Next Door

Adam was a sixteen year old out of control boy, he smoked weed and drank cheap cider, his girl friend Dawn who was the same age as what Adam was just as bad as what he was, his neighbours tried to avoid meeting him in the street because of his foul mouth, he would often call them dirty smelly Paki’s, Abdul who was four years younger than what was often called back saying we are from Bangladesh not Pakistan which would annoy Adam, but Adam never got violent. It was a weekend when Abdul was sat on his garden shed roof, Adam was alone in his house, his parents had gone to stay with his granddad who would not let Adam in the house because of his bad ways. Abdul could see Adam as he moved about his lounge and soon realised that he was stoned again. Adam who did not know he could be seen started to undress and was soon naked, Abdul smiled and called his twin sister who he had nicknamed nip when she climbed onto the shed roof Abdul pointed to Adam and when nip saw the naked Adam with his seven inched soft dick flopping around her eyes went wide and she said ” his cock is massive ” Abdul and nip lay on the shed roof watching Adam and when his dick suddenly grew to a nine inch erection nip could hardly believe what she was seeing, Abdul saw Dawn walking down the street and thought this could be fun. The twins watched as Dawn walked down the garden path and into Adam’s house, as soon as Dawn walked into Adams lounge he walked up to her and hugged her, then while Dawn had her back to the window Adam slid he jumper up over her head and off revealing her bare back, he then slid Dawn’s jeans down and after a struggle got them off leaving Dawn naked, Abdul looked at Dawn’s bare bum thinking cool wish I was in there with them, when Dawn turned revealing her naked body Abdul looked first at her ample boobs noticing the erect nipples, then down at her hairless smooth love tube which Adam soon started to rub, after a few minutes Adam lay dawn down on the floor and knelt between her open legs, the twins watched in awe as Adam started pounding into Dawn, Abdul said ” yeah fuck the bitch ” after five minutes Adam pulled his dick from Dawn’s love tube and squirted his cum in three spurts over Dawn’s body before laying on the floor beside her. The twins climbed off the roof hardly believing what they had just watched and hoping for a replay.