man you’re not getting your cock sucked oh I love it who I’m coming your way I’m coming now oh oh yeah oh yes suck it baby suck it oh oh you b**** oh suck it