The Law Office

Gill had worked hard to achieve her aim in life, college university and here she was at 31 the junior partner in a London law firm. More importantly she hoped today would see her win a very big fraud case to cement her within the firm. The case hadn’t been big when David the head of offices had given it to her to run with, but one man’s testimony had changed all that, football stars and television celebrities had been dragged into it and more importantly the paparazzi. David throughout it all had not interfered and let her have her head with the case.

She thought about the law firm she worked for, small in London terms four lawyers, David Mike Donald and herself with the support of an office junior 22 year old Jacob, two legal secretaries Peg and Sarah both she new in their forties. Finally George the office manager a big burly 50 year old cockney who new everything and could get anything.

Gill jumped out of the shower to allow her boyfriend to take her place, things were always hectic first thing in the morning even with just the two of them. Pete her boyfriend who also worked in the city was always on the go, and never seemed to have much time for Gill. She dressed slowly thinking about sex and Pete, he wasn’t her first lover, she had to go back to a spotty adolescent who came with thirty seconds every time, if he even lasted that long. Then the married professor at university, they’d sat on the same table at a faculty dinner. Thirty minutes after the dinner he’d fucked her against a rough wall in a dark alcove, her legs wrapped round his waist pumping herself on a very fat 8″ such joy. The professor fucked her for over nine month’s until his wife found out, and the shit hit the fan. Then there was Pete she thought disappointedly, not very big and really not that exciting.

Gill had her own type of uniform for the office, always a blouse she had so many, today was light blue button up short tight skirts four or five inches over the knee, today dark blue. She loved underwear her bra’s always sheer and she only ever wore tiny thongs over her clean shaven pussy, nothing cheap for Gill she turned her nose at Marks and Spencer. She was always bare legged at the office it was so warm even in mid winter, she did wear tight when really cold and she was due at court. She slipped her feet into dark blue three inch heels, always dispensing with them once she was sat at her desk.

This was a habit not lost on the office, with the exception of David and Mike who had their own offices the remainder of the staff worked in a large office all within full view of each other. Gill was always arriving at the last minute, hanging her coat a smiling good morning meant for everyone as she grabbed coffee and doughnuts. Dropping into her seat, she automatically kicked of her shoes, before lifting each heel in turn onto the edge of her seat and wringing life back into her aching painted toes. This of course left her thong and everything else on show to whoever noticed, and they did both male and female noticed and took serious interest. This interest seemed to double when she did the same thing after she’d to lunch or had a day in court, her thong damp with sweat or pee showed the strain and stains of the day and it always raised temperatures among the other staff.

This particular day was due to be completely different, Gill went directly to the court to await the judges decision on her case. The outcome could completely change how her law firm was perceived already because of this case they had acquired some very influential and richer clients. Gill new with the right decision, the firm would be in the spotlight and both the firm and Gill would profit in many ways. The head judge was both generous and complementary during his closing speech, before awarding the decision to Gill’s team. The office were watching from afar particularly enjoying Gill’s speech to the public on the steps of the court, very humble and full of thanks for the great support from all at Myers and Drake.

Thirty minutes later she climbed the stairs to the office, she could hear the banter and laughter behind the door. That was nothing to the cheers that greeted her as she entered, the champagne, real champagne was flowing, two desks adorned with the finest buffet food London could supply. Gill was blushing wildly as she hung her jacket on the coat stand, she was sure she saw Peg stroke Donald’s crutch, but when she turn and they were apart, she must have been mistaken, but still.
The alcohol flowed, the speeches David squeezing her shoulder as he told everyone what this could do for the firm, then everyone’s hugs of appreciation. Everyone was surprisingly close and
so friendly, Gill felt as if she was being passed round like a football trophy, squeezed, stroked David kissed her cheek.

She loved it and was lost in their excitement accepting all their praise like a giddy young school girl. Then it suddenly changed, she hadn’t even notice Jacob lock the doors, just before Sarah kissed her. This wasn’t on her cheeks, not even a peck on her lips it was a full grown tongue in mouth kiss. The room was now silent, everyone watching Sarah slowly entwining tongues and finally inviting Gill’s tongue between her own lips, and Gill eye’s rolling into the back of her head and chest heaving began to followed Sarah’s lead.

Suddenly Sarah moved away, and Gill was left unsure of what had happened or what was about to happen. There was Jacob tall slim Jacob, his fingers cupped her chin turning her face up in front of his lips, she kissed him this time her mouth opened eagerly to take his tongue. Then things were overtaking her someone was kissing her neck fingers searching out her tits, her nipples growing hard panties barely able to contain her leaking cunt. The fingers behind her were undoing her blouse, releasing her tits, they were on full show through her skimpy blue bra proud 36c succulent mounds.

Other lips had taken Jacobs place this time Mike and as they kissed he took her now braless tits between his fingers, squeezing and pulling at her firm flesh, the nipples already aching were treated savagely by this big man Gill thought she would burst with her excitement and lust. George who was now behind her orchestrating everything indicating and guiding the staff like a good office manager.

George tipped her head back kissing the younger women hard, mike was sucking on her nipples joined by an eager Peg, Gill noticed she was stripped to tiny panties, her big fat tits hanging low, the filthiest look on her face. George released her lips and spoke for the first time, undo your zip and lower your skirt you little slut. Against her natural instincts she did just as this big man said, she could feel him pressing between the cheeks of her arse, she’d always known he would be big but right now he felt massive.

There she stood in her tiny thong, soppy wet and barely covering anything, her breath was coming fast and short. She realised she was surrounded by her work colleagues, they were all naked or very close. She’d thought this before but now she new they were going to fuck her and she new she wanted it. Was it the court case was it the office jubilation the lips round her swollen nipples the filth whispered in her ear, her body betrayed her, thong soaking and her juices running down her thighs. She thought everyone must smell her sex it was so strong. Fucking panties loose them bitch, yes kick them away, yes now open.

Gill felt the hands opening her ass cheeks, small hands not George, ladies hands, then the tongue goooooooooooood in her dark hole, she had read about it seen pictures of it and once she’d almost begged Pete who’d showed only disgust. And now Sarah was boring her tongue into the folds of her cheeks and into an otherwise untouched brown ring. At the same time Pat leant her forward to a waiting David, there he was sat in a hard back chair Gill’s hands automatically fell on the seat either side of his thighs while her mouth opened just as easily. David wasn’t big perhaps like Pete but he was hard and ready and this was what Gill wanted.

She licked gently on the exposed bell end tasting the juices flowing from his cock head. Then with his hands in her hair Gill’s mouth was guided over his dick squeezing past her teeth towards the back of her eager throat.

Things were happening she had no control over, David actually fucking her mouth ramming home, Peg egging him on and gasping with Jacob’s fingers invading her gapping twat while she was wringing the younger women’s nipples. Behind her the tongue was being replaced by something cold and wet. She wasn’t that naive she’d seen anal sex toys, but not quite like the one about to enter her body. Specially made like any other anal balls, but stainless steel almost 12″ long and the balls starting at 1/2″ and moving up to 3″ diameter. Sarah had put and continued to put a considerable amount of lubricant along the full length, George and Sarah gave a running commentary how ripe was her arse he asked, fucking smelly and ripe see what happens when the next one slips in.

Fingers were rasping at her clitoris, it took a few seconds to register that they were her own fingers. Although she felt a little pain in her rectum she felt a lot of pleasure. She was being used for other people’s pleasure she never thought she would succumb to such a thing but her body was betraying her, her aggressors new she loved it. Her moans around they cock that was pounding her throat the constant opening and shutting of her swollen cunt lips, and the speed of her own fingers caressing her bullet like clitoris.

The abuse didn’t stop.. Look at her arsehole covered in shit dirty bitch… Clean it off, fuck she stinks back here… Push it in some more then start fucking her shitter hard. Sarah didn’t need a second invitation, this fed her cruel sexual streak and she realised there was a lot more to come from young Gill her own well used cunt was dribbling with the thought. Gill managed to lift herself partially from the cock in her mouth, opening her eyes she saw Peg bent over big fat tits swinging below her while Jacob fucked her hard with his young cock, sweat poured from them both with pure filth echoing from them both.

The silver balls filling Gill’s arse began to have a great effect, gasping screaming she had her first orgasm of the afternoon and her first ever anal orgasm at the same time what felt like a gallon of spunk was filling her mouth shooting into the back of her throat. Gill swallowed hard choking on the slimy mess sliding into her eager body. Suddenly the balls were gone, she looked behind her to see a grinning Donald who was sliding easily into her waiting cunt sopping wet more ready for cock than ever before. God look at her arseholes god that’s a massive gape, I’ll be trying that later he roared with laughter while pulling almost all the way out of her delicious cunt then ramming home once more.

Desk to chair to floor, then back. She danced with Peg on the largest desk, kissing, fondling tits biting and finally performing orally to a loud audience. All three women were fucked but as if by some silent agreement it was Gill who would be the centre of attention.

She was fucked continuously, cunt arsehole and mouth, she remembered two cocks up her cunt to loud cheers. Twice she was made AIRTIGHT while screaming with pleasure. The silver balls were rammed in every hole, she licked and ate cocks straight from her shitty ass and licked cunt and rimmed an arsehole also for the first time. George was the leader in everything his 9″ fat cock never seemed to get soft, and his mouth never stopped barking…. Up her arse bite her tits feed her that spunk don’t waste it… Swallow you filthy little whore… Lick Sarah’s arse cum slut.

It was dark when George drove her home, what a sight she must have looked barely dressed and covered in sweat cum piss and shit. This was to be the last night she spent with boyfriend Pete.
Moving to a new apartment and starting a new life, alongside her new found legal stardom.

She continued with the parties with her workmates. Sarah and George in particular with their partners and many of their friends taught her things which changed her life style completely.

Right know she was sat on a high stool in a London bar. She changed to a different bar as often as possible this was her secret life. She smiled to herself as fingers drummed on the inside of her thigh under her super short mini skirt, five men were around her and she new they’d all fuck her. She was there just for that, wearing one of her new smart head hugging wigs, combined with different coloured contact lenses and style of dress and make-up she changed her persona each night. One thing was always the same she was dressed and ready to fuck and did she get it. Cunt arse mouth in back alleys on toilet floors one night by four black men on a pool table spanked and pissed on in a booze enforced orgy in some posh hotel room some nights she wasn’t satisfied and she go to a second and third venue fucking more than a dozen men….. Gill loved her life hard work and hard fucking became the norm for the law office slut.