Turning The Paige

I was 14 and my sister Paige was 8. Her and I were best buds. We would watch wrestling together and wrestle each other. I would go in and watch her bathe and talk to her and play with her. Watching that cute little baldy of hers soak. She made a point to face me when she washed there, playing Miss Innocent. I think she wanted me to touch it as much as I wanted to. I worked up to it slowly.

I would watch sports and she would cuddle up with me on the recliner. I always loved girls butts and hers was no exception. She asked me why I was touching her butt so much.

“It is cute!”, I said, “Look at it.”

She got up off my chest and looked at me shocked. “You are weird. Why would I look my butt?”, she said. Her cute, shocked, face was to much. I laughed my ass off. I pulled her head back to my chest and grabbed her ass hard. “Hey!”, she said and hit my chest. “I am going to tell mom and dad!”, she said with a smile on her face. I knew she was bluffing.

I picked her up and threw her onto the couch. I am “Sudden Rage!”, I said. Saying my wrestling name. She called out her wrestling name, “I am Isis” after the Egyptian goddess. She was laughing hysterically as I picked her up and slammed her down repeatedly. She was cuddly and affectionate but she loved when I was rough with her. I pinned her and won. The game came back on. I picked her up and sat back down on the recliner.

She was more touchy feely now. Touching my face near my eyes being annoying. “I am going to touch your butt again if you don’t stop.”, I said

“Never said I didn’t like it.” She smiled and kissed my chin. I played with her ass as we watched the rest of the game.

After that day she was wearing skirts, a bikini or just her underwear when lying on me. One time she was lying cuddled up with her head on my chest. She was in a bikini and I was massaging her ass. I slid my finger between her legs. She looked up and smiled. “You can rub it. I do it all the time. It feels good. I sometimes dream of you rubbing me there. Dreams do come true.”, she smiled and said and kissed my chin. “I love you!”, she said. I kissed her head and returned the love. I massaged her pussy over her clothes. She rubbed my crotch.

After a couple of minutes she got all frustrated and she said, “Geez! Don’t rub my bikini! Rub my pee pee! What are you so afraid of? It doesn’t bite.” I laughed. She was so damn cute.

“Come on fuck this game lets go into your room.”, I said

She slapped me and called me a potty mouth. I grabbed her butt hard. She hit my chest and was giggling. I laughed and carried her to her room. She hugged my neck the whole way. I slammed her onto the bed. She was laughing.

I opened my pants and took out my dick. She gasped. “Whoa! That is cool.”, she said

“You can touch it.”, I said. She looked at me like I was stupid.

“I know that!”, she said

“I am going to spank that cute little ass of yours if you keep talking to me like that!”, I said. Her sassy level was definitely on the rise.

“Oh gee! Not that! Please not that! I would hate it so!”, she said in a sarcastic voice.

I got closer to her and beat her on the head with my dick. She was laughing. I slapped her cheeks with it. Tears were coming out of her eyes she was laughing so hard. “Stop it! I want to touch it!”, she said in between laughs. She felt it up and studied it now. Picking it up and letting it drop. “I thought it was supposed to stay up?”, she asked

“It gets hard if you play with it. Here..”, I said and showed her how to masturbate me. It got hard.

“That is to fucking cool!”, she said

I corrected her on her language. “You are getting my potty mouth!”, I said to her and smiled. She giggled

“Hey do want to suck it?”, I asked. She shook her head.

“Ok you don’t have to.”, I said. I let the thought simmer in her brain. I learned after time how to control her. It just takes patience but I know she wants to make me happy. She could tell I was disappointed.

I picked her up and slammed her on the bed. I rolled her over and spanked her butt. She was hysterical laughing like a crazy woman. She rolled over and she bent her legs in a defensive position. Kicking me. I tickled her until she gave in. I got between her legs and I lifted her shirt and blew raspberries between her nipples. Down her chest to her belly. Again she was hysterical. She loved her raspberries. I pulled her panties down and blew one on her pubic mound. I licked her pussy. It made her uncomfortable at first. She moaned and twisted away. I just rubbed her pussy.

“Is that what you like little girl? Is it? Do you dream of me doing this to you?”, I said in a funny voice. She laughed hard and slapped me.

“Stop it creep! You are such a weirdo! Lick it again!”, she said

I repositioned and laid next to her so she could play with mine and I could play with hers.

“You know. I am not a weirdo! I was just being funny!”, I said

“Shut up!”, she said and pushed my head into her crotch. I held legs and blew raspberries on her cute little pussy. She was laughing. “Jerk!”, she said. Her legs closing on my head.

I got to work. She told me what felt good and I concentrated on this dot thing she had. Not knowing what a clitoris was. It swelled a little as I licked it. I rubbed my thumb up and down her pussy and found her hole. I stuck my thumb in there. She gasped. “Easy!”, she said. I apologized.

“Yeah yeah! Just get to work!”, she said and giggled. I blew a raspberry on her pussy.

She was moving my dick like she was working a stick shift making engine sounds. “What the fuck are you doing?”, I asked

“I am driving the semi. Like daddy does.”, she said

“And I am the weirdo? Okaaayyyy”, I said

She clamped her legs down on my head tightly. “Be quiet and get to work!”, she said and giggled. I gave her a raspberry again and she laughed. “You are so much fun!”, she said, “I love you.”

She started moaning and getting into my pleasuring her. She sniffed my dick. Studied it and closed her eyes and licked it. She did it again. She finally put the head in her mouth. She was swirling her tongue on the head and then going down on my dick. “There you go! Suck hard on it like a lollipop!”, I said. My head got pushed into her pussy. “Your a bossy little wench!”, I said. She dragged her teeth along my dick. “Okay Okay Okay!!! I am sorry! I love you! I will do what you say!”, I said

I took two fingers and rubbed her swollen clit and jammed my thumb in her harder. “Aw Phil.”, she said. She moaned. Her legs closed and opened and I rubbed and jammed her harder “Phil don’t stop!”, she said. “Awww shit! Phil! Dammit!”, she said. The expletives flew as I brought her into her first orgasm. Her legs clamped on my hand and her body twisted to one side. “Ehhhhhh mmmmmm”, she said. Her pussy became tight, soaking wet and then she just collapsed. I got up and laid next to her. She kissed me. “That was great!”, she said.

“Watch! I want to show you what mine does.”, I said. I hovered over her stomach and chest. I jacked off as she watched. She wanted to do it but I wanted to show her how I came. “Next time. Ok?”, I asked. She nodded

She was watching me stroke my cock. Touching my balls. She touched this spot behind my sack. “Rub there. It feels good.”, I said. She was giggling watching my facial expressions as my orgasm came on. “Aw Paige! I love you!”, I said. My cock erupted. I came all over her chest and chin. She got pissed off. “Aw what the heck? What is that? Gross!”, she said, “You could’ve told me you were going to do that! That is nasty! You are nasty!”

“Calm down! It is sperm! That is what makes your babies.”, I said. I gave the basics on sexual intercourse.

“Taste it.”, I said. She gave me a shocked look again. “I ain’t tasting that! We ain’t doing this ever again either! You screwed that up! This is it!”, she said angrily. I took a finger full and put it to her lips and swished some cum on them. She licked it. She licked it all off.

“Get off me! Stupid jerk!”, she said. She liked it but wasn’t going to give me the victory. She stomped off to the bathroom and cleaned herself up. I smiled knowing I won. I got up and watched her in the bathroom taking finger fulls of it off her chest and eating it.

“Thought you didn’t like it?”, I asked. She jumped and gasped knowing she was caught.

“I don’t. I..I..was just cleaning myself.”, she said

“Uh huh. It comes off with soap and water.”, I said

She smiled and giggled. “I will have to remember that next time. “, she said

“Thought this was it? Thought we were done?”, I asked

She said, “OH SHUT UP!” And hugged me.

“Best buds?”, I asked

“Always!”, she said and we touched fists.