Office, Sexual Fetish Morale Officer – Part One

She walked around the office like anyone else would. Confident, purpose driven as she carried out her various jobs assigned to her. But at the same time, her second job was enacted at the same time. No undie seams could be seen against her black, summer skirt as she wore none, as such was part of her second job. She had managed to normalize her walking as her very own bum hole had finally come to adjust to the circular object lodged firmly in place and glued there by some type of skin glue. The glue itself had a natural dissolving agent which was held by her boss as was the remote he carried with him. With a flick of a switch he could open or close her back passage and control how wide her bum would stretch. She could manage the walking with an object lodged up her bum but learning to walk and work with her colleagues with a gaping bum hole, took more of her concentration. Leaning over her colleagues shoulders in helping them out with issues, she quite often than not stood there with her rectum wide open, a gaping hole covered only by her skirt. If that were to fail, anyone could see into the depths of her very own bum. Walking with her gaping hole was difficult. Finding a walking stride that didn’t allude to anything kinky was difficult. Bit by bit, she began to find her stride that concealed her anal activities with the fact that she had no control over her own bum hole and the fact it was being taught and retrained into a hole that would become wider and wider. When she sensed that her body had begun filling her hole with poo (naturally) she would text her boss so he would shut her hole till she was full. Then, sitting on the toilet, text him again to open her bum so she could relieve herself, the poo dropping naturally with her bum wide open. The boss had special adaptions made to all the toilets, with a freshwater hose running to the handle of a toilet brush in every cubicle. Everyone thought it was to help the cleaners, but it was in fact done to accommodate her bum hole. The company notice read:

To ensure the toilets in which we use is cleaned well and maintained to company standards, we have installed these toilet brushes as a trial. Please use them after yourself. In the case of the smaller toilet holes, push a little deeper but it should still do the trick.

It was an open notice to all, emailed and printed to everyone. Unaware they were also reading the inference to Rachael’s own bum hole; she knew exactly what it also meant. After her bowl movement was complete, she reached around the back of the toilet and grabbed the brush, turning the tap on. Water slowly crept out the end as she positioned it at her holes entrance over the toilet, then pushing it in slowly. The cool water was nice though the bristles (stiff as they were) pushed and prodded their way all over her anal passage, removing any leftover sediment with ease.

Hearing the running water and Rachael’s soft groan at the bristle’s intrusive prodding, Susan lifted her own undies having wiped her bum clean in the next cubicle.

‘I hear you’re using the new toilet brush, Rachael, nice work!’ Susan said sarcastically as she pulled her dress down and flushed the toilet. As the water took her poo away she noticed her own marks left on the bowl. ‘Great, now I have to use this stupid thing,’ she said allowed as she reached behind the toilet and grabbed the brush off the floor. Turning the water on, she pushed the brush in and down against the bowl where her poo sat stuck.

‘I am not a cleaner, I shouldn’t have to do this!’ She exclaimed as she raised the brush out of the water having wiped her own mess clean off the bowl.

Another groan was heard softly, a little perplexed by it, she assumed Rachael must be annoyed too and stood on the toilet seat to peak over.

‘Oh wow!’ Susan said in complete shock as she saw Rachael bent over with her bum facing the toilet, skirt had been removed and the toilet brush inside her bum hole. Rachael looked up to see Susan’s face fixated on her asshole. She then quickly disappeared.

‘I can explain,’ Rachael called out, growing red in the face, embarrassed as she stood up quickly and pulled the brush out, water slipping out her gaping hole into the toilet. Susan stood there stunned, not sure what to think. Rachael nocked on the toilet door, Susan, let me explain she said a little dramatically. Rachael couldn’t afford this to become public and needed Susan to keep it quiet, desperately. Still in a state of shock, Susan unlocked the door and stood face to face with Rachael. She had pulled her skirt back on and had her bag with her.

‘Susan, just read this note which will explain everything,’ Rachael said, handing her a piece of paper. Still holding her toilet brush, Susan grabbed the note and began to read. Signed by their boss was Rachael’s second job title (Morale Officer) and how it was performed using her body, orifices, in any way to help and support struggling colleagues and keep morale high. Anything could be done to her. Listing her wage and medical entitlements as well, Susan looked up at Rachael with a mystified look. ‘You’re rich by giving your body to the company?’

‘Yes I am.’

‘Does it hurt?’ Susan’s eyes drifted down Rachael’s body.

‘Yes, sometimes. Part of the job,’ Rachael replied.

‘Do you enjoy it?’

‘Yes and no. Somethings are easier or harder than others. Like any job really,’ Rachael finished.

‘So… the toilet brush up your bum…?’

‘I have a device fitted to my bum hole that opens and closes it. Short story, I was cleaning myself out as I am left open otherwise.’ Rachael said with a smirk. She had never told anyone the state of her bum and she found it strangely a little erotic.

‘So your bum… is currently open?’ Susan said quizzically.

‘Yes it is, very wide actually,’ Rachael could see Susan was very interested so she stepped forward and closed the cubicle door. Susan was the bubbly woman in the office, petite with blonde hair and desirable figure. Extremely smart, a lot of men and women had lusted and masturbated over her. And here she was, in a toilet cubicle with another woman as Rachael dropped her skirt. Susan hadn’t seen another naked woman before, and she gasped a little. Slowly, Rachael turned around, revealing her smooth bum cheeks set apart. Bending over, she revealed her gaping hole. Susan gasped loudly at the incredible sight in front of her. A woman’s bum hole stretched wide open, dripping clean water outlined with a silver ring which was the device responsible for the incredible sight.

‘Wow, just wow,’ Susan managed to say as curiosity got the better of her and leaned in. Looking further down Rachael’s anal hole, the moist inside moving like a pulse each time Rachael breathed in and out. An anal hole displayed as the erotic tunnel that it was, looking into the depths of Rachael’s sexuality opened, welcoming. Her inside curved and moved; her colon entrance exposed as the portal to the depths of her hole. Susan started to become excited and nervous at the same time at what she was witnessing, suddenly becoming away again that she was still holding the toilet brush, the water off long ago. She looked at it then Rachael’s hole.

‘So, I could push this brush up your bum if I want and you have to take it?’ She asked nervously, a hint of shyness at the thought of doing something so sexually raw and intense to another women.

Rachael looked over her right shoulder, the brush held in Susan’s hand still held evidence of Susan’s bowl movement.

‘Yes,’ Rachael took a deep breath,

‘you can push it up my bum and I would take it,’ she finished, biting her lower lip.

Susan’s eyes grew wide. This was not part of her usual sexuality but circumstances surrounding her elicited a response that tapped into her sexuality, her drive. Her heart began to pound and she started to sweat as she positioned the brush at the woman’s anal hole. With a deep breath she began to push. Slowly as first as she remained opened eyed as she witnessed the dirty brush move into the bum hole.

‘I can’t believe I just used this on the toilet and now I am pushing it up a woman’s bum hole!’ She accidentally said loudly.

She pushed a little harder making Rachael groan. Susan had become a little more excited at what she was doing, what was happening to this bum hole. It was so naughty, dirty, filthy, unthinkable! And yet, here she was, pushing a toilet brush up a woman’s bum hole.

Rachael kept her composure. With the brush up her bum, she knew it would be leaving remnants of Susan’s poo inside her hole.

‘I am so dirty,’ she thought to herself as she heard the morale of Susan lift. All due to what she was doing to Rachael’s bum hole.

It had been a week since Susan was in the cubicle with Rachael, but she was still awe struck at what she was able to do. It was incredible and crazy and yet, exhilarating. She caught herself fantasizing a little at her desk, the financial reports in front of her as Rachael walked past with an armful of files. Looking up she caught Rachael’s eyes,

‘are you open?’ Susan said with a wicked smile.

‘Wide open,’ Rachael replied as she continued to walk. Both were turned on by their brief dialogue in public, turned on by their disguised reference to her asshole stretched wide open.

Rachael walked into the conference room and began to set the files out at everyone’s spot on the table. The meeting would be run by herself with ten senior advisors from each division in the company. She was a little nervous as her presentation was focused on optimizing work efficiency and morale in employees. Having set each file down, she then began installing a red button for each person on the table then connecting it to a center console that ran a thick red wire directly to her standing position at the end of the table, disappearing over the edge and down onto the floor. Her black skirt sat just above her knees as she reached underneath and grabbed a hanging wire. It was attached to a black device on a belt under her clothes, the wire, she connected to a one coming out of the black box on the floor. This was the terminal that had the red wire from the table connect to with another wire coming out the left running straight to a power point. The box had four settings with a voltage mark beside it. Rachael knelt in front of it and flicked the side switch to on. Then, taking a breath she flicked the switch to the first voltage. The initial voltage pulsed through the wire; her body jolted a little with the shock before stopping as the set voltage awaited a red button push. Beneath her clothes, various body parts were wired to be shocked in front of her colleagues without their knowledge. The biggest electrode sat in the form of a butt plug fully stretching her rectum wide and deep. The second largest sat firmly up her vagina, wires hanging from them all to the black distribution box on her hidden belt. She took a breath and moved the switch to the second voltage, again all electrodes received an initial pulse, shocking her body parts. She rolled on the floor, the wire clearly emanating from between her legs as she grasped her vagina and bum. It was a large shock that was sent to her privates, a pain that was centered at locations for specific reasons. She slowly rolled onto her stomach and onto her knees again before she switched it to the fourth and most potent shocks. She lurched forward and gripped the edge of the table and her vagina as the electricity did its thing to her body. Her bum hole twitched and so did her vagina at the pain delivered.

‘What’s with the buttons,’ a familiar voice announced a colleague’s presence. She looked up suddenly to see John had walked through the door and thankfully set up camp at the end of the table, missing her shocking herself.

‘They’re to replace raising your hand to talk, instead you press the button when you want to talk,’ she said as she looked down to move the switch to the first voltage. This time, it didn’t move. It was stuck no matter how hard she wiggled the switch with her fingers it wouldn’t move and now more colleagues were arriving.

‘Shit,’ she said aloud.

‘Do you need a hand?’ Emily said as she put her pens and handbag down on the table.

‘No, it’ll be fine,’ Rachael lied as she began to question how she’ll make it through the next hour and half. She stood up, her dress hem line could not be seen from everyone’s position at the table, so no one should see the wire dangling between her legs, she hoped.

Wasn’t long before the meeting was started, and she began her presentation. John had already pressed his button which sent a sharp shock to her left nipple. ‘Ugh, yes John, good question.’ She said as her nipple hurt with residual warmth and dull ache. ‘That is exactly my point. Employees need great incentives from the company if we’re to increase productivity.’ She said with a smile. Her clit received a massive shock which sent her hand instinctively to her vagina. She realized what she had down and covered her slight firm rub into a dusting of some imaginary dust or so. She blushed a little as she continued to talk. Her right nipple received the next shock as Frank asked her to repeat her main point. He was not one to give up on not bend over backwards for others, a selfish man, he was needy. Rachael didn’t like him much. A fifty year old man, pudgy and receding hair line, he definitely had little man syndrome, which made her smile. He zapped her nipple again with another pointless question before Emily cut him off, sending a shock up her bum.

‘Ugh, Yes… thanks Emily for that point,’ Rachael said but Emily wasn’t finished. She pressed her button time and time again as she drew out another question. A faint hum and click could be heard by everyone in the room, no one knowing where it was coming from. Rachael knew, it was coming straight from her asshole, gripping the table to bear the pain. The 10th shock loosened her rectum a little more and her butt plug fell out. A soft thud was heard on the carpet and David looked under the carpet to see what it was.

‘Rachael, you dropped your stress ball,’ he said as he looked at it between her feet.

‘Ah, so I did. I had better pick it up,’ she answered, fear creeping into her voice. ‘I have nothing to hid this in and they’re expecting me to pick it up and present it like anyone else picking up a dropped object…’ she thought with a panic. Looking around the table, she decided she had no choice but to squat and pushed it back up, in front of them discreetly….

‘John, how would you propose the budgeting of systematic analyses concerning employee retention?’ She said, they all looked the other way towards John. She casually squatted down and fumbled for her anal device. Finding it, she gripped the wet, slippery object and moved her arm behind her, as though to stretch. With her dress pulled up at the back, she found her gaping bum hole and pushed against it. Her rectum gave way and it slide back up inside her. She just hoped no questions would be asked about her ‘stress balls’ whereabouts. The attention came back to her again, by this time she was standing again as for another shock was delivered. This time it was Sam, electricity was zapping the inside of her pee hole as an electrode sat up inside the small hole. The time was almost up and the recent shock inside her pee hole let a small dribble of pee down her right leg and onto her black, shiny shoe.

‘Thankyou everyone for coming today, I hope you enjoyed it,’ she said, forcing a smile despite the pain across her body parts.