No time for pimps the end

I have no time for little bitches! ? Is why do these haters keep reading my stories if my writing is so shitty. I know you are thinking maybe this time it’s actually readable maybe he’s got better. I understand I really do, sorry to disappoint you but my writing is still the shits. Harry look over at of his life, naked in bed with a old motherfucker and strung out on drugs, only God knows what all she has in her system. Harry look over at the night stan to see a half drank bottle of bourbon, so Harry thinking to himself, she high and drunk to. The love of his life, just broke his heart, Harry.looks over at the man who took his Lynn away. Harry once again looks over at his hearts desire laying naked. In this goes bag hotel. His image of his Lynn, his Angel, blown by some dam monkey boy named of all things Jelly. LOL! Harry thinks him self, Monkey boy has that dam 32. Harry picks up the old man’s pants and throws them at the, Harry tell the old man to get dress. Sad part to all of this is Harrys love of his life Lynn is so dam high at drunk she doesn’t know what the fuck is going on. Harry looks over again at Jelly. Harry thinks to himself dam monkey dress between a peacock and a rooster. LOL. Harry keeps his beloved black Beth aimed at Jelly. Harry walks over to the open window, he sees author down by the dumpster looking up he waved at Harry. The old man leaves. Harry walks over to Jelly,. puts Black Beth away grabs Jelly by his neck, Jelly give a little help out from the pain. Harry gives one more look at the love of his life. Then take Jelly’s ass over to the window. Harry say, you dam Monkey you tooled my one true treasure, The only thing I truly cared about away from me and turned her into a hooker
And with that being said Harry throws Monkey boys ass out of the window, Monkey boys bitch ass.screams all the way down and Lands in the dumpster on a pile of shit. Author looks up Harry another perfect 3 point landing, Monkey boys screaming snaps Harrys Lynn out of it
Lynn looks over and sees Harry. Lynn says, Harry. Harry said, yeah.lets get you home. Harry helps Lynn.down.stairs. puts Lynn into the truck. Walks over to the dumpster pulls out Black Beth cocks her and put it to the back of Jelly head, and said, you have 15 mins to get your monkey ass out of town, do you understand bitch..Jelly, nods his head yes. Harry goes and.gets into the back and take his Lynn. home.harry gives her a 1000 dollar s.
Sadly a few years ago Harry lost the love of his life Lynn
There is an old saying, don’t let the street swallow you up, and chew you up and spit you back out.. which is what happen to the love of Harry life. RIP my Alice Lynn.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅