Riding Lessons

Kimiko Oneda’s panties were wet. She listened intently as her best friend Helen recounted her most recent sexual encounter when she’d been fucked by a muscular polo player. Kim tried to take in every detail. What must it feel like to have a dick inside you? She tried to imagine it but failed. She had played with herself, stimulating herself with her fingers, but her hairy cunt remained inviolate. She didn’t even own a dildo, and her fingers had never strayed beyond her love bump.

She felt between her legs and rubbed her clitoris as Helen talked excitedly.

“I’m so envious,” Kim said when Helen wound down. “I’ve never even had a boyfriend.”

Attending an all-girls public school had limited her opportunities. But she was also terrified, Kim finally admitted to herself. She knew she was cripplingly shy and had never dared approach a boy. But listening to her best friend’s enthusiasm made her regret her fears.

Helen was in her class and clearly loved being fucked. She had no problem meeting men. And as she graphically described the sensations, Kim discovered she was desperate to know how it felt.

She couldn’t hold her feelings in anymore. “I want someone to fuck me,” she blurted out in a rush.

Helen grinned. “Are you sure?” she asked. “Do you really want to get fucked?”

Kim paused. She had watched her friend as she recounted her sexual adventure. Clearly, Helen wasn’t exaggerating; she really had enjoyed being fucked – brutally hard, from her description. Kim had never even been kissed.

“I think so,” she said quietly. “I’m tired of being the frumpy, shy nerd. I guess I’m just too ugly.”

Helen looked her up and down. “You’re gorgeous,” she said. “But those clothes do nothing for you.”

Kim let her friend take her shopping. Helen picked out three expensive designer outfits. All were close-fitting and revealing, and Kim felt self-conscious when she tried them on.

“You look perfect,” Helen said. “Not frumpy. You look lovely and totally fuckable. You’ll be fighting men off with a stick.”

Kim paid, astonished at how much the dresses cost. But she wasn’t hard up. Daddy gave her an excessive allowance.

“I know the perfect man to teach you,” Helen said. “But you need to learn to ride. Horses first, and then men.”

Helen led her to a sports outfitter, and soon she had a riding helmet, boots, two pairs of jodhpurs and several tight-fitting blouses.

There were only two cars in the car park. One was my daughter’s battered Land Rover, so I knew Helen was at the stables. I checked the stalls where she stabled Bigwig, her dressage horse and Shadow, the hunter. Shadow was missing, so I guessed she was out hacking.

Now, it was polo ponies. Why on Earth had I just agreed to buy one for my daughter, Helen? She was already expensive to maintain, but a polo habit would be even more costly. Hell, a cocaine habit would be cheaper. I checked my watch. I was almost an hour early. I headed to the upstairs bar to pass the time.

I heard giggling as I passed the dim side passage to the polo arena, unused in these summer months. Unable to resist, I wandered down the passage and peered through the glass into the arena. A slim Asian girl sat on the hay bales in one corner of the arena. Her shirt was open at the front, and she wasn’t wearing a bra, so her massive boobs were exposed. God, it’s Helen’s friend Kim! No, it couldn’t be, I told myself. Kim was painfully shy. I scrutinised the girl to be sure. She had the same long dark hair and dark, almost black eyes. I knew the girl was buxom, but she had worn loose, shapeless clothes every time I had seen her, so her shapely figure told me little. The gold loop earrings clinched it. It was Kim!

I couldn’t drag my eyes away from the pretty, teenage Japanese girl and watched transfixed as a grey-haired, older man leaned over and sucked each of her nipples in turn. She had large areolae, and her wet nipples looked like bullets.

I realised the man was Ken Wilson, my daughter’s riding instructor, who was well into his fifties. I briefly wondered if he had also fucked Helen. I shook my head. It was none of my business who Helen fucked. She wasn’t a virgin, and I knew she was experimenting.

I shouldn’t watch, I told myself. The girl was the same age as my daughter, just turned eighteen. Fancying a girl less than half my age bordered on the perverted. My dick disagreed; it was fully erect. And what man doesn’t crave young, firm flesh? Certainly not me. I gave in to temptation and made myself inconspicuous. I watched avidly, wishing it was me enjoying her fabulous teenage body.

The man unbuttoned Kim’s tight-fitting jodhpurs and pulled down the zip. Kim lifted her bum off the hay bale to let Ken pull them down to her knees. The girl was wearing lacy, white knickers. They were visibly damp in the crotch and so tight the fabric formed a camel toe between her pussy lips. Ken gently stroked Kim’s pussy through the panties.

Kim moaned when Ken’s finger ran up and down her camel toe, pressing hard.

“Do you like that?” he asked.

Kim nodded. “Mmm … yes, it feels nice.”

“Will you let me see your pussy?” Ken asked.

Kim blushed and just nodded.

Ken’s hands pulled at the waistband of Kim’s tight panties. Again, Kim lifted her hips, and the knickers joined her jodhpurs around her knees, exposing her wild, untamed bush.

Her pubes were glossy black, and beads of moisture glistened near her crack.

The slow seduction of this buxom but innocent girl turned me on. My hand was inside my boxers wanking my massive boner.

Kim gasped but didn’t resist when Ken’s hand reached out, and a finger pushed into her pubic hair and ran along her slit.

She moaned softly as his finger found her clitoris and massaged it. The girl thrust her hips upward, pressing herself onto the finger that probed her intimate parts.

“I need to take off your jodhpurs,” Ken said as he massaged Kim’s hairy, wet cunt.

The girl was gasping with pleasure. “Yes,” she said.

Ken stepped back from the girl. When Kim obligingly lifted her leg, Ken pulled off the proffered boot. The other quickly followed. The grey-haired man pulled off the jodhpurs and Kim’s white panties, leaving the girl prostrate on her back wearing just her unbuttoned blouse.

The girl was magnificent. Her beautiful face with dark, elfin eyes was flushed. Her slim body, with those mammoth perfect boobs – unusual for an Asian girl – was entirely on display. Her untamed black bush drove me wild. I was profoundly jealous and wanked my dick furiously as I watched.

Ken spread Kim’s unresisting legs wide apart and knelt between them. She lifted her head and propped herself up with her hands, watching as Ken ministered to her unkempt grotto. Soon, Kim lay back and squirmed beneath his tongue, emitting soft squeals of pleasure.

The girl locked her legs around Ken’s shoulders. She was writhing energetically, lifting her hips, and moaning with evident and noisy ecstasy. I was envious, wishing I was tasting her love juices. Kim bucked and screamed as Ken’s tongue took her over the edge.

I watched as the man shushed her and stroked her flanks, just like she was a nervous pony until her climax subsided.

Kim sighed, sounding deeply satisfied.

“Did you enjoy that?” Ken asked the buxom girl, who had flopped back onto the soft hay. 

Kim took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Finally, she spoke. “Yes,” she said. “I never knew you could feel like that.”

Ken laughed. “It gets better, I promise,” he said. “But first, I need to teach you something that will have all men in thrall to you if you get it right.”

The girl looked fabulous, prostrate on her back, with her legs spread wide, showing her untamed jungle to the world. Well, to me, at least.

“Let me introduce you to my dick,” Ken said. “You need to be comfortable with it before I fuck you.”

Kim blushed and swallowed. Her head nodded jerkily. “Okay, I guess,” she whispered. “I’ve never seen one in real life.”

Ken stood up. “Undo my trousers,” he said.

Kim hesitated and looked nervous.

“Come on,” Ken said. “It won’t bite.”

The shapely Japanese girl giggled. “Okay,” she said.

She knelt in front of Ken. They were side-on to me, and her massive chest jutted out impressively. The girl fumbled briefly with the man’s belt and unbuttoned the top of his tight jeans. She hesitated a moment before pulling them down to his knees.

Ken’s boxer shorts bulged at the front, and Kim stared transfixed at the bulge.

Ken’s hand grasped Kim’s tiny left hand and moved it so it pressed against his shorts. The girl’s hand rubbed gently against the bulge.

She looked up at Ken. “It feels big,” she said.

Ken snorted. “Put your hand inside my shorts,” he ordered the nervous girl.

Kim gasped when her hand reached into the black undies. “It’s hot and stiff!” she said.

“Yes,” Ken replied. “Pull down my shorts so you can take a proper look.”

For a moment, I thought she’d refuse. Her head shook, but her hands grasped Ken’s undies and yanked them down, releasing Ken’s rigid pole.

Kim stared with her mouth open for a long time. “It’s enormous. Will it hurt?” she asked nervously.

Ken smiled and tousled her hair. “It might when it first goes inside,” he said. “But after that, I promise you’ll enjoy yourself.”

After a moment, he continued. “Put your hand around it. Get used to what it feels like.”

The tip of Kim’s tongue was between her teeth when her small hand reached out and grasped Ken’s circumcised shaft. He wasn’t huge, probably about average, I guessed. The girl automatically wanked his shaft gently. My dick was painfully rigid, and I imagined the girl was wanking me as I continued to stroke my massive hard-on.

“You know what to do next, don’t you?” Ken asked.

Kim dropped her head and slowly shook it from side to side. “Not really,” she whispered. “I’m not allowed to watch porn.”

She looked up at Ken. “I think I’m supposed to suck it, aren’t I?”

Ken gently stroked Kim’s lustrous hair. “Just kiss the tip first,” he said.

A drop of pre-cum glistened at his tip. I watched Kim lean forward and touch the tip of Ken’s cock with her tongue. She screwed her face up with disgust at the taste.

She looked up at Ken. “Do I have to put it in my mouth?”

Ken just nodded. The buxom girl looked determined when she leaned forward again. Her mouth opened very wide. She stopped with Ken’s glans inside her mouth but with her mouth still wide open.

Ken’s hand reached under her chin and pushed up. “You have to close your mouth,” he said gently.

Kim’s lips closed around his dick. “See, that’s not so bad, is it?” he asked.

Her reply was muffled by the stiff pole in her mouth. She pulled back and giggled. “No, I guess not,” she said. “It feels boiling hot in my mouth, though.”

Kim leaned forward again without prompting and took Ken’s glans into her mouth. Her hand grasped his shaft and wanked it gently. She looked incredibly sexy with a dick halfway into her mouth and her boobs jutting proudly below.

Ken sighed. “Good girl,” he said. “See if you can get more into your mouth.”


The girl mumbled something unintelligible. Her hand dropped from Ken’s erection, reaching around behind him to grasp his naked bum. Her eyes were closed as her head moved slowly towards Ken, forcing more and more of his dick into her mouth. I was astonished when she kept going until her lips reached his pubes.

“Very good,” Ken said, sounding as astonished as I was. “Move your head backwards and forwards.”

Kim opened her eyes and did as she was told. Her head slowly moved backwards and forwards with her luscious lips wrapped tightly around the rigid pole in her mouth. The girl is a natural! I imagined her inhaling my enormous dick as I stroked myself.

After a few moments, Ken was moaning. “Oh, that’s good. Keep going.”

Suddenly, he spoke. “Are you ready?” Ken asked. “Because I think I should fuck you now.”

Kim lifted her head from sucking Ken’s stiff pole. His dick looked wet and slimy with spit, even from where I watched. Kim’s small hand still wanked his shaft as she replied. “I’m scared,” the buxom virgin said, barely audible. “You will be gentle, won’t you?”

Ken looked momentarily serious. “Of course,” he said. “If it hurts, just tell me, though it probably will when I first penetrate you.”

The girl looked terrified, and for one long moment, I thought she wouldn’t let him fuck her. Her face suddenly looked determined. “Helen said you were nice, so anything she can take, I’m sure I can,” she said.

The girl looked terrified. The loudness of her response – a sure sign of insecurity – confirmed that. I had avoided the thought, but there it was, put into words; this man had obviously fucked my daughter. He was three times her age. I was outraged, and I almost stood up to confront Ken. 

Embarrassment stopped me. I’d have to explain why I was watching their intimacy. Instead, I drew a few deep breaths and tried to calm myself. After all, Helen was now an adult and deserved to make her own mistakes. I just hoped none were too harmful.

By the time I regained my composure, Kim was on her hands and knees, in the standard doggy position, with Ken, trouserless, behind her. My hand worked overtime on my stiff member, wanking furiously as I waited for the girl to be deflowered.

He teased the girl, rubbing the tip of his cock up and down her bushy slit repeatedly. Kim moaned when his tip pressed between her lips, seeking the entrance to her wet grotto.

Suddenly, Kim flinched away from Ken’s dick, which had pushed slightly further into her jungle. “Ow, that hurts,” she said.

Ken pulled Kim back towards him, though his dick penetrated no further into her cunt. His hands reached forward and gently stroked her back. Then, they reached around Kim’s smooth flanks and massaged her massive boobs.

“Shhh,” Ken crooned as he gentled the skittish teenager. “I’ll be as gentle as I can.”

I watched intently as the girl slowly relaxed. Finally, Ken spoke again. “Do you want me to try again?” he asked softly.

The girl nodded jerkily. “I want to feel your dick inside me,” she whispered.

I watched Ken prepare himself for that first thrust from my vantage point. He made sure his fat, erect dick was well-lubricated with split, and then he pressed his glans between Kim’s prominent lips. When he grabbed her hips with both hands, I knew he was ready and hoped Kim was prepared for the inevitable thrust.

She wasn’t. She let out a piercing scream when Ken thrust his erection hard into her pussy.

For a moment, my arousal faded. Then I realised the girl was feeling a dick inside her for the first time. I almost came in my pants.

Ken held Kim against his groin with his erection buried hilt-deep in her cunt. “Shhh,” he said. “I’m inside you now. The hardest part is over.”

The girl shook her head. “It still hurts,” she said.

“Don’t pull away,” Ken said. “It will feel better soon.”

Kim stayed obediently impaled on his dick when his hands released her hips. The man gently stroked Kim’s flanks and reached around to tweak her hard nipples.

After a moment, the girl spoke. “It’s not so bad now,” she said. “I can feel you stretching me inside. It feels weird but sort of nice.”

Ken’s hands grasped Kim’s hips once more. “I’m going to start shafting you now,” he said.

The young Japanese girl squealed when Ken’s dick slowly started to move. I watched him withdraw so only his tip was still inside her vagina. His shaft was pink with blood. Kim moaned loudly as Ken’s member slowly pressed into her again.

A few languid strokes later, Kim just sighed softly as Ken’s dick pistoned slowly in and out of her pussy. 

“That feels wonderful,” she said. “I can feel every inch of your dick when it moves inside me.”

After that, Ken’s strokes got slowly faster. Soon, the usually shy girl was moaning in time with each thrust into her wet, teenage minge.

A couple of minutes later, Ken was really pounding her. His groin audibly slapped against Kim’s perfect arse cheeks with each thrust, and the girl was squealing with evident delight.

Suddenly, Kim screamed. “Yes,” she yelled as Ken’s stiff tool pounded her wet pussy. 

Her muscles twitched and shuddered as she orgasmed noisily.

I was wanking furiously as Kim shuddered and moaned. God, she was so hot. And this was the first time she’d ever been fucked. Watching her obvious and noisy pleasure drove me over the edge, and my dick spurted jets of cum over the balcony into the arena again and again. Christ, I hope they don’t notice.

They didn’t. Kim and Ken were focused on the sensations of the moment, and my cum splashed unnoticed onto the hay no more than a metre from where they were fucking.

At that moment, I vowed that I had to fuck her. She was far from my usual target. I like slim girls with tiny tits, but Kim, like my daughter, had enormous, perfect boobs. She was dark-eyed and Asian, unlike my usual taste for blue-eyed, fiery redheads.

When my attention returned to the lovers, Kim was sprawled face down on the hay. Ken lay on top of her, his dick still embedded in her dripping cunt.

“Do you want to try another position?” Ken asked.

The girl sighed. “Oh, yes, please,” she said.

Ken pulled out, and the girl turned over and sat up, her entire body flushed pink. She watched avidly as Ken stripped off his polo shirt. Her eyes scanned up and down his naked body before settling on his rigid erection, red and wet with cum, blood and her juices.

Ken pulled out a tissue and wiped his dick clean. “I’m going to lie down, then you sit astride me,” he said.

He lay down facing away from me, so when Kim straddled him, I had a great view of her sumptuous body.

“Creep forward towards me,” Ken instructed the girl.

I watched her wiggle forward until she was above Ken’s rigid tool. Kim flinched when it brushed against her slit.

Ken’s hand held his shaft, holding it in position. “Now, just sit down,” he said.

The girl looked ecstatic as she slowly impaled herself. “Ooo … I like that,” she said.

“I’ve just taught you the rising trot,” Ken said. “Do that on my dick.”

Kim giggled. “I’m riding a man! Giddy up, little pony!”

She lifted herself too far the first time, and the slimy weapon left her cunt. She impaled herself once more, using her hand to guide Ken’s dick inside her. Kim’s second attempt was more successful, and I saw his dick emerge wet from her pussy before she sat down again.

She quickly got used to the rhythm and moaned softly as she energetically rode her instructor’s pork sword.

Ken pulled her close to kiss her. Then, his arms held her in place as he thrust up with his hips, hard and repeatedly, into the inexperienced girl.

She was soon squealing and moaning with pleasure once more. She started bucking violently and pushed herself back upright as she climaxed. Her eyes opened, and she jumped when she saw me watching. She grinned widely, and her gaze never left me as Ken continued fucking her.

It was too much. I came again, spurting yet more cum into the arena.

Kim slowly descended from her climax and rode Ken gently once more.

“I’m going to come soon,” Ken said. “Are you on the pill?”

Kim shook her head. “Not inside you, then,” he said.

The man had stamina. I was sure I’d have come repeatedly and uncontrollably by now.

Kim took his prompt and reluctantly dismounted. His wet erection swayed briefly before he stood and approached Kim, who was now kneeling. 

The man wanked his shaft a few times until his dick erupted in an explosion of cum. It jetted out, first hitting Kim’s flushed and pretty face and splashing into her hair. Another jet sprayed her boobs and oozed down her cleavage. Several more followed, covering her body with hot cum.

At that moment, my phone pinged. I glanced at the notification. A message from my daughter. Where are you?

I checked the time and realised it was time to meet Helen. I reluctantly dragged my gaze away from the girl, who was attempting to wipe the cum off her body with some baby wipes.

I rearranged my pants and walked back the way I’d come, descending the stairs to meet my daughter outside, where we had arranged to meet.

Helen was leading her horse towards the stables when I stepped outside. She pecked me on both cheeks. “Hello, Daddy,” she said.

Ten minutes later, I patiently waited for Helen as she rubbed Shadow down after their ride. Finally, the horse was settled, fed and watered, and all the tack was put away. Horses were so much effort, I thought.

“Let’s go and see this horse you’re desperate for me to buy,” I said.

My daughter led the way towards the stables.

As we entered the long alleyway lined with stalls, I saw Kim walking towards us. She was now fully dressed, but her face was flushed, her makeup was smeared, and her hair was messed up. If you knew where to look, dried cum matted her hair. I couldn’t help staring at the girl, taking in her fabulous figure. She looked fantastic. Her face was glowing with that post-coitus flush. I hoped my daughter wouldn’t notice the signs. Kim blushed prettily when she saw me and lowered her head.

Kim and Helen hugged each other.

“I’ve just had my first lesson,” Kim said excitedly. “It was fantastic.”

My daughter giggled. She glanced back over her shoulder at me. “I hope Ken was a good teacher?” she asked.

Kim blushed a deeper scarlet. “Fab,” she said. “I can’t wait for my next lesson.”

The faint stress on that final word spoke volumes. My daughter had arranged this encounter. 

The two girls chatted for a few moments. I couldn’t help myself and found myself staring again at Kim’s impressively large chest. She noticed and smiled briefly with her gaze fixed on my crotch.

Finally, the girls parted, and Kim walked past us without a backward glance.

“Don’t you dare, Daddy,” my daughter said sternly as soon as Kim was out of earshot.

I acted innocent. “What do you mean?” I replied.

“Do you really think I don’t know you like fucking my friends?” Helen said. “But don’t you dare try with Kim! She is too nice and is very innocent.”

I blushed. Was I really so transparent? I nodded. “Okay, I promise,” I said, knowing full well I was going to fuck the girl.