Nice View

It was another very hot day, the country was going through a heat wave, for just over a month the weather had been very hot, a hose pipe ban had been put into place because there was a shortage of water, rivers and lakes were drying up which was a disappointment to many people as they now had no where to go for a cool swim, the swimming pool and most public buildings had been closed due to the excessive heat. The residents of a small country village that house just over five hundred people were suffering because of the heat, roads were melting which meant that delivery vehicles could not get through so there was no ice cream or soft drinks, the village pub was running out of beer, the residents of the village were wearing as little clothing as they could so they could stay cool. Sixteen year old Sharon lived at the far end of the village where there was only one other cottage sixty four year old Abdul a convicted sex pest lived in that cottage and spent a lot of his time in his garden. Sharon’s mum was away staying with her sister leaving Sharon on her own to look after the cottage. Abdul was in his garden when Sharon walked out of the cottage into hers, she was wearing a tee shirt and baggy shorts as she walked she dropped something bent down to pick it up, as normal Abdul was watching her and got a pleasant surprise, the top of Sharon’s tee shirt fell forward, Abdul saw down the top getting a clear view of Sharon’s bra less boobs, Abdul sat admiring Sharon’s naked ample boobs noticing that her nipples were erect, after a few minutes Sharon stood and went in side thinking to herself hope he has a good view. Later that night there was a loud crack of thunder followed by lightening then the rain started to fall lightly then got heavier until it was raining very. Abdul was looking through the window of his kitchen and saw Sharon come out of her cottage and start dancing in the rain, Abdul smiled when he saw Sharon’s tee shirt become totally see through because of the rain her ample boobs were fully visible soon her shorts were the same showing her cute bum and smooth love tube, Abdul could hardly believe his eyes, after a few minutes Sharon went inside the cottage leaving the door open Abdul watched in awe as Sharon took her tee shirt and shorts off and stood naked, to his joy Sharon started to rub her love tube and after a minute or two was stood fully masturbating, Abdul stood watching from his window thinking I will wake up in a minute, after five minutes Abdul saw Sharon buckle at the knees and fling her head back and realised she had cum. Sharon closed the door went to her room and as she drew the curtains saw twelve year old Adam in the bushes watching the cottage and thought cool watched by two people at the same time.