The queen’s slave

Once upon a time me (David) and my two friends Allen and blade were fishing in the sea . Suddenly there was a storm and the next thing I remember is being washed up on a shore. I was dizzy and can’t remember much and the next time when I opened my eyes I was on the floor of a big endless hall .I woke up and tried to stand . When I looked forward there was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life sitting on a throne like a queen. She was wearing a blue dress with full sleeves on one hand and no sleeves on the other hand with a tight half finger glove . She had big breasts I could clearly see the shape of her breasts because of her tight blue leather top . Her curves were just unreal and I coulden’t believe my eyes . Her waist was so thin that I could literally grab her waist with my one hand .Her waist was covered by a blue ribbon kind of stuff . Below the ribbon there was a very short skirt vertically half white and other half translucent blue . I can’t get the thought of those thick thighs out of my mind they were something out of this world . Below that she was wearing a very high and pointy blue heels and the tone of skin between that short skirt and those high heel was even more white that milk .The symmetry of her face was like as perfect as possible . She had long hairs till the end of her short skirt and the shade of her hair was blonde on the top and after midway the shade was pink in color . She was the most perfect being to ever exist in this world and I was just mesmerized with her beauty . I was just laying down on the floor in front of her . She stood up from her throne and I think she was about 6 feet in height. She started walking towards me . I could hear the sound of her high heels as she was walking towards me “tik tok tik tok….” . She came near me and told me to kneel before her . I stood up and told her “why the hell would I do that ? and laughed at her” . She then laughed at me and said “I think I need to teach you a lesson…”. After that I don’t know what happened to my body , suddenly I felt very weak and my dick started getting hard and in no time I was on my knees before her and my body was paralyzed .It was like she was controlling my body. She said “Good job slave” . Then she tied a neck band on my neck and tied a rope to it and attached the other end of the rope to the chain which was hanging from the blue ribbon on her waist. Then she said “pony now…” . All of a sudden I put my hands on the floor and I was like an animal on 4 legs . She sat on my back like a queen and ordered me “Walk now … slave” .I just coulden’t control my body and my body was responding itself . I had no control over my Body and my body was working at her commands . It was as if I was under her control . I walked and walked and reached a room . From the room a girl came out and bowed before the girl who was sitting on me and said “What can I do for you my queen ?” . The girl on my back(Queen) said “teach this slave a lesson for me , I have some other things to attend ….”

To be continued.