One Hundred and Eighty Days Served

Lexi Jones left the CMCC after serving 180 days, with no where to go,no job and no money,things looked as bleak as the day she got picked up.

Lexi Jones stood outside the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago it was the middle of June and she was dressed in the clothes she wore the day she was arrested in December. Walking to the Discount Mall on Whipple St, she asked a couple of guys passing her on the side walk if she could use their phones to make a local call, but they both blew her off saying they were in a hurry. At the mall she sat down next to a young tattooed white chick who after hearing Lexi’s sob story was happy to hand her her phone .

Lexi called her Mother who said ” she was pleased to hear her daughter had been released but she now had a new boyfriend and it would be to awkward to have her stay there at the moment”. A call to her last room mate where she had left every thing she owned on the day she was arrested resulted in a number not in service and two more calls to her family, the first to her elder sister resulted in a ” sorry you stole from us last time you were here Dave said he never wants you in the house again ” ,followed by a call to her younger sister was about the same result only this time it was Ervan who didn’t want Lexi in there house ever again. The girl sitting next to Lexi put her hand out to take the phone, “I have to go” she said. ” One more call” said Lexi and pushed the numbers of her Stepfathers phone. “Hi it’s me Lexi ” she said, ” how are you” ? ” What do you want” her Stepfather asked briskly , ” I have just got out, I need somewhere to stay” she said ” can I come over “. ” Have you got the rent ” he asked her, ” no” she said ,”then you know the deal, you know where I live and don’t bring any drugs into my house” and the phone went dead . Lexi gave the girl back her phone and thanked her ,she sat there thinking of anyone else she might phone,she had spent her time in the lock up thinking her Mother would welcome her with open arms,seems that was the second biggest mistake of the year.

She caught the bus over to the Austin area where her step father lived, went into the liquor store and bought him a bottle of Captain Morgan rum out of the 60 bucks she had in the world and went to the apartment block where he lived . She groaned to herself as she knocked on the door, her Step Father Kenan opened the door and stepped back to let her in, closing the door and lent forward grabbing her left tit and he squeezed it hard making her say aagghh. ” You alright” he asked her , ” I wondered where your ass had got to ” he said nonchalantly, before going into the kitchen where he took a glass from the cupboard and poured himself half a glass of the rum she gave him before coming back into the sitting room room .

Jeopardy had just started, it was one of his favorite programs he answered just about every question during both rounds , unfortunately mostly always giving the wrong answer, but he seemed happy to guess at anything which made Lexi want to laugh. They sat in silence during Jeopardy but when the news came on he said to Lexi ” did you get you pussy licked in there”. “Yeah” she said ,” I pissed off this bitch the first week I was in there, cunt thought she was dealing with some dumb bitch who was in for the first time “. ” That night the bitch and a couple of her fucking dyke cunt friends came to my bunk dragged me to the floor and said if I made a noise ” she would kick my fucking teeth down my throat ,so after I had finished licking her pussy, her two dyke friends both got on me, one of them thought it was funny to try and get her big old paw into my cunt, it fucking hurt like hell.”

Kenan laughed,” serves you fucking right” he said ” I bet you fucking enjoyed it really “. ” Like fuck I did” she said ,” I need a shower to wash the stink of that place off me and I need to wash my clothes ” she said, ” that bitch Sheila that I used to live with has disappeared and I guess everything I own went with her or in the trash .” ” You know where the washing machine is” he said, ” and I have got a couple of bits in the basket by the door chuck those in with yours will you ” ?

She stood in the kitchen and stripped off her clothes, put them in the front loader,naked she turned round to see her Stepfather standing there. ” Looks like you have put on wight since you had to stop doing that shit while you were inside ” he said walking towards her. At only 5’4″ and 120 lbs her Jamaican step father towered over her, taking hold of the back of her hair he pulled it so she was looking at him, ” I am glad you have come round cunt” he said, rubbing her pussy lips, with his free hand , ” I haven’t had a decent fuck for a while “. She let out a squeal as his finger pushed into her dry pussy , “ouch” she said “that fucking hurts ,I am fucking dry you asshole”.
Kenen laughed, ” I hope you don’t suck cock with that mouth” he said, ” get you ass in the bathroom and wash that stink off you , and shave that fucking fluff off your fanny,and don’t use my best razor,use a plastic one in the cabinet” he said ,leading her out of the kitchen by her hair before spanking her ass hard as she tried to pull away.

Lexi came out of the bathroom feeling clean and wrapped in a towel, she went into the living room where Kenan was on the phone, he looked at Lexi and putting his hand over the mouth piece of the phone said “take it off”. She undid the towel and laid it on the couch, and sat in the chair facing him.
No man he said in his deep Jamaican accent,I aint laughins at you,it was some stupid cunt on the tv complaining about us blacks stealing her car he lied obviously convincingly the person on the other end of the call. Lexi sat in the chair and watched him put the phone down, ” fucking touchy Mexicans ,they come here thinking there shit don’t stink, everyone of dem seems to think there fucking El Chapo” he said laughing before getting up and going to the kitchen,” still they pay my rent so I guess I shouldn’t complain ” he shouted back as he left the room.

He poured himself another half a glass of rum and came back into the room ,he put the glass down on the table beside his chair, and sat down. ” I have got some calls to make” he said “so you just sit there and be quiet and keep them fucking legs open so I can see that cute pussy of yours”, Kenan spent about half an hour on three or four different phones, Lexi didn’t really listen to the conversation with much interest, her Stepfather was talking big money which made her smile ,he had come a long way in the past year since she had last seen him , back then he was talking about 20 dollar baggies , now he was talking in grams, he had gone from street corner dealer to middle man, big steps indeed she thought to herself.

Lexi sat with her eyes closed ,” hey bitch” she heard him say and opened her eyes, “bring me that bottle in the kitchen” he said, but as she got up there was a knock at the front door. ” Get the door first ” he said , ” I am not fucking dressed ” she said , he kicked his foot at her, ” just get the fucking door” he said,” I know who it is.” Wrapping the bath towel around her she went to the front door and opened it, a woman stood looking at her, ” bad time for me to call is it ” she said pushing her way past Lexi into the hallway and heading for the sitting room. Lexi smiled to herself,I guess she has been here before she thought following the woman down the hall after she shut and locked the door , before going into the kitchen to put the clothes she had washed into the dryer. She hung out in the kitchen for a few minutes before she heard Kenen calling for her.

She went into the sitting room feeling a little awkward dressed only in a towel .” Lexi this is Tyonna, Tyonna , Lexi, she might have a job for you if your interested he said looking at Lexi “. Lexi looked at the woman and smiled, she had already made up her own mind about the woman in ten seconds flat ,confident glam butch lesbian was her instant conclusion, ” doing what said Lexi ” with more than a little sarcasm in her voice,” I am not a fucking street whore” she said looking at her. Tyonna laughed, ” I am sure your not, A, your your not pretty enough and B you seem to think your something special trying to be smart with me, I could buy and sell your fucking ass fifty times before breakfast and you still wouldn’t make as much as I do in an hour . ” Wow thought Lexi I guess I asked for that. She took a deep breath and said ” I am sorry,I have just come out of you know where ,you know what it’s like in there ,you can’t show weakness or your life is hell ” and she smiled at Tyonna . ” No I don’t darling” the woman said, ” I don’t know what it is like in there ,I am too fucking smart to end up in there.” Another slap in the face thought Lexi to her self.

She felt Kenen’s foot on her butt and he gently pushed her in the direction of Tyonna ,” don’t be such a smart ass” he said, the comment being aimed at Lexi.” Take your towel off” said Tyonna, and Lexi reluctantly undid the towel,holding it in her right hand she stood naked looking at the woman sitting in the chair where she had been sitting just a few minutes ago.. ” Maybe you would make a half ass decent street whore “she said laughing, ” I bet you could make 50 bucks a day if you fucked enough guys ” she said laughing out loud once again. ” The women I represent make much more money than that, normally about three bucks a night if there good girls “. Lexi didn’t hear what else she said the words three hundred dollars a night were bouncing around inside her head . ” What would I have to do to make three hundred bucks a night” Lexi asked her . ” Be a good girl thats all ” said Tyonna, “do as your told, can you do that ,and be a good girl “. “Yes” said Lexi, trying not to sound desperate as she watched Tyonna stand up. “Can I ” Tyonna asked Kenen pointing to the door , he waved his hand in the same direction and said ” sure “, and as Tyonna steered the naked Lexi towards the bedroom Kenen took another swig of rum and picked up a phone.

In the bedroom Tyonna sat on the bed, ” get on your knees “she said to the naked Lexi and when she did she pushed the heel of her stilleoes into Lexi’s right breast . It hurt and Lexi made a loud noise sucking in air, she watched as Tyonna opened her expensive hand bag and took out her wallet. She counted out three one hundred dollar bills and waved them in front of Lexi’s face. “This is a loan” she said , ” so you can buy the things you will need if I decide to take you on as a client , you understand I am doing this for Kenen I don’t really give a shit about you” . Lexi watched as she put the money on the bedside table, ” do you like eating pussy and having your pussy licked “Tyonna asked her, and Lexi nodded yes ,”what about cock do you like sucking cock and being fucked ” she asked the kneeling girl ?
Lexi lied enthusiastically , she said yes to Tyonna who took her foot off Lexi’s breast , and told her to stand up, she held her arms out for Lexi to pull her off the bed, which Lexi did breathing heavily from the pain she had experienced from the womans heel.” Undress me” said Tyonna.

Lexi hesitated for a second before her hands went to the light weight jacket Tyonna wore. She removed her jacket and her fingers began to unbutton the womn’s silk blouse, “my skirt next” said Tyonna, as Lexi unzipped the back of it and let it fall to the floor. Tyonna stepped out of it and Lexi picked it up putting it on the bedside chair she looked at Tyonna. She was wearing a beautiful pale pink ,lace one piece bustier cami body suit, Tyonna put her hand up to the spaghetti strap on her shoulder and pulled it slightly to one side Indicating she wanted Lexi to take what she had left on off. Pulling down the straps Lexi lowered the body suite down Tyonnas body, she got on her knees as Tyonna stepped out of the suite. Before she could get up, Tyonna grabbed the back of Lexi’s head to hold her in place , she slowly opened her legs and whispered in a raspy voice ” kiss my cunt like you would your lovers mouth “,and she slowly pulled the kneeling girls head towards her body.

Lexi began to gently kissing Tyonnas cunt lips with her mouth, she could hear the woman standing in front of her breathing heavily, her clit was large and Lexi found it easily. Without letting Lexi’s hair go Tyonna slowly sat down on the bed ,she let go of her hair and slowly laid back across the bed, it only took Lexi a few minutes to make Tyonna reach a massive climax she laid on her back banging her hands on the bed and screaming ” fuck, fuck fuck lick me cunt fucking lick me,” before she put her foot on Lexis shoulder and kicked her away,clasping her hand over her pussy as if to try and stop the feeling of the climax from escaping while she rolled from side to side on the bed.

Lexi sat with her back against the chair watching Tyonna quietly laying on the bed, she eventually sat up and looked at the sitting girl, she smiled and said ” not bad”,and they both smiled. Standing up she began to take things out of what Lexi assumed was a genuine Louis Vuitton hand bag. She finally found some baby wipes and began to wipe her pussy . ” You smoke a lot ” said Lexi looking at the three packets of cigarettes that she had taken out of her bag. Tyonna looked at the bed and laughed,” I don’t smoke ” she said ,” there for couple of very silly clients I have, who later tonight will take place in the great America Smoke Out “.she stared at Lexi, ” do you want to come and see what happens to people that cross me “she asked ? Lexi stood up and said “sure, let me get my clothes and tell Kenen I am going with you”.

Once they were on the buildings ground floor Tyonna led the way to a gleaming black Cadillac,a guy who looked to be even bigger than Lexi’s Stepfather opened the rear door and Tyonna slid in and closed the door behind her. Lexi looked at the man and said “where should I sit ” ,” go round the other side” he said , ” she always sits on this side ” Lexi didn’t ask where they were going she just sat looking out the window as the car headed for the freeway and disappeared from the Austin area.