Flashers Double Surprise

At seventeen years of age Colin was not very well liked or trusted, he was a flasher, he lived in a small English town with his gran, his mum and dad had thrown him out of home when he was sixteen years old and had been living with his gran for just over a year, he was bi sexual and flashed at both boys and girls, he had found that living with his gran was good because he did not get so much trouble from people, he thought this was because they did not want to upset his gran who was ninety three years of age. It was a Saturday afternoon and as was normal on a Saturday his gran had some of her friends from the pensioners club round for afternoon tea, Colin was in his room when he left it to go to the toilet he saw the lounge door was open and Dawn who was five years younger than what he was sat in the arm chair opposite the door, Colin knew her gran was in having tea, Colin had flashed Dawn a couple of days ago and had liked the way she stared at his dick, When Colin came out the bathroom he got a pleasant surprise Dawn was sat in the arm chair her legs slightly apart and he could see up her denim skirt, she was not wearing any panties and he could see her love tube, Colin slowly walked to his room admiring the site of Dawn’s love tube. In his room he heard the door to the yard slam shut then from his window he saw Dawn in the garden sitting on the garden bench her legs apart her love tube on view she was looking straight at his window, Colin watched Dawn as she got up from the bench and walk to the side of the garden shed, he knew that nobody could see her there except from his window once there Dawn raised the back of her skirt showing her naked bum, Colin smiled and when Dawn turned and lifted her tee shirt showing her developing boobs Colin smiled even more, after a few minutes Dawn went into the house, After a hour Colin’s gran came to his room and told him they were going for a walk and that Dawn had fallen asleep and not to wake her, ten minutes after his gran and her friends had gone out Colin heard Dawn go into the bathroom he went to the lounge and smiled when he saw her clothes on the floor, Colin went back to his room where he stripped naked then went back to the lounge where he saw Dawn laying naked on the sofa rubbing her love tube she looked at his nine inch erection and said no touching me ” Colin looked at her budding boobs noticing her erect nipples and started to stroke his dick, he saw Dawn watching him her fingers now inside her love tube after a few minutes Colin saw Dawn’s back arch and her gush not long after Dawn dressed saying ” I like being watched as well ” as she did, not long after she had dressed Dawn left the house, Colin went and dressed, not long after Sara who lived in the house next door and was three years younger than what he was and who he had flashed twice knocked on the door, when Colin opened the door he saw Sara had his gran’s bag in her hands he also noticed that she had pokies, Sara just walk straight in the house where she told Colin that a friend of his gran had fallen over and had been taken to hospital and that his gran had gone with her, Colin kept looking at Sara’s pokies, then suddenly Sara lifted her tee shirt exposing her naked ample boobs, saying that is what is under there, Simon reached out and cupped Sara’s boobs, Sara did not move instead she said ” who said that you could feel my tits you fucking pervert ” Colin just smiled, Colin started to massage Sara’s boobs saying nobody said that I could not touch them, he then stopped rubbing Sara’s boobs bent his head forward and started licking her nipples as he did he pushed her joggers and panties down and stared to rub her love tube which he found was wet, Sara just stood still, Colin got her down on the floor where he completely stripped her then carried on sucking her nipples which had become very erect, after five minutes Colin stood up looked down at Sara and smiled at her then stripped naked, Sara looked up at him and parted her legs, Colin knelt down on the floor between Sara’s legs then after rubbing her love tube for a couple of minute bent forward and slowly slid his throbbing dick into her love tube, as Sara felt Colin’s dick slide up her moist love tube she let out a deep moan, Colin pushed his dick in as far as he could get it causing Sara to groan out even more, Colin then started to push his dick in and out of Sara’s love tube pushing in as deep as he could, he soon heard Sara groaning deeply and then after a few minutes Colin felt Sara cum, as she did Sara cried out yes yes yes, Colin carried on pushing his dick in and out of Sara’s love hearing Sara groan as he did then after another ten minutes Sara cried out again as she climaxed for the second time, not long after Sara had climaxed for the second time Colin pulled his dick out of her love tube and squirted his cum in four spurts over her body then lay down on the floor beside Sara who was still breathing heavy, after a few minutes Sara stood and went to the bathroom, when she returned she started to dress saying I been stripped and fucked by the pervert, as she did, when Sara left Colin said to her ” come again only bring a friend ” as she walked away Sara thought I will come again and I got two friends who will come with me so I hope that you will be able to manage three girls.