Private ladies tea party

The blond girl gasps as the man’s hands cup her small, round breasts, pressing the stubbly erect nipples together so that his tongue need move only an inch or two to tease both.

A moment later he reaches down her body, slipping a hand between her thighs. Deftly his fingers sift the dark blond curls of her pubic hair, smooth & damp lips of her vagina. She moans as he brushes her clitoris.

Moving more urgently now, he slides a leg over hers and settles between her thighs. The girl grunts as the weight of his crotch pushes against hers, the hot, rigid thickness of his large erection butting against her stomach.

Grasping his engorged shaft, the man brings its tip down against the blondes pubic mound. As his broad bulb sinks between her swollen folds of her labia, she tenses and shudders, her eyes close, her mouth opens – “ Ok, Derick & Cherine, can we just pause there?” says a woman’s voice.

The man takes a deep breath and lifts himself, his Cock jerking stiffly away from the blonds crotch.

“Hope that doesn’t create too many problems for you Derick”

The man turns with only a partially feigned exasperation. There is a trickle of feminine laughter.

“Alright ladies, lets take a closer look”

A dozen woman, aged from early twenties to forties, lean forward on the sofas and armchairs in the plush, suburban living room. Between them lies a length of padded matting the size of a single bed. Stretched out on it are the blond girl, and her partner, a slim muscular young man of about 26.

“Thanks to Cherine and her Fiancé, who have so kindly agreed to give us this demonstration” the woman speaker resumes.

“We can now go into more detail on foreplay, which, as I’ve said, is the key to all successful forms of lovemaking”

The speaker is in her mid thirties, a chunky redhead in a business suit, blouse & pearls. She smiles at the young man…

“If you’d like to get up Derick”

The man does, his still engorged erection bobbing in front of him.

“And if you’d just kneel up and face him Cherine”

The girls rises, too, sweeping long blond hair from her face. It’s now poised just above the tip of the guys Cock. There are smiles from the ladies in the audience, mirrored by the redhead.

“I can see that some ladies have anticipated what’s to come” she says.

“We’ve dealt with the way woman can be turned on in foreplay. Now it’s the guys turn. I know a lot of woman are chary about touching their partners erection – they’re afraid of making them come too soon, or they simply don’t like the idea of kissing or sucking the penis. We’re going to show that, with the correct technique, those fears are groundless. Cherine -”

The blond dips her head, trailing strands of blond hair slowly back & forth across the guys knob. Then bending lower, she begins to lick him, starting at the very base of his shaft, flicking her tongue from side to side as she rises slowly.

“Notice how gently Cherine takes it” say’s the redhead.

“She’s tantalizing Derick, she’s giving him a huge amount of pleasure, but she’s careful not to force him to ejaculate and start cumming” She smiles.

“But of course, the occasional jolt to the system can be pleasing”

On cue the blond darts her tongue upwards, its point flickering delicately at the mans glans. His cock twitches abruptly and he sucks in a deep breath. Instantly the girl returns to her position on his shaft.

“And there are other variations” the redhead continues after a moment.

This time the blond sinks her lips over the guys knob, sucking him deep into the back of her mouth. As he gasps, she immediately pulls away.

“One variation many men enjoy is having the penis massaged between the partners breasts” –

The blond rises higher. Taking hold of the mans shaft, she draws it down into her cleavage, scooping her breasts and rubbing the round flesh against it.

“This can be combined with oral sex to add to the pleasure” –

The blonds head bends, and her tongue slides across the bloated purple colored knob that projects from the top of the cleavage, flickering gently around its rim.

“I know many woman who encourage their partners to come in this position, simply because they very rarely see a male ejaculation.” The redhead smiles.

“But we wont ask Derick to go that far – yet. Cherine, if you could let me have him for a while.”

The blond girl smiles, and settles back on the matting. The redhead lightly touches the young mans arm.

“Now you, it’s time for you to make a small effort” The woman stir, some smile.

“I call this bit, de-mystifying the penis. Sounds terrifying, doesn’t it?”

“Well that’s how some of you see the male hard-on. As something to fear. It’s nothing of the sort. It’s actually the most delightful instrument of pleasure known to woman. It’s warm, friendly, hard – yes but only when we like it to be hard. And to prove it, I’m going to ask Derick to walk among you, and show you his erection. Take a good look.”

There’s a mixture of gasps and giggling laughter, the young man smiles.

“Now don’t be shy” the redhead goes on.

“This is a serious exercise. I want you each to touch Dericks erection once, and feel free to stroke or fondle him if you like. Derick is an old hand at this – you wont embarrass him, he has superb self control, and you’ll promise not to be jealous, wont you, Cherine?”

She smiles at the blond, who laughs and shakes her head. Immediately the man strides forward, halting in front of a slim, respectable woman in her early forties, sitting in an armchair.

“Oh my god!!” she shrieks, going bright scarlet and glancing at the woman on either side, who burst out laughing.

“Come on Jackie!!” the redhead cries

“Don’t be bashful. Hasn’t he got a lovely huge cock?”

“It’s certainly big” the slim woman bleats.

“Well touch it, Jackie! It wont bite”

“Oh my god” the slim woman echoes. Shrinking behind her glasses, she lifts a hand and slowly brings her fingertips against the mans swollen shaft. Immediately it jerks, and the woman shrieks, setting off laughter again from the others.

The young man moves to the next woman, a pretty brunette in her mid twenties. She’s already leaned forward on the edge of her chair. Bright eyed & tense, she grins up at the man as her long fingers curl delicately about his massive shaft.

“You’ve got a hard one, haven’t you? She breathes. The man raises his eyebrows, and moves forward an inch as she pulls his Cock down.

“Can I lick it?” she asks the redhead, then ducks to see the blond on the floor.

“You don’t mind do you? I think his just so gorgeous. He must be twice the size of my boyfriend”

The blond shrugs. The brunette takes a deep breath, licks bright red lips and drops them over the mans knob. He breathes in sharply as her head begins to bob up & down on his shaft, while her hand pumps his foreskin.

“Now Nicola obviously doesn’t need to learn much about sucking cocks” the redhead says

“In fact, it’s interesting to note how her technique differs from Cherine’s. Notice how much more vigorous action at both ends of the penis. Are you aware of a big difference Derick?”

The young guy blinks at her, and gasps.

Some of the ladies chuckle.

“It certainly puts more pressure on” he says and starts as the brunette slides her free hand up the inside of his thigh.

Her fingers lightly caress the tight sacs of his balls, then a long red nailed fingertip inches up his anal crack & teases his anus. He immediately grunts, and his Cock jerks violently.

“Did everyone see that” the redhead asks, moving closer.

“Nicola just brushed Dericks anus with her finger. A lot of woman forget the anus is a very sensitive area for men. Derick would you like to open your legs a little wider, so we can all see Nicola do that again? Move closer everyone”

Swallowing, the young man obliges as the woman leave their seats, and cluster around him. He breathes in deeply & stares at the ceiling as the brunette’s fingers slowly slide down his shaft again, and cup his balls.

“Most men, too, love having their testicles fondled – gently though” the redhead goes on.

“Now – see – Nicola’s fingertip eased up the crack of the bottom, circles the anus, brushes the hole – see it pucker! At the same time she increases her lips movement on the tip of Dericks penis. Now she teases the anus again – Derick, I can imagine you’re finding this very pleasurable?”

The young man grunts. His body is rigid, her breathing ragged.

The young guy groans, and jerks his body back. The woman start. The brunette gasps as the man’s cock pops from her mouth, twitches & spurts milky fluid full in her face. A second spurt splashes across her t-shirt front, then, her cheeks dripping semen, she darts forward, clutched him and closes her lips over his tip, moaning as third & fourth spurts pump into her mouth, until the young guy sags forward, clutching at her shoulder.

“Oh dear” says the brunette, blushing. “That was my fault”

“Perhaps we should break for Tea & biscuits now. Would fifteen minutes be Ok, Derick?”