Hot night in adult motel

My wife Lynn and I were both 20 at the time and had been in the swinger lifestyle for 2 years ever since we got married at 18. One night we’d decided at the last minute to go to a race the next day about 300 miles away. Not realizing it would be next to impossible to find a room when we got there we jumped in the car and took off. Once we got there all we saw were No Vacancy signs everywhere we looked. At one point getting lost and ending up in what looked like a shady part of town. But to our surprise there in an industrial area where the last thing you’d expect to see was a motel sat a kind of run down looking motel with a sign that said vacancy.

Somewhere that looked like that wouldn’t have been our first choice as a place to stay, but it was a far better choice than sleeping in our car. While I went in to check in my wife got out of the car to get a soda from the machine in front of the office. It was kind of breezy and the wind kept lifting the bottom of my wife’s dress up just enough to show she was wearing a garter belt & stockings. The guy in the office who looked to be in his 40’s couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. But what guy could when at the time Lynn was 5-8, 115 lbs, 34DD-24-35 with long red hair and sparkling green eyes and thanks to the wind he could got a peek at her bushy red cunt. I couldn’t help but notice right away a display case with various sex toys and a wide variety of condoms, lubes etc. Then a sign that said no one under 21 years of age allowed. But I was hoping they didn’t strictly enforce that with us being 20.

As I started filling out the card to register the guy reached over and flipped a switch and I saw the sign change to say No Vacancy. I commented that they probably filled up quick on race weekends, but he said actually they seldom got people going to the race there. And said they were full every weekend. I’d never heard of an adult motel but that’s what this place turned out to be. We went in our room and there was this huge round bed with some kind of furry bedspread and a red floodlight above it. On one wall was a huge mural and another wall was a big mirror. The windows had wooden blinds rather than curtains, that you could tell could easily be seen through. The TV only had one channel and it played porn movies. There was one dim lamp on the other side of the room, so the only real light was in the bathroom. There was a door going to an adjoining room we could hear water splashing in, obviously from a in room hot tub.

We never passed up a chance to take nude pics of Lynn when we stayed in a motel/hotel giving us a differrant background. So Lynn stood in front of the mural and seductively took off her dress and then her stockings & garter belt. Then put on another equally sexy outfit. It was a pink & white corset with garters and a matching half bra that acted like a shelf lifting her big tits up and pressing them together but doing nothing to cover them. Just taking them from big to massive. Showing off her huge areolas and long hard nipples. We took some pictures of her in that both in front of the mural and on the bed where Lynn realized she could see walking by through the slats on the wooden blinds, which meant they could see in. Lynn being an avid exhibitionist loved the idea of that and had me open them up just a little more so people couldn’t help but see her while making it still appear accidental.

So when we heard someone walking toward our room I’d take a picture, knowing the bright flash on my camera would catch their attention causing them to look and see Lynn laid back on the bed fingering her pussy. It just happened the steps to the second floor was right in front of our room so I went upstairs to see if you could see in our room. You could but barely. But a slight adjustment of the blinds and you couldn’t help but see right in and have a perfect view of the bed. You couldn’t help but hear the clanging of footsteps on the metal steps. Like before I’d take a picture so the flash would get their attention. But I knew you could easily see in without the flash so I undressed and got on the bed with my wife so people not only could see Lynn’s hot body. But could watch her sucking my cock or me fucking her. And we could hear them stop where they were and knew they were standing there watching us.

This went on for a couple of hours but since we hadn’t eaten we ordered a pizza. Lynn being turned on from being watched felt bold, so when the pizza arrived I went into the bathroom and Lynn let the guy in telling him to sit it on the table. She’d been behind the door so he didn’t see until she closed the door that she’d answered the door totally naked except for a pair of thigh high stockings and spiked heels. She took her time getting the money from her purse letting him get a nice long look at her sexy body. The guy looked to be about 16-17 yrs old, so I’m sure he loved the show and went back telling everyone about his good fortune. I know at his age I sure would have. I was going to get us a couple of drinks from the machine but waited until someone approached the door to go out letting them see my sexy wife naked sitting on the side of the bed. After eating we took some more pictures and by now had opened the blinds even more. And we could also see the people in the adjourning room were taking pictures as the flash from their camera was easy to see under the door. So I was sure they knew we were taking pictures too.

If we were quiet we could hear them talking and at one point I heard the guy talking about how the batteries in his flash had died and it sounded like they were let down they couldn’t take more pictures because apparently she had a couple more sexy outfits to put on. But when I heard him say something about getting some sodas I got an idea. I went out at the same time as him and went to the machine. I struck up a conversation about how surprised we were by the room, and how it was the perfect background for some sexy pictures and said I couldn’t help but see the flashes of light from under the door from their room. As I was hoping for he commented that the batteries in his flash had died so they couldn’t take anymore pictures. So I told him I had a couple of extra packs of batteries and offered a pack to him. He jumped at the offer saying his wife was really disappointed because she’d wanted to model a couple more outfits she’d bought. We talked more as we walked back to the room and I opened the door and invited him in. Lynn was on the bed wearing only a black garter belt & stockings and heels her big tits & bushy pussy on full display. And she didn’t so much as flinch when this total stranger came in and saw her totally naked.

She was talking to him as I got the batteries giving him a reason to be looking at her. After giving them to him he left and went to his room. We got close to the door between our rooms and listened as he told his wife what had happened and was telling her how hot my wife was, then telling her she’d probably like me being I was about 6-5 that I was probably hung. Soon we were both taking pictures again. But to our surprise and delight there was a knock on the door between our rooms. I opened the door and he and his wife were both standing there naked. And he asked if maybe I could take some pictures of him and the wife together and he could do the same for us? I said sure and asked that since he’d said the wife was he going to be with his wife or mine and let out a little laugh as if joking while still opening up the subject. His wife spoke up and said maybe he could take turns with the wives, or be with both wives at the same time as her eyes moved over my wife’s hot body.

We ended up me taking pictures of him with his wife, then Lynn and then both. And though they were sucking his cock or he was fucking them or the girls were sucking each others tits or eating each others pussy, it was still all posed shots. Then he took similar pictures of me with the wives. After that his wife Charlotte suggested pics of the girls together. It started with posed shots but quickly heated up. Though Charlotte was in her late 30’s she had a smokin hot body with tits about the same size as Lynn’s, but she was a natural blonde with big blue eyes and clearly experienced with other women, as she and Lynn got each other off several times. After a while we stopped taking pictures and just enjoyed the show. Then the girls were ready for us. The round beds made it hard for all four of us to be on one bed so I took Charlotte to our room while Lynn and Andy stayed in theirs. We were all horny as hell from the photo sessions and fucked like wild animals. Andy was into feet and Lynn had never been with anyone into that, so she was surprised when he started sucking on her toes and kissing & licking her feet. But not as surprised as he moved up and rolled her on her stomach and started licking her ass as darting his tongue in & out of her ass.

Charlotte had her own kinks wanting me to spank her with my big hands and then slap her in the face with my cock repeatedly, then do the same with her big tits. She sucked my cock for a while then had me fuck her in the ass filling her ass with cum, then going right back to sucking my cock. She got me hard again and I soon found myself fucking her big tits & coating them in cum as Andy did the same with Lynn so the girls could lick hot cum off of each others tits. While in our room they realized people coming down the steps could see in, and that really turned them on. We finally went back to our own rooms and took showers. Lynn and I still wanted to have some more fun so I went to the office and asked the guy if he knew of any adult theaters or bookstores near us. He said he knew of a couple but they were all closed. Then asked if both my wife and I were hoping to go or just me? I figured he was curious if Lynn was going to be servicing other guys or if I was looking to hook-up with a guy. I told him we were both going and I guess it being the kind of place it was I felt at ease when I told him my wife wanted two or more cocks at once. Then half joking & half serious I said you wouldn’t be interested in helping us out would you? He asked if I was serious and I said sure. Then he asked if my wife was the hot young redhead the guy who’d checked us in had told him about? When I said I assumed so he jumped at the offer.

Soon we were back in our room having a threesome with the desk clerk. One would fuck her while she sucked the other off, then we’d swap places. He said the other desk clerk wasn’t going to believe he’d fucked the hot redhead the other guy had gone on and on about. I always took a polaroid camera with us for back-up in case I wanted to take pictures I couldn’t get developed due to someones age etc. So I got it out and took a picture of him with his arm around my naked wife. A second of him sucking her tits, and a third of her sucking his cock. I think getting those pic’s was as much of a turn-on as fucking her. I took 2 more pics, one of Lynn in the dress she wore on the trip wide open with only the garter belt on underneath and the second of her in just the garter, stockings & heels in front of the mirror showing her naked front and back and made him promise to give them to the other desk clerk. It surprised me when we checked out the next afternoon that the guy who’d checked us in was working. But not that he was grinning from ear to ear when we walked in the office. After seeing him Lynn had come in with me. She was wearing a skimpy pair of cut-off’s that her ass hung out of and a skimpier bikini top her tits were falling out of in every direction. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her tits as he thanked us for the pictures. Prompting Lynn to be sure no one was looking and pulling her top down letting him see her firm young tits for real.

We had a great day at the race with Lynn’s tits ” Accidentally ” popping out a couple of times. And leaving them uncovered on the trip home to show off for truckers we’d pass.