Richard found two guys to fuck me

I knew it was only a matter of time before my boyfriend, Richard made plans of finding some guys to fuck me. Ever since the run in with his friend John, he’s thought about nothing else.

You see, one night on the way home we ran into his friend John. He needed a ride home so he jumped in the car. But on the way Richard pulled off on a dirt road and pulled up in a corn field and parked. We lived in the country. I had no idea why he was parking but he started pushing up my skirt to show John I didn’t have panties on and my hairless pussy. Richard is a very sexual guy and be likes to show me off, as he says. It makes his dick hard. I was pushing his hands away.

He said. “John, Isn’t she beautiful?” “John said, “Yes she is.” Then John said, “You better be careful, Richard, I haven’t had in any pussy in awhile.” Richard laughed, hugged me and John stepped out to smoke a cigarette.

That’s when Richard ask me to do him a favor. He wanted me to fuck John. I was shocked. He said he had always wanted to see somebody else fucking me , preferably someone with a big dick. He knew his buddy, John, had a big dick, plus he hadn’t had any pussy lately.

I said no, but he kept pleading for me to do this for him, so I gave in. He swore this was not planned and John knew nothing about it. Bottom line, we fucked, all three of us. But, I couldn’t get over how turned on Richard was during the whole time. I’d never seen him so excited. And, it turned me on knowing what it was doing to him and, I liked John’s big dick.

So, Richard called and told me he was coming over to get me. It was Wednesday night and he wanted to talk and he needed some pussy. His usual instructions for me was wear a skirt, no panties and he wanted to see some titty exposure. So, I put on a little purple short mini dress with a very low v-neck that showed off the girls quite nicely. Of course, I wore my purple shelf bra. Richard is obsessed with my shelf bras.

I got in the car, Richard reaches over, rubs my pussy and smiles. He started driving and I say, “What’s up?” He grins then says, “I wanna talk to you about a couple of guys I’ve got in mind for our night of sex.”
I said, “I’m listening.”

He said, “Well, first off, you know both of them and I think you’ll be okay with, both of ’em.” “I said, ” Who?” Richard said, “Well, big John for one, and my brother, Bobby.” I said, “Bobby, he’s married.”
He said, “Exactly.” “You like Bobby, don’t cha?” I said, “Of course, but he’s married, how’s that work?”
He said, “I’ve already talked to Bobby about it and he said he’d love to fuck my girlfriend, and he wouldn’t have any trouble getting away.” “And, you heard John say he’d do it again, anytime.”
I said, “I’m thinking.” “Are you sure you wanna do this, Richard?” He said, “I am, please, let’s do this.”
I said, “Alright. I will if it’s what you want.” He hugged me. Richard said he was gonna get in touch with John, Bobby and set up a time and place then he would let me know.

He starts rubbing my leg a d touching my pussy. I ask, “Where we going?” He said, “How about we go over to the mall and look around for you an outfit at Victoria Secret?” I said, “Sounds good.”

We’re looking around the store and he shows me this little black lace crotchless teddy with thigh high black plain top hose and says, “Go try these on.” Then he brought me a purple satin robe trimmed in black inset lace. It was beautiful. Richard loves purple. Of course he had to have me come out and model it for him. There were several men in the store who stopped to watch me show Richard. He loved that. He reached in between my legs to see that it was crotchless and said, “Sold.”

We walked down to the end of the mall and got a Cinnabon, sat and ate it, watching people, talking and letting people see me in my mini dress with the girls on display.

Richard couldn’t wait so when we left he pulled in the back of this old church on the way to my house and pushed the seat back, had me get on top of him and he fucked me good. He loves for me to sit facing him so he can squeeze and suck my titties.

Finally, the night was here for our, I guess you would say, foursome. We met over at John’s house. He welcomed us in, said he was glad to see me again and said he hadn’t seen Bobby for a few months. John and Richard were making drinks and I went into the bedroom to change into my outfit for the night.

When I came out John said, “Wow, what a beautiful toy we have to play with for the night.” Richard handed me a drink and we sat around, drinking, talking and listening to music. Actually, we had a few drinks,
and smoked a joint. I think they wanted me relaxed which the drinks did help a lot.

Finally, Bobby said, “Why don’t you stand up and model that beautiful outfit you have on?” I finished my drink, sat it down and walked over to the three of them sitting on the couch. I turned around, opened my robe, let it fall off my shoulders and laid it on the table. The men are looking at me when Bobby reached up and rubbed his hand through my crotch area then said, ” Ooh, it’s crotchless. I like that.” Richard is letting them touch me first with excitement in his eyes. I can see already their dicks are hardening.

I’m standing in front of John and he reaches up and places his hands on my tits. Bobby’s still rubbing my pussy. The teddy only covers my nipples so he can squeeze my girls without me taking off anything. I’m sure that’s why Richard bought this one because he likes to fuck me with clothes on but have access to all the important parts.

Richard takes his dick out and starts messaging up and down. Bobby sticks two fingers in my pussy. I gasp a little. John scoots to the edge and starts sucking my tits rubbing his face between them. Then John sets back, unzips his pants, pulls out his dick and said, “Suck on my dick?” Bobby stands up and gets naked. I get on my knees and start sucking John’s big dick and I see Richard stripping too. I’m going slow, up and down on this magnificent piece of male anatomy when Bobby slips his dick in my pussy from behind. A little surprised I’m thinking, wow, Bobby ain’t small either. He feels great fucking me and John is now holding my head pushing me up and down on his dick.

Richard is watching then reaches over and grabs one of my titties playing with it and still messaging his dick. He ask, “How’s that feel, baby?” “You got two dicks in you, do you love it?” I shook my head, yes.
He said, “I’m fucking loving it.” “My dicks never been so hard.” Bobby said, “She’s got some good pussy Richard, that’s for sure.” Then, John said, “Wait till she sucks on your dick.” I was loving all the compliments, attention and trash talk. I was feeling sluttish and my pussy was about to cum on Bobby’s dick. He was hitting the right spot.

Richard told Bobby to fuck me harder because I like it hard, as he reached down and started rubbing my clit. That’s all it took. Bobby started ramming in his dick which was pushing John’s dick down my throat and Richard’s smacking my clit. I started cummings all over his hand and Bobby’s dick. Richard said, “She’s cumming boys, she’s squirting all over Bobby’s dick.” Just then, John cum in my mouth. It was shooting with great force in the back of my throat so I kept sucking until he finished.

I raised up on my knees turned around and Richard stuck his dick in my mouth and immediately spewed his load in me. I sucked on his dick to get a couple more squirts of cum out then we all sat back and smiled. I was very satisfied. I had more dicks than I had ever had and couldn’t believe how I loved it.

Sitting on the floor, leaning against the couch, Richard pulled me up between his legs. He put his arms around me running his hands down between my legs, rubbing my pussy and said, “That was hot, baby.”

We rested a minute and I got up to make us some more drinks. John rolled another joint and we smoked, drank and talked about what we were gone a do next. Richard wanted me on all fours, John under me on his back, fucking my pussy with his big dick, Richard’s dick in my ass and Bobby’s dick in my mouth. Sounded good with me.

Richard’s dick was hard again, already. John and Bobby were sitting on the couch rubbing theirs. After our drinks, a trip to the bathroom and we started the second round. Assuming our positions John put his duck in my pussy. Bobby stepped up and put his dick in my mouth, then Richard stuck his dick in my ass. My holes were crammed pack. A dick in a pussy with only a thin layer of tissue between the front door and back door is quite an experience. They said they could feel each other. I know I could feel both of them and it felt great.

Oh my gosh, Richard’s dick was so hard. With both of them fucking me Bobby’s dick was going deep into my throat. He had a very nice dick. John was fucking me from below and he had ahold of my tits squeezing them hard and rolling my nipples through his fingers. Richard was about to cum and started fucking me hard. His dick was swelling and he shot his cum in my ass.

He got off and went and got his phone and started taking pictures. He told John, “Don’t cum John I want you to get behind her and put that big dick in her ass. They put me on all fours on the coffee table and Bobby started fucking my mouth again and John started putting his big dick in my ass. I could hear Richard snapping pictures of John sticking it in. John’s dick is a hard one to take in the ass, but I did.

Richard’s taking shots of Bobby and his dick in my mouth. John’s got three fingers in my pussy fucking me with his hand. I’m gonna cum if he keeps that up. His dick is so big in my ass.Richard’s snapping pictures of everything he can. John’s hand fucking my pussy and I start cumming. He’s snapping pics of me squirting on John.

He tells John to pull his dick out all the way ask he can see it hard and how long it is getting ready to be plunged in my ass. Then, he said, ” Wait, I can film it.” So, that’s what he starts doing. He’s filming John fucking my ass and then he shows Bobby holding my head, pulling his dick out and then putting it all the way in my throat while I’m gagging and slobbering on it.

Bobby said, “I’m gonna cum.” And he does. Richard captured all of it, Bobby standing back cumming in my mouth, me swallowing and cleaning off Bobby’s dick.

John’s pumping in me when Richard said, “Fuck her hard and fast
John.” When John speeds up his dick swells up gets harder and cums in my ass.

Richard’s like a kid in a candy store. He said, “Why didn’t I think of filming this earlier?” I was sitting there full of cum and my jaws were tired from sucking those bid dicks and I said, “Could someone get me something to drink?”

Richard sits down besides me and says, “I’m sure your tired baby, we can leave in a minute.” I was glad to hear that. Bobby and John said thanks. Then Bobby said, “I really appreciate you letting me cum in your mouth, and when you swallowed and cleaned my dick I thought I was gonna cum again.” He said his wife didn’t even like sucking let alone
cumming in her mouth.

I kept the teddy I had on on, and put the robe over me. We said our goodbyes, promised to do this again soon and started driving home. I was gonna stay at Richards tonight.

He ask me did I have a good time and did I really like fucking them and I said yes. He was so glad. He’s rubbing my leg and I reach over and his dick is hard. He said open that robe and let me look at you. We’re on the gravel road pretty close to his house and he turned on the interior light and looked at my tits. He touches my pussy and I said, “Are you gonna be able to wait till we get to the house?”

He said, “Yes, but then I’m gonna fuck you every way possible.”
We got to the house, I fixed us a drink while he closed everything up. We’re in the bed drinking our drink and he pulls out his phone cues it up to the big screen, we watched what he filmed, then we fucked like dogs half the night.

I was glad Richard could see other guys fucking me whenever he wants to. That’s so much better than just the time when we did it. We watch it a lot and if I know Richard he watches it everyday.

We’ll probably meet the guys again, just not sure when.

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