Pamela on the phone

I enjoyed being a model but decided to advertise my operation on a “Sex on the Phone” service. So I advertised on the computer – “A cum by – phone service – men, women and couples, 0418 913 243 video service”. I got hundreds of replies – using our mobile phones we could watch each other masturbate as individuals but couples could enjoy fucking with an audience. I kept track of desires and fantasies for continuous change.

Most men wanted to swagger their erect cocks and wanking off so that I could see the spurts of cum whilst watching me fingering my wet cunt – or show their arseholes to hopefully impress and excite me by so doing – I had to smile and appear excited.

The women were excited by mutual masturbation – competition for the wetter cunt – or the use of toys and dildos in cunt or bum, One or two women wanted to watch me when I had my period and seemed to like to see a bleeding cunt or, in most cases, removing a bloody tampon and its replacement with a clean white one. ( Odd )

Couples were more excited about what they did and what they wanted to see me do. I got very excited watching their foreplay usually exaggerated for my benefit and they watched me fingering my clit or just holding my cunt open while they were groping each other and eventually fucking cunt or arse and ensuring I saw the spurts of cum, and they could see the juice drips – I enjoyed seeing the women with cum covered tongues and the men licking cunt juices

I was surprised at the number of couples who enjoyed Golden Showers and would piss in each other’s mouths – They enjoyed watching me piss in a glass and drink it slowly – and I had to smile and lick my lips. ( I must admit that I have enjoyed drinking the piss of men and women but never my own ( quite tasty )

I particularly enjoyed watching them licking each other’s arse holes but was upset watching one couple of scat enthusiasts – I tolerated watching them shit ( everyone has to occasionally ) but I found the sight of them eating it made me want to puke – but I had to smile with apparent approval and enjoyment. ( Very very difficult )

But, although I enjoyed men and women individually – couples were the best – although one couple of cross-dressers was a problem. Men dressed as girls in short skirts with erect cocks poking out before they fucked each other’s arseholes was confusing.

I must admit that I enjoyed most of the experience but I missed the physical contact. And had made notes of activities – interests – fantasies and telephone numbers.

After this enjoyment, I called a meeting at my home and we had physical contact for which I made no charge.

More anon – Pamela at home.