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I was what people would call a feminine teen 16 yrs old since I was smooth and hairless and tan. I always wore feminine girls shirt and shorts and panties. I was afraid to wear mascara or eyeliner and lipstick. My hair was halfway down my back. My ears pierced and always wore earrings plus eyebrows done feminine.
One morning I got up put on very tight shorty shorts over a thong very tight crop top tank top. Booty socks and tennis shoes. I went jogging I was about 5 miles from home on a very rural road. Well I stopped to take a break. When a old beat up car stopped by me. A older gentleman asked if I was ok. I said yes I was just resting. I could tell he was checking me out very much. We talked for a couple of minutes then he left. Well I got a mile more down the road and he was pulled off to the side. I went up to the car and asked if he was ok . He said yes but he said that he I hope that I didn’t get mad but I look very feminine for a boy. I asked him if it was a problem. He said not at all. He asked me few more questions.
After a few minutes I got into his car with him. He said that he knew of spot couple of miles away that was off the road. He said that he would love to talk to me more. I said ok . Well on the way there he felt my smooth tan legs and belly even rubbing his under the elastic waist band of my shorts. Then under my crop top. He was driving very slowly. Then he moved his hand back to my legs and tried to get under my shorts thru legs but they were to tight. I asked him if he wanted me to take off my top and shorts. He smiled and said he would like that if I wanted to. So I took my crop top off and then my shorts and thong. He said that he that I was so sexy and smooth and hairless everything. He said that he thought it was very brave of me to be feminine and myself. He said so do you like men also. I said I do very much. He said do you like kissing and making out and sucking cock. I said yes. Then he put his hand between my legs and rubbed my boy pussy and said do you like having a cock in here. I said yes, then I asked him if he liked boys like me. He said yes he did an asked me why do you want us to be very naughty. I said yes if he wants to. He said yes but what time do I have to be home. I said when I get back no time.
We pulled off the road to a very secluded place very well hidden from everything. As soon as we parked he got out an immediately stripped his clothes off . He pushed me down on my back on the seat. He got on top of me and we started to kiss and make out . The longer we did make out the horney he got an the more I was too. I was rubbing his hairy chest and kissing. Then he got up and pulled me up. His hard thick 7 inches cock in my face . I opened my mouth talking in between my lips and started sucking him. I deep throated him every single time. Then he started fucking my mouth after a few minutes he moaned shooting his hot load down my throat and in my mouth. I swallowed it all. He got back in the car he had me sit sideways on his lap.
Sitting on his lap and my head on his shoulder he was rubbing my hair and kissing me. He started sucking on my neck hard leaving hickey’s. He said to me that I was young and sexy and very gay. I said thank you. He started to get hard he had some lube in his glove box and I lubed up my boy pussy. He wasn’t completely hard but just enough to get the head of it in me as. I was sitting on lap the harder he got the deeper his cock went in me. Soon he was completely hard me riding his cock slowly moaning loudly in pleasure. He said oh yes babe you love it so much I said do to . He kept kissing me too. Well after about thirty minutes he shot his seed deep inside of me making me moan loudly. He kissed me passionately and said so you like being fucked also and I said yes I do could be All day long.
After a few minutes we got of the car. He asked me if I wanted to go for a nude walk. I said yes . We walked down a trail came to a open field . But the grass was cut he asked me if I wanted to go back to the car. I said that it was up to him. He said well we are nude and said that someone might see us. I said that was ok because I don’t have a problem with it. We walked across the field. Holding hands on the way when we got there we had only got into the woods few yards and there was a old man standing there watching us off the trail. We stopped and kissed squeezing my bare ass. Then he whispered in my ear telling me to call him grandpa. He said to me so the other guy could hear he said who knew that my grandson would be so smooth and hairless and so feminine and gay. Then he kissed me passionately.
I then kiss my way down his chest and kissed his cock before taking it in my mouth and slowly sucking it. After a few minutes he pulled me up and bent me over a log slide his cock in my boy pussy and started to fuck me. I moaned in pleasure as he fucked me and then we went back to the car.