Schools not out for summer

Fiction, any and all persons names and or location is fictional,

It was June 15 1970, and summer break was right around the corner, we where all so happy to think we would be able to go out side all day and play, have sleep overs with are friends.
The teacher, a mid 30s male, from Africa, told us all to sit and be quiet, he said he had news for all of us, he gave each of us a sealed envelope with are parents name on the front of them, he told us we had to give them to are parents and that the letter had to be signed by them and returned tomorrow morning to him in the other envelope he has provided and it must be sealed.
We all took the letters home and gave them to are parents, I gave mine to my mom, she asked what it was all about, i told her i had no clue and that we all got letters to take home and that she would have to sign it and put it into the other envelope he provided, she looked at me and open the letter, she read it and quickly put it back in the envelope, her face turned turned red with what looked like anger, I felt a knot form in my stomach, I asked what is wrong, she looked through me and said go to your room, wait till your father gets home, I did as I was told.
the phone rang, mom answered, I very quietly opened my door and tried to listen, mom was in the kitchen I herd nothing, so I snuck out and picked up the hall extension, and I listened in on what mom and what sounded like my best friends mom, Becky, talking, mom said to her, “he can make us do that, we have the law on are side, Becky said he says he has pictures and movie films of us doing those things, Mom said what are we going to do, Becky said Im going to call Kelly and see what she thinks we should do, mom said ok I will call the rest of the PTA members, mom and Becky say bye to each other, mom hangs up and I hang up the extension, mom hears the kitchen phone ring as I hang up, mom goes come down here, I know you were on the extension, I go down expecting the world to end, mom asked what did you hear and I tell her what I heard, she looks a little relieved, she tells me go go outside.
I run to Kennys house, Becky is his mom, he is outside in his yard, I ask him if he know what is in the letter and tell him about what I heard are parents are talking about.
We run to the school to see if we can find any of the other kids in are class, we find Cindy, Kathy, Donna, Lee, Star, Sky, Bob, Dave, and Jeff, we are talking about the letter, and no one knows what is going on, I told them what I heard my mom said, but that was all we knew.
Donna say lets see what happens with the letter tomorrow, so we all went to are homes as it was staring to get dark, there was no street lights in are area so dark was dark back then.
I got home and mom had dinner on the table, we all sat down and eat are chicken dinner, mom, dad, and my big sister Holly, Holly had this smirk on her face the hole time, dad never said a word, he never did talk much anyway, mom was not her self quiet and shy, I eat my food, once done I asked to be excused, mom just shook her head yes, I cleared my plate and went to my room, I left the door open and listened, I heard dad say how could this be, mom said she did not know and holly said it must have been at the church hall, the dad said the hall, is that way Mr Jones helped with the hall reno, he has complete run of the place, I will go do there and see if I can find anything, dad go up and left the house, mom said to Holly, Im going to sign the letter and send Lucas to Mr Jones summer camp, I dont see a way out of this, Holly said I love his camp, all the kids did, some of the boys had problems with the size of his dick, but once he broke them they learned to love it, I love the feeling of it so deep in me, makes me wet just thinking of it, I loved eating Misys pussy and her ass after them being creamed pie, mom tells Holly to stop that talk that Lucas mite hear her, I heads for bed, wandering what Holly is talking about,
Morning came fast, was told to hurry up or I would be later for school, dad was gone to work as usual, sis was gone to here Jr High School, and mom sent me off after breakfast, I ask about the letter and mom said its a surprise you will like, i asked if I could read the letter she told me it was a consent form and to mind my own business,
Get to school and go to class, hand in the letter, and all the students return the letters, Mr Jones open each letter and reads the contents, Donna asks what is in the letters and he tells her its a consent form as we are all going to summer school, we all moan at once, Mr jones does not look happy at are reaction, he tells us all we will be packed up for summer school at his property out of town on a mountain range, we will be taken by bus to his compound, its a 5 day trip one way, he sends us home early that day, tells us we are to be ready to leave Wednesday morning, he send home anther sealed big brown envelope, tells us to go straight home and to give it to are parents and to have the letter signed and returned Wednesday morning,
I go straight home, and do as I was told by Mr Jones, mom opens the envelope, she drops it and i see Holly on her knees no cloths to be seen on her, her c cup tits for all to see and with Mr Jones standing in of her, it looked like she had something in her mouth, then i relies she has Mr jones cock in her mouth, mom quickly covers the picture and tells me not to say anything to anyone, I say ok, mom tells me to go pack my cloths, so I di just that, mom had put a large suitcase on my bed for me to fill with my cloths,
Holly walked into my room, she sat down on my bed and told me that she knows I seen a pic of her with Jims cock in her mouth, I told her I did, she asked how did that make you feel, I said I did realy know how I felt, she asked did you get a tinkling feeling, yes I said, did you like the pic, yes I said, she asked did you like looking at my tits, I said I love looking at them, she asked would you like to see then now, yes please i said, she took off her shirt and then her bra, I was in heaven, my cock get hard and made a tent for the world to see, Holly looked at my tent and asked if i would take my cock out, I did as asked, she licked her lips, and asked if she could put in her mouth like she did in the pic, I said sure. she walked right up to me and got on her knees, opened her mouth and sucked me in, she moaned, then I gasped and moaned at the same time, I was so excited I cam in her mouth, she drank it all, she kept on sucking me and I was hard as a rock in seconds, she stopped and asked if I liked that I told her I loved the feeling of that, she asked me if I wanted to touch her tits and I said yes.
she stood up and I put my hands on her tits they are soft yet firm, she told me to kiss them and suck on the nipples, I did what I was told, she moaned and told me to bite them softly at first, the more she moaned the harder she wanted me to bit, as she was moaning louder and louder she told me to lay on my bed, as I was laying there she climbed up on top of me and she got her self right above my rock hard cock, she lifted her skirt she was not wearing any underwear, she put my cock into her dripping wet pussy, it is hot, wet and tight, she slowly sank down on me, she had all of me in her and then she started to rock back and forth, slow at first than faster and faster she rod me, she was moaning and telling me to fuck her, telling me im her slut, she going so fast on me it seemed like a blear, anf then i felt my balls start to pressure in my stomach hurt, and I told Holly this and she said cum in me shoot that load deep, and I shot deep as i could into her, she felt me dump my load into her pussy and she cried out and shook from head to toe and then collapsed on top of me, she was out of breath, panting, once she had composed her self she got off of me and then went for my cock and sucked it clean, licking up all are cum, she even licked and sucked my balls and then she licked my asshole clean as well, she told me to get sued to this feelings as you will learn to love them at summer school.

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