Rockin and Bobbin With Robin Pt 3

“Oh my god, you never told me it was this big,” Robin giggled a moment later.

Todd was still breathing hard. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw he had his hand under Robin’s sweater playing with her huge firm tits.

“Are you getting hard again buddy?” I asked him. I sure was. I was driving but had my dick out and was stroking it, remembering how good his warm mouth felt on it. I wanted him to suck me again and also wanted us both to fuck Robin.

“Oh man that was intense,” he said. I saw Robin’s head move into his lap for a moment and then she mounted him facing forward so I could reach back and feel her tits. They’re big and round and firm and her nipples are about an inch long. They were rock hard.

“Oh yeah, oh fuck me oh fuck me…” she cried, bouncing on his lap. I knew she would cum right away. She always did, and then usually at least twice again but she just kept riding him and riding him and came a couple of times and then a couple more.

“Fuck my cock, mom!” He yelled, “Fuck it!”

She looked startled but then I knew she was gearing up for a big one. I had my hand on her tits when she came and he shot into her a moment later. Meantime I blew my load all over the seat and floor.

(More cumming)